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Temples raise surrounding property values? 12 Stray Mutt09/25/2010 10:06AM
Continuation of the God revealing himself thread Stray Mutt09/24/2010 08:55AM
Real missionary work Raptor Jesus09/24/2010 12:59AM
I need a Pity Party... JBryan09/25/2010 04:52PM
We've All Heard..."Live Each Day As If It's Your Last Because Someday It Will Be"...So How Do You... 13 BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/23/2010 05:38PM
Are you one of the New Part Member Families in the LDS Church: Believers and non believers? SusieQ#109/25/2010 06:16PM
Everything about Mormonism is conditioning members to accept plural marriage 19 They don't want me back09/25/2010 03:54PM
White and Delightsome reference? Where is it? Troy09/26/2010 02:53AM
The MTC Is/Was like a Communist Indoctronation Camp 15 tombs109/24/2010 02:36PM
TBMs are often like adult children of alcoholics eddie09/23/2010 09:21PM
Everything's Great--but if he's not mormon he's not good enough :( NoName09/25/2010 11:18PM
Prayer and the illusion of control eddie09/25/2010 08:15AM
Evidence Gay Philosopher09/25/2010 10:32PM
I had a History Channel/Canadian Club induced epiphany about god Bal09/25/2010 10:58PM
OT- Update on DH's Ticker GayLayAle09/24/2010 05:28PM
Wendell, will you keep us posted about your daddy-daugher night? cludgie09/25/2010 09:42PM
A favor to ask..... sue09/24/2010 07:31PM
Cousin made fun of my underwear 15 Drew9009/21/2010 09:11PM
Any one want to help me out here? persephene09/25/2010 10:19AM
I told him it was illegal and it was a "new" idea for him! 21 Mormon Observer09/24/2010 10:21AM
once again, I have been passed over..... downsouth09/23/2010 12:34PM
Are you a stronger person now? 17 Anonymous User09/23/2010 07:04PM
I just wanted to make this offer, get her done09/25/2010 07:48PM
update on federal suit..... get her done09/25/2010 02:21PM
I am galled & angry at, not a TBM, but a lowlife *EXMO* 40 Cheryl09/23/2010 09:54PM
Mormonism "Grips you with claws" (Recovery link with great advice) JoD3:36009/24/2010 11:52PM
And the big surprise of the week is? MJ09/25/2010 05:26PM
New Babycenter thread... (link) knotheadusc09/25/2010 01:41PM
Help with Vernal Holley map? 15 Thread Killer09/23/2010 11:43AM
OT Coming to a big city near you, the 2010 Pulitzer prize winner for drama, "Next to Normal" Topper09/25/2010 02:43PM
I was talking to my recently returned missionary friend... 24 rallychild09/23/2010 12:32PM
How many children did Joseph Smith father? 12 matt09/23/2010 06:07PM
Wendell's post about the daddy daughter activity reminded of ihidmyself09/24/2010 09:49AM
Testimonies, church publications, and conference talks eddie09/25/2010 08:11AM
Name Suffixes in "Gentleman Broncos" and the "Book of Mormon" burnedincovenant09/25/2010 07:01AM
Thinking of Giving my TBM Mother Joe’s Jupiter Talisman rgg09/24/2010 01:59PM
Interesting approach to temple marriage by young couples 25 Villager09/20/2010 12:36PM
My Response to God...(continuation of closed thread) anybody09/24/2010 10:21PM
LDS Coalition begins "Righting the Wrongs" issues Proclamation of Apology Flat Lander09/24/2010 10:56AM
Re: My answer to God; Sorry I will not follow you under any circumstances, ever! 33 Quinlansolo09/24/2010 08:58AM
Check out what's on the wall of this "sister wife" Desdemona09/24/2010 04:29PM
New way to annoy the Mormons 39 wendell09/22/2010 10:17PM
Is this a hold over from being mormon? 34 Cindy09/23/2010 01:00AM
Are Mormons excommunicated if they visit a casiono and gamble? 21 poster09/22/2010 11:08PM
Online resignation? Shummy09/23/2010 06:13PM
dead Jewish zombies callipygian09/23/2010 01:52PM
I really never liked church 18 koolman209/20/2010 01:56PM
I'm on a Delta flight to SLC sitting next to 2 mishies on their way home from Mexico. 19 Truth Without Fear09/22/2010 03:28PM
Engraving on gold and using words sparingly 10 eddie09/23/2010 09:27PM
BYU lecture on the biological origin of homosexuality 14 Skunk Puppet09/23/2010 01:12AM
God can lift your ‘burden,’ LDS leader tells gay Mormons - just stop calling yourself "gay".... 32 ozpoof09/23/2010 10:30AM
Got my exit confirmation letter in the mail today.... 13 foolserrand209/23/2010 04:03PM
Storm drain explosion at a Seattle area LDS church 10 hosebeasticatha09/23/2010 11:00PM
They Say That "True Character" Is What U Do & R When Nobody's Watching U... 17 BeenThereDunnThatExMo09/21/2010 01:26PM
The policy of going after the lost sheep is a good example of... CA girl09/24/2010 10:57AM