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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: August 04, 2019 08:15AM

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Cultural dissonance is the thing turning the Mormon Church into a shit show. The culture of the 1960s is a bad fit for the 2010s. Q15’s management rules combined with the success of medical science has guaranteed that only the oldest dogs possible will ascend to the throne. I don’t think these dogs chase sticks.

Could the church be made good? I think so. Its Protestant roots can hold up a lot. But it’s never going to happen unless the leaders enter the 21st century.

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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: August 04, 2019 08:43AM

TSCC’s main problems are caused by facts.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: August 04, 2019 09:08AM

The founder being a lying POS could be a problem.

I don’t know why I try to “fix the church”. It doesn’t deserve to be fixed. They’ll also never have the guts to come clean. They’d rather operate in darkness cuz it feels like home to them.

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Posted by: GNPE ( )
Date: August 04, 2019 11:34AM

caused by Facts;

and, facts don't bend to accommodate beliefs.

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Posted by: logged out today ( )
Date: August 04, 2019 10:59AM

You're giving the church too much credit. Its culture is stuck in the 1950s.

A black & white church in a Technicolor world is not going to be successful.

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Posted by: valkyriequeen ( )
Date: August 04, 2019 12:23PM

People have access to the internet.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: August 04, 2019 01:31PM

It’s like a wrecking ball with both Miley Cyrus and Hanna Montana on it.

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Posted by: LJ12 ( )
Date: August 05, 2019 06:22AM

In that it claims to be true when it isn’t. In that it is based on Lies. That it is deceptive and deliberately so. Yes it’s stuck in the 1950s culturally, but that’s not the biggest issue.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: August 05, 2019 06:39AM

Technically, aren’t all cultures based on lies? Mormonism’s problem is that the lies are falling apart. A decent management should be able to deal with that. Mormonism’s management is fragile. It can’t handle a shock to the system like the Internet.

Living by lies isn’t something I believe in, but I recognize the limits of human biology. Mormonism is only one room in the asylum.

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Posted by: LJ12 ( )
Date: August 05, 2019 07:10PM

I don’t know that culture is based on lies, it depends on your definition of culture I suppose. But all cults are. I’m not so familiar with other cults such as Jehovah Witnesses, Scientology and so forth, but I think like Mormonism they might also claim to be the Only Way. So you’re right about that; mormonism isn’t completely unique.
Here is what I personally believe: I disagree that one of these organisations can be made ‘good’. The mormon corporation would literally have to abandon their claim to be the only true church, and admit that this was incorrect. This would then mean admitting that the presidents of the church got this wrong. This would in turn mean admitting that presidents of the church were not prophets of god (which they are not), and that the whole religion is based on lies. They would then have to apologise for lying about so many things, and then they could proclaim themselves to be a regular Protestant church. Not to mention, do away with temple rituals, and tithing payments to pay for said temples, and to pay for admission into said temples, and for shopping malls and god knows what else, and admit that these payments do not get you into heaven. And thus it would free its enslaved, spiritually abused, misinformed people.
To make it culturally up to date it would need to accept equality in all its forms. They will always be behind in this. Can you imagine male church leaders marrying each other? This is the real world. So the mormon church will never be culturally up to date.

Yes, the quorum of 12 or 15 or whatever number they’ve come up with now, could manage things better.

You could I suppose say they need to be better at lying, if you discount all of the above.

But they’d need to stop lying first in my opinion, otherwise this is like putting a tiny band aid on a gushing artery wound.

Then it could begin to be good.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: August 06, 2019 09:13AM

It’s like supposing North Korea could be made ‘good’ with a little foreign aid and a management consultant for the Kim family.

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Posted by: Heartless ( )
Date: August 05, 2019 07:54AM

You don't put new wine in old bottles nor new cloth on old clothes.

The church cannot and will not ever be a mainstream protestant church.

The changes required would burst the bottles and tear the old fabric.

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Posted by: Elder Berry ( )
Date: August 06, 2019 11:30AM

Their emperor has lost his old clothes. His new ones only exist in the spiritual eyes of believers.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: August 06, 2019 11:35AM

You can’t un-see a naked Russell.

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Posted by: allegro ( )
Date: August 05, 2019 09:02AM

I think the core issue is that everything is based on inspiration. If there is bad leadership, teachers etc., the members feel guilty to report because that would show they are not faithful. Plus they raised there hand to confirm the person. Never mind if you do not raise your hand in opposition you are going against the inspiration of leadership. All callings are said to be by inspiration even though a SP told me that 90% of the callings made is because they need a warm body in that placement. If the church comes clean and says that, then the threads quickly unravel and they lose control.

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Posted by: presleynfactsrock ( )
Date: August 05, 2019 05:09PM has been mentioned - the AMAZING, EXPOSING INTERNET arrived, and as much as the cult tried, using their tithing earned money, energy and time, it, the cult, has not been able to shut it down.

What? Did you not pray enough cult or read your scriptures enough for God to answer your prayers on this one?

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Posted by: exmnion ( )
Date: August 05, 2019 07:08PM

The fact that it's a cult of lies, invented by a perverted con-man, in order to get money from people.

They try to erase their own identity as "Mormon", and slither under the skin like a ringworm, and break through the skin somewhere else, with another name. The latest example of this is the ad "Get a free Bible sent to your home." You have to go through several pages, before the ad mentions that the Bible will be delivered to your home, personally, by two "representatives," and at the very end of the ad, they mention the full name of TCOJCOLDS. This reminds me of various con ads that sign you up for an open-ended monthly subscription for a product, when you think you're making a one-time purchase. It's a racket, that newbies and kids fall into. They think they're getting a "free BIble," and they end up with a lifetime of harassment, from people trying to grab your money, and your children's money....

I'm glad this slimy, shape-shifting slithering through the cracks is backfiring on the cult. It seems that the members themselves, and serious investigators (if there are any these days) can't find any Mormon websites, either! LOL! Perhaps the Mormons are glad of this, because most of their members who go online are looking to have questions answered, and the cult fails miserably in that. Better to go invisible for a while.

The Mormon cult has always done this name-juggling with their various businesses and money-laundering schemes. I think people are catching onto this, now, as well.

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Posted by: LJ12 ( )
Date: August 05, 2019 07:13PM

THIS. Absolutely. Well said.

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Posted by: azsteve ( )
Date: August 06, 2019 09:03AM

What protestant roots would those be? The mormon church isn't a break-off of the catholic church (a definition of protestantism). The Mormon church claims that god and Angel's appeared to JS and gave him the authority to start a God-ordained religion. That screams "cult" not "protestant".

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Posted by: macaRomney ( )
Date: August 06, 2019 09:35AM

The protestant origins as in that they adopted loads from the various New England churches. Such as Sunday School (baptist), elders quorum (Methodist), most of the hymns are protestant, testimony meeting (Quakers), confessions (catholic), sustaining vote (episcopal).

The mormons can say all they want that they are a restored church, but the facts are that the foundation of all their programs come from stealing from some other church.

I wish that they would look a little closer at the some of the successful legacies we get from the puritans. An equal vote for every member and a disclosure of the finances and budgets for each year with each member having a say in what they want to do with the money. Much of these sentiments later became part of the State Constitutions, and many American churches adopted this tradition, but for some reason the Mormons got stuck with the notion of an infallible prophet, master of the Universe, who's got financial power over the empire.

They need to start listening to the members more.

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Posted by: babyloncansuckit ( )
Date: August 06, 2019 11:37AM

It’s theoretically fixable, which is my point. The leadership is its own worst enemy.

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