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Posted by: Maude ( )
Date: May 01, 2019 11:35AM

Robust discussion is expected and encouraged here. We won't all agree with each other. Please disagree respectfully. Keep the board in mind when choosing topics and expressing opinions - including guidelines for posting, RfM's mandate (to discuss Mormonism and life during and after it, to provide information to those asking questions and to be supportive as people transition to life outside the Mormon Church) and the goal of being a supportive and welcoming environment for lurkers and posters.

Guidelines to meet the board's purpose and goals include the following:

1. Do not swear in the subject line of your posts - include a language warning in the subject line if your post contains swearing.

2. Do not argue with other posters.

3. Do not call another poster "liar".

4. Do not call another poster "troll" or "sock puppet".

5. Do not call other posters names or hurl insults at them.

6. Do not question another's motives.

7. Do not attempt to mind-read.

8. Do report posts that do not observe board guidelines - DO NOT respond to them on the board.

9. Do not respond in kind to another poster's accusations, arguments or negative personal remarks - report the posts and walk away.

10. If you do engage in arguments or name-calling, etc after you have reported the thread/post, your reply may be left up as well as the posts you are reporting. Don't take shots at someone and then report them for their comments.

11. If a thread is closed before it reaches the 60-post limit, there is a mod reason for that - don't start a part 2. It is one step we sometimes take before outright deletion, indicating that the topic is questionable or the interactions between posters have deteriorated.

12. Off topic posts are allowed but we don't want them to overtake the basic purpose of the board. Please limit the number of off topic posts you make in a day or week.

13. Think about how many new threads you start in a short time period. Don't flood the board with yourself.

14. Please observe all other board rules.

We appreciate you taking time and effort to report posts you think go against board guidelines. Too, we appreciate your care and concern for RfM. As mods, we put a lot of time and effort into moderating the board. We don't lightly delete posts - it is our last resort. You may not agree with the decisions we make but be assured we have taken your reports seriously and have made our decisions on how to handle clashes between posters and other posting events in as balanced and impartial a manner as we can, based on posters' needs, board history and previous moderation decisions.

People seeking information and a supportive atmosphere are the priority here. Arguments between posters, name-calling and other nasty remarks are off-putting for others. Please take it off board or just let it go.

When posting, keep in mind RfM's purpose to present a supportive environment for people seeking answers to urgent questions, those struggling with problems due to association of various kinds with the Mormon Church and those who have left the church and are in a part-member family and/or are struggling with all the fallout when they state their disbelief and/or act on it.

Remember - it's about information, support and friendly, or at least courteous, interactions.

Thank you.

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Posted by: Maude ( )
Date: May 01, 2019 01:28PM

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Posted by: Maude ( )
Date: May 04, 2019 03:07PM

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