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Posted by: anybody ( )
Date: September 24, 2021 10:09PM

Ask yourself a question:

Do you want to live, or do you want to die?

Is loyalty to a cult or "tribe" or whatever worth dying for?

Is it worth the price of your life?

It's no different than Jim Jones asking you to drink his cyanide spiked Kool-Aid just to prove your loyalty to him and his cult.

But Jim Jones and most of his followers are dead.

Stop lying to yourself.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is real.

COVID-19, the disease that it causes when it infects and hijacks the body to reproduce itself, is real.

The vaccines that were developed to treat COVID-19 are real.

The vaccine can't turn you into a magnet. Nothing can do that.

The vaccine can't "track you." Besides, there's no need. You allow private companies to do that already when you don't pay attention to the fine print on the apps on your phone that require GPS tracking to be turned on to use them.

The vaccine won't make you sterile, make your hair fall out, turn you into a zebra, a monkey, fish or any animal a'la "The Island Of Dr. Moreau."

Drinking sheep drench, eating horse paste, drinking bleach, swimming pool or aquarium cleaner, putting a UV light down your throat or up your rear, taking hydroxychloroquine or breathing caustic chlorine, carbonic acid, or hydrogen peroxide will *not* kill the virus in your body if you're infected. Only the vaccine will.

All you have to do is wear a mask and get the vaccine. That's it.

These people went to their deaths denying the virus.

Don't let this be you.

Don't turn yourself into a corpse on a slab in the morgue that even the morticians won't want to touch.

It's not worth it.

Doctor who has lost over 100 patients to covid says some deny virus from their deathbeds: ‘I don’t believe you’

Matthew Trunsky is used to people being angry at him.

As a pulmonologist and director of the palliative care unit at a Beaumont Health hospital in southeastern Michigan, Trunsky sees some of the facility’s sickest patients and is often the bearer of bad news.

He gets it. No one is prepared to hear a loved one is dying.

But when a well-regarded intensive care unit nurse told him during a recent shift that the wife of an unvaccinated covid patient had berated her when she informed the woman of her husband’s deteriorating condition, Trunsky, who has lost more than 100 patients to the coronavirus, reached his breaking point.

When he got home that evening, he made himself a sandwich and opened Facebook.

Still sporting his black scrubs, he began to vent. He wrote about a critically ill patient who disputed his covid-19 diagnosis. Another threatened to call his lawyer if he wasn’t given ivermectin, an anti-parasite drug that is not approved for treating covid. A third, Trunsky wrote, told the doctor they would rather die than take one of the vaccines.

One demanded a different doctor. “I don’t believe you,” he told the physician.

The physician added: “Of course the answer was to have been vaccinated — but they were not and now they’re angry at the medical community for their failure

Trunsky’s post detailing his interactions with eight covid patients and their relatives highlights the resistance and mistreatment some health-care workers across the United States face while caring for patients who have put off or declined getting vaccinated. Trunsky estimates that 9 out of every 10 covid patients he treats are unvaccinated.

Trunsky, 55, empathizes with other burned-out medical workers.

“We are physically tired as a whole, me included, and we are emotionally exhausted. … I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t see someone pass away,” he told The Washington Post.

Early into the pandemic, Trunsky spent about four hours a day calling patients’ families to update them on their loved ones’ status. Some of those conversations still affect him, like the time he called a woman to share the news that her father had died. “I’m sorry I can’t take your call right now‚” he recalled her telling him. “We’re burying my mother.”

Another time, when calling a woman to report her brother was dying, the woman — before Trunsky said anything — answered with, “Look, my mother died, my father died, my brother died and I don’t want any bad news.”

But what makes him sadder, he told The Post, “are the ones I don’t remember.” He has lost too many patients during the global pandemic to recall them all.

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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: September 24, 2021 10:45PM

“And you snatch your rattling last breaths
with deep-sea diver sounds.”

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Posted by: Lot's Wife ( )
Date: September 25, 2021 12:35AM

Dave, always with the classical allusions.

Just be careful to keep the water out of your lungs, for soon the flowers will bloom riotously in the spring.

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Posted by: Dave the Atheist ( )
Date: September 25, 2021 01:08PM

You weren't supposed to know that song. *LOL*

I watched Ian Anderson play that song in Salt Lake at the Salt Palace.
I don't think anyone compares to him when it comes to fluting.

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Posted by: Lot's Wife ( )
Date: September 25, 2021 01:25PM

The man who used to slip Bach passages into Rock and Roll performances? How could an audiophile not know his work?

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Posted by: Tevai ( )
Date: September 24, 2021 10:45PM

The 11th paragraph from the top:

I think it contains a typo which makes the sense of the paragraph opposite to what you intended.

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Posted by: anybody ( )
Date: September 25, 2021 12:06AM

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Posted by: bradley ( )
Date: September 25, 2021 12:22AM

Will you let them sacrifice your children to Moloch?

Like they've been doing all along. War has nothing to do with resources. It's about sacrificing the innocent.

I would love for Covid to be an accident of nature. Even an industrial accident would be okay. But it's too early to tell. The other shoe hasn't dropped. The world changed when the second plane hit the WTC in 2001. That’s when the other shoe dropped. So, we have some waiting to do until the other shoe drops, which would happen if mortality becomes way worse. Then maybe it's not an accident.

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Posted by: Liver ( )
Date: September 25, 2021 04:07AM


Do we have a choice?
(about living, or dying)

What if we don't? (Choose)

We just do it! Live it...

CHOICE? People always go by choice?

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Posted by: thedesertrat1 ( )
Date: September 25, 2021 03:53PM

My answer is

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Posted by: Phantom Shadow ( )
Date: September 25, 2021 11:57PM

My nephew and his wife are MDs who have been working with Covid patients since the beginning of the pandemic. They used to post positive, encouraging reports and advice on FB. They rarely do now. They are worn down. They are tired. The ICUs are full. The family worries about them so much.

I am so grateful for all the doctors, nurses, and workers who care so much. Who keep showing up. It must be so hard to deal with all the unvaccinated patients. (Now I delete a long tirade of what I think about these anti-life folks.)

Remembering that Pete Seeger song sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary from the early 60s."Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing.

. . .

"When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?"

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Posted by: anybody ( )
Date: September 26, 2021 12:09AM

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Posted by: Lot's Wife ( )
Date: September 26, 2021 01:41AM

Phantom Shadow Wrote:
> I am so grateful for all the doctors, nurses, and
> workers who care so much. Who keep showing up.


> It
> must be so hard to deal with all the unvaccinated
> patients.


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Posted by: thedesertrat1 ( )
Date: September 27, 2021 11:28AM

of course I do
Don't you?

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Posted by: Brother Of Jerry ( )
Date: September 29, 2021 10:51AM

Twice you have answered yes to what is not a yes/no question. It’s multiple choice. I assume you are saying yes to the first choice, though I do know same geriatric people in failing health who wish they had died earlier. A reasonable answer to the original question is not necessarily as obvious as one might assume.

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Posted by: Lethbridge Reprobate ( )
Date: September 29, 2021 11:58AM

Death used to be scary. After watching too many people die that I love, it less so.

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