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Race relations--conflicting church statements JoD3:36011/10/2010 01:37PM
Europe's Anti-Mormon Large Hadron Collider Disproves LDS Scripture. 11 Fetal Deity11/09/2010 08:06PM
Utah or Mormon thang? 24 benben11/09/2010 12:02AM
I thought I was mostly recovered from the cult, 24 get her done11/09/2010 05:25PM
Continuation of the thread, 15 get her done11/10/2010 10:11AM
The Temple: It's not secret it's satanic 17 eddie11/06/2010 11:28PM
Cont....None of the whole First Presidency served full time Stray Mutt question.... wings11/10/2010 05:14PM
Gay polygamy 17 GayLayAle11/09/2010 05:36PM
Can anybody remember (and provide a link to) this article from Greg Smith Holy the Ghost11/09/2010 01:19AM
I am finally starting to realize what a good decision I made... 18 rallychild11/09/2010 09:31PM
And I thought it was just Mormonism..... 19 SusieQ#111/10/2010 11:30AM
A real reason to spend my tithing dollars. It's ALMOST HERE!!!! Primus11/10/2010 02:51PM
What's the difference between God and a mormon priesthood holder? helamonster11/10/2010 01:25PM
its time to move on Emma the smith11/10/2010 02:36PM
How long are posts going to be accessible to RfM users? Fetal Deity11/10/2010 02:35PM
NONE of the whole first presidency have served full-time missions. 37 Nick Humphrey11/09/2010 10:58AM
I finally had the conversation with him. 39 ivy11/09/2010 09:12PM
The Wisdom of the Horton Hily the Ghost11/10/2010 11:03AM
Inside the minds of LDS apologists Nina11/10/2010 01:59PM
honest question for you all 59 voice of reason11/10/2010 11:56AM
Short FB thread re: gays & Glee Queen of Denial11/10/2010 12:37PM
I hereby confess to posting the following lies in this forum Duder11/10/2010 12:29PM
Can somebody give me a link to High Nibley's "Encrypted message theory" regarding the Book of Abraham? Steven11/09/2010 12:38PM
boredom worse after leaving church 36 anon11/08/2010 12:57PM
When will RfM be targeted? 11 Major Bidamon11/09/2010 11:19PM
Joseph Smith was flabby 10 Rubicon11/10/2010 04:29AM
What will happen when Monson passes away? 24 poster11/06/2010 07:05AM
What is it about mormonism that wounds a person so much? 17 nodedog11/09/2010 07:15PM
Wanna make a bet who this person is? sayhitokolob4me11/09/2010 05:45PM
Someone has their priorities straight. Stray Mutt11/10/2010 11:09AM
Update on my situation.... 28 SilkRose11/09/2010 09:47PM
To the gay community from formerly rabid TBM shadowgirl36011/09/2010 11:47AM
Vhainya ExMormonRon11/10/2010 09:36AM
Susan Powell's husband speaks ... against Susan (link) 14 weeder11/08/2010 05:13PM
Cultish practices along the edges in mainstream religion anagrammy11/09/2010 08:57PM
Yet another mormon sleazebag businessman Levi11/09/2010 06:14PM
How Many Young Men Annually Have Their Self-Esteem Obliterated By LDS Inc Asking The "M" Question... 22 BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/09/2010 03:52PM
Members Only in Haiti 33 badseed11/08/2010 10:47AM
Need HELP On My Utube Vid!!! (1 or 2 cusses) Java's Mom11/09/2010 09:31PM
Michael Ash Now Substituting Fantasy and Distortion for Scholarship... (one bad word) 23 SL Cabbie11/04/2010 11:43PM
North Orange County CA to meet again November 14/Sunday 10:00 AnonyMs11/03/2010 10:30AM
Making RFM easier to read for Firefox & Chrome users 11 Beavis Christ11/09/2010 01:52PM
Julia Sweeney - Mormon missionaries get her to rethink her faith. (Link) Twinker11/09/2010 07:57PM
Church tithing - a calculation of how much the Church gets in Jon11/09/2010 06:54AM
Take the Joseph Smith Quiz Simone Stigmata11/09/2010 09:44PM
Portland, OR Meetup - This Sunday! - Nov. 14 LessMon11/09/2010 09:36PM
The Litmus Test 10 ExMormonRon11/09/2010 04:55PM
The Family Proclaimation Jon11/09/2010 10:38AM
Confessional, list of sins! (high school) vhainya11/09/2010 10:55AM
Wow..... on topic :) Searching2711/09/2010 08:52PM
OT The weather right now Heidi GWOTR11/09/2010 05:39PM
What IS 'The Gospel'? 14 caedmon11/09/2010 02:30PM
If God is omnipresent.... 12 Jon11/09/2010 02:39PM
Those that divorced directly or indirectly due to leaving... 13 Jesus Smith11/09/2010 11:51AM
LDS attitude towards rock music, talents, art, featuring Ezra Taft Benson and Lynn Bryson (detailed essay, some language) Bernelli11/09/2010 01:04AM