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At year's end, what are some of the dumbest words posted in 2010? 32 Cheryl12/26/2010 12:23PM
Twist it, Re-wrap it and Control it. Suckafoo12/27/2010 04:15PM
Any recovering Stake Presidents? 11 sherlock12/26/2010 10:46AM
Gift of Holy Ghost vs. Influence of Holy Ghost TGC12/27/2010 04:11PM
So tell me--will my plan backfire? Am I toast? 32 cludgie12/22/2010 09:41AM
Eternal Marriage Freevolved12/27/2010 03:12PM
A nice letter today 11 Eric K12/25/2010 01:43PM
A Christmas story decades in the making, involving the USA Marines, Toys for Tots, and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. 25 MJ12/25/2010 05:27PM
Christmas as an exmo this year was lovely. 11 Raptor Jesus12/25/2010 09:34PM
I didn't pay tithing, so that's why my credit cards were stolen... 23 Dave12/26/2010 11:38AM
TBM mother playing faorites T-Bone12/27/2010 02:22PM
Sonoma's thread about the blackmailing bishop seems closed Scooter12/27/2010 09:53AM
To Makurosu re the pink car munchybotaz12/19/2010 04:57PM
Shooting at LDS Temple Mary Ann Mason12/26/2010 08:08PM
"worst Christmas ever" Duder12/27/2010 11:24AM
Anyone know how to file a formal complaint? 20 JF12/27/2010 09:59AM
Now I get why the Church hates coffee so badly 15 Comfortably Numb12/27/2010 11:10AM
Anyone watched "Latter Days?" 19 Itzpapalotl12/26/2010 11:37AM
Dazed and Confused 38 jeff100912/26/2010 07:24PM
Bias in Black and White (link) blindguy12/27/2010 09:21AM
They made me see a "psychiatrist" 16 imbadash12/26/2010 06:35PM
Dear Raptorjesus (swearing) 22 Raptor Jesus12/26/2010 10:26PM
Women-your response to people seeing your garments June12/27/2010 01:18PM
Suing TSCC 32 Formermormon12/25/2010 06:09PM
times they are a changin' jolene12/27/2010 12:10PM
Earths position in the universe is so finely tuned for life that every 60 million years it gets hit with enough cosmic rays to cause mass extinctions helemon12/27/2010 04:39AM
Do you ever see mutiny from TBMS in the future? 39 tillamook12/23/2010 05:38PM
Thoughts about Moral Injury and Mormonism 21 robertb12/23/2010 12:34AM
One Basic Reason To Suspect that Emma Hale Smith Knew Joseph Smith Was a Fraud and Then Fudged to Cover That Up: First, She Wouldn't Join His Church, for Gawd's Sake (edited and expanded) . . . 32 steve benson12/26/2010 11:34AM
A Piece of Paper by Gladstone (video) blindguy12/27/2010 09:39AM
A funny thing happened at the MTC 13 formermormer12/26/2010 03:56AM
6 years ago this month - my, how things have changed for me 17 T-Bone12/26/2010 12:48AM
Ancient Roman nails mopologists hello12/27/2010 02:45AM
My Sister's Bishop is using blackmail to make her attend church. 36 sonoma12/26/2010 06:23PM
Dysfunctional Mother-advice please 17 Livin'theLie12/23/2010 12:45PM
For, anon. Hilter, Eugenics, "Darwinism." 68 Raptor Jesus12/25/2010 09:05PM
New here, doing a drive by. And I'm a Mormon video, really funny! NoNameHere12/26/2010 06:41AM
Dry Mormon Gypsy Rose12/26/2010 10:30PM
Judge orders girl, 14, to live with sect Mon12/26/2010 07:18PM
Where To Find Gay Friends 29 Gay Philosopher12/26/2010 04:56PM
Never mind... (n/t) possiblypagan12/26/2010 10:03PM
Was Brigham Young in on the con? 36 behindcurtain12/23/2010 12:23PM
Cops Kill man @ West Jordan Temple 19 StillAnon12/25/2010 07:17PM
Teen Summary Post Superfly Apostate12/26/2010 08:59PM
Mormon Obituaries Crathes12/26/2010 05:20PM
Mormons on "Starship Troopers" Finance Clerk12/26/2010 06:28PM
My heart is broken. Dad just died and I am facing mormon funeral. Help? 36 sad12/22/2010 01:44PM
"Anon" Bombs: Charles Darwin Was Hardly the Proponent of Prejudiced Phrenology That "Anon" Is Attempting to Peddle As Fact . . . 29 steve benson12/26/2010 08:10AM
What crappy Mormony thing did you get for Christmas? 50 goldenrule12/25/2010 10:46PM
Deseret Book gave my friend 10% off a purchase... oh the irony Yewt10212/26/2010 05:14PM
If you had an ace up your sleeve against a condescending TBM. Would you play the card. 30 The Man in Black12/25/2010 03:59PM
What's your excuse for hangning out at the exmo forum today? 36 done12/25/2010 12:11PM
Reflections on a Courageous Straight Man 35 Gay Philosopher12/26/2010 12:05AM
The date of Jesus' birth... eddie12/26/2010 11:39AM
How can Morgs say location of Cumorah is not known? Isn't there a GD Mormon visitor's centre there? ozpoof12/26/2010 02:55PM