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Posted by: fmrly ExmoinCO ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 08:01AM

Another sign TSCC is gearing up for a lot of national exposure...

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Posted by: caedmon ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 08:06AM

"Although MDL and FAIR are not affiliated with the LDS Church, Gordon and Lynch hope the new project will make a difference."

More deniability for church leaders. We thank thee, o god, for a prophet to lead us in these latter days.

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Posted by: a-n-o-n ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 10:36AM

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Posted by: Anonymous User ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 10:40AM

Interestingly, the Mormon Defense League has got no authority to speak to News organizations on the Church's behalf!

From the MDL website
'MDL is not owned, controlled by, or affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
© Copyright 2011 by Mormon Defense League, a division of FAIR'

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Posted by: Anonymous User ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 10:46AM

From the MDL website:
'An oft-repeated claim is that Mormons believe Jesus is the brother of Satan. This claim is a distortion of what Mormons actually believe. Journalists who repeat this claim are fostering bigotry.'

From the Gospel Fundamentals Manual online at
Our Father in Heaven loves us, and He knew we would need help. He knew we would be very sad if we could not have bodies of flesh and bones and could not return to live with Him forever. We needed someone to help us. Our Father in Heaven wanted someone to be our Savior. Two of our brothers offered to be our Savior.

Our oldest brother, Jesus, asked our Father in Heaven to send Him. He said He would follow our Father in Heaven’s plan. He would come to the earth and teach us the things that we would need to do to return to our Father in Heaven. He would die to pay for the wrong things we did. He would also make it possible for us to live again after we die. He would allow us to choose for ourselves to obey or not to obey our Father in Heaven.

Jesus knew that it would be important for us to choose for ourselves the things we would do. If someone forced us to obey, we could not learn and become like our Father in Heaven. Jesus wanted our Father in Heaven to have all the glory and honor.

Satan, who was called Lucifer, also asked our Father in Heaven to choose him to be our Savior. He said he would come to earth and force us to do what we should do. He said that none of us would be lost. He would not allow us to choose for ourselves. As his reward, he wanted all the glory and honor our Father in Heaven had.

It would seem that the MDL is technically anti-mormon...

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Posted by: Anonymous User ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 08:20AM

It's worth bearing in mind that the Church already has a public relations department to do the exact same thing.

Perhaps FAIR think they can do better with their own branded style of verbal vigilanteism. Danites anyone...?

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Posted by: nickerickson ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 08:26AM

What a load of shit.

TSCC is not racist - WTF (still tells you to marry within race).
TSCC does not teach Jesus is the brother of Satan, but all of us are brothers and sisters of god - WTF.
BKKKP did not really say what he said about being homosexual. He was misunderstood - WTF.
TSCC is not a cult............................... WTF.

Again, what a load of shit. The poor misunderstood MORmONs.

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Posted by: imalive ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 08:34AM

Oh those poor folks in the church administration building can't defend themselves, har har

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Posted by: 3X ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 09:02AM

"The key, Williams said, is for reporters to let churches tell their own stories."

Hold your breath, pal ...

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Posted by: beulahland ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 09:06AM

The key would be for the church to be honest about its own history. Seriously, the members won't bat an eye because they have their testimonies to fall back on, and the non-members won't think it's anything unusual because we're used to churches having histories of things like witch burning and Spanish inquisitions. It's all the lying and changing things that really makes them look bad.

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Posted by: elcid ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 09:47AM

Yea, they are uncomfortable because they know increased srutiny is coming and that means they will not be controlling the debate within general conference talks to members. People, historians, ex-mormons, faithful mormons, etc., will be talking to the press about Mormon doctrines and history and current practices and thinking. It is not a controllable situation and that scares the shit out of them.

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Posted by: Michaelm ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 09:59AM

The article says this about their group:

"to respond to false information put forward in the media."

"If somebody writes something — whether a journalist or even a politician — that is egregiously bad, we will correct them,"

Looks like their first task ought to be to correct this false information put forward in the media:

The news story said: "For the record, in the nineteenth century Brigham Young did preach that the garden of eden was in Jackson County Missouri."

It is a glaring and flagrant mistake that Brigham Young was the source of Missouri's Eden.

The Defense League should let the News know about this LDS hymn:

LDS Hymn number 49, “Adam-ondi-Ahman"

The Hymn book gives LDS canonized scripture as the source: D&C 116:1 and D&C 107:53-57

Brigham Young did not write the D&C.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/04/2011 11:41AM by Hoggle.

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Posted by: bignevermo ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 10:39AM

the JDL is for real:
The Jewish Defense League is the most controversial, yet the most effective, of all Jewish organizations. Never Again, the JDL motto, opposes the mainstream opinion that Jews shouldn't fight back when they are attacked.
that is from their site(JDL"S)

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Posted by: Anonymous User ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 10:49AM

From the MDL website:
'Clearly racism has existed and continues to exist in America and elsewhere. Certainly, though the LDS church teaches that racial prejudice is contrary to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.'

From the current Aaronic Youth teaching manual:
''We recommend that people marry those who are of the same racial background generally...''

This stuff is too easy...

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Posted by: OnceMore ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 11:26AM

The Mormon Defense League is going to have to take on Bill Maher and other critics, critics who have a sense of humor, who have a well-developed irony meter.

The Mormon Defense League is out of their league.

Maher was featured on The Ed Show last night, and he said, in answer to a question about the general public placing their faith "in a guy who is a mormon":

"No. That's what's going to be so interesting ... start putting out the idea, which is a true idea by the way, that mormons are not really Christians ... Once America finds that out ... once they find out that Jesus Christ is like third in the hierarchy there, that really it was about Joseph Smith. Actually mormonism is closer to Islam, because in Islam Jesus is also a revered figure, he's a wonderful prophet, he's just not the ultimate prophet. He's like the middle act. He's certainly not the headliner."

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Posted by: Anonymous User ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 11:40AM

I think it would be interesting for the journalists to contact the Church's PR spokesperson and ask them if the MDL is allowed to speak on their behalf...

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Posted by: Heresy ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 12:28PM

existing FAIR leaders who announce it.

Who is doing this project? Why can't we know how they are? Even on FAIR, articles have authors, sometimes even with credentials. Not here.

They are choosing to put up a facade of a big impersonal corporate voice, although they are just a group of volunteers from the top down.

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Posted by: StillAnon ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 01:38PM

I think the world needs a Mormon Defense League. All people need to be defended from Mormons! Start with keeping those pesky missionaries off my property!

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Posted by: intellectualfeminist ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 01:49PM

Are you f*****g kidding me??!! (No don't answer, rhetorical question). The "Mormon Defense League"..................BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
That's right.....just keep digging the pit deeper, keep giving yourselves enough rope ;P
OMG, and LOOK at the face of their spokesman, Scott Gordon!! That fake smile! Those scary teeth! I gotta say, they found the perfect posterboy :O

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Posted by: Raptor Jesus ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 01:56PM

The Musical

The Internet

And not just places like this with information, but who-boy Facebook is taking them to town.

All the blogs.

Even their blogs are really only viewed as freakshows.

Huffington post did an article a while ago about the mormon mommy blogs that get lots of views and hits for fantasy reasons. Not because the viewers think that they are reality.

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Posted by: GNPE ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 03:31PM

you forgot 'Big Love' (and the other one I can't remem name)

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Posted by: mikeylikesit ( )
Date: August 04, 2011 03:37PM

OMG.....wonder if they will come up with spandex costumes and superhero names....I am Captain Moroni and this is my sidekick Urimm n Thummim Boy.....Relief Society Woman throw me my seer stone and magic hat, oh and use your magic golden liahonna to fight mormon injustice!! Am I the only one that immediately thought of the Justice league from saturday morning cartoons?!?!

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