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Posted by: exmollymo ( )
Date: April 06, 2012 12:39PM

Here is a message I received this morning from a ward member (apparently she doesn't know I left the church, I thought she did). It's pretty sad that they have to encourage members to talk about Jesus. If you're really a Christian, wouldn't you do that naturally?

She also added the letter I posted earlier this week, but I didn't add it again because most of us have seen it.

Some of you might know that I serve as the Assistant Director of Public Affairs Assigned to Media Relations for the --- Stake, here in ---. I am sending this on to all of my LDS friends here on FB. I received this email this morning and even though I am sure most of you received it too, I wanted to encourage you to read it, go to and then share your testimony of the Savior with all those you know. YouTube and Facebook have become valuable tools for the Church in sharing what we believe with the world. I encourage you to prayerfully ponder your testimony of the Atonement this weekend and share it with those whom you are prompted to share it.

I'll add my testimony to the end of this long note...I know that my Savior lives, that He died for me. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my Savior feels every pain that I feel, every happiness that I feel...He shares in my triumphs and my sorrows. I know that He lives! I feel Him in everything I see and do. I only have to look around at the faces of my children and the beauty in the world to know that this world was created for me to find joy and the Church was restored for me to find my way back to Him. This Easter season, I will remember His resurrection and how it is THE most wonderful gift I will ever receive.

Happy Easter to you all!


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Posted by: anagrammy ( )
Date: April 06, 2012 12:43PM

The first Easter after I joined the church, I went back to my mother's house and cried. I said, "There is no Easter at the Mormon's like nothing is happening. They sang an Easter Song on Sunday but that was it."

She asked me if Mormons believe in the resurrection and I answered yes, but they don't treat it as anything special.

Now I realize why. If everyone is resurrected with a celestial body, Jesus wasn't doing anything special at all.

I didn't know then that he was also conceived the same way I was.


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Posted by: JoD3:360 ( )
Date: April 06, 2012 01:07PM

Besides, who can really worship their Elder Brother?

He's always getting the cool stuff, and you get his hand-me-downs, and he beats up on you all the time. Was our Elder Brother like this in our premortal existence? Probably not, but the subconscious connection must be there.

No matter how often the mormons parrot Jesus stuff, He still cannot compete with the Temple as a mormons center of focus and adoration.

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Posted by: luminouswatcher ( )
Date: April 06, 2012 11:26PM

JoD3:360 Wrote:
> time. Was our Elder Brother like this in our
> premortal existence? Probably not, but the

I bet Lucifer would beg to differ.

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Posted by: imalive ( )
Date: April 06, 2012 01:12PM

That's why my kids and I are going to a different church for Easter. And ironically, TBM DH is okay with this. What a novelty! LOL.

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Posted by: anagrammy ( )
Date: April 07, 2012 08:36AM

Have all of you noticed the emails going out telling the members to talk about Jesus?

That's because they HAVE to be told since all they hear from the pulpit is the Restoration, Joseph Smith and his marvelous work in bringing forth the Book of Mormon.

The only time I ever heard about or taught about Jesus was in the context of "Jesus wants us to be kind/respectful/good." NOT as a person worshipped AT ALL.

Jesus is not worshipped as a God. Just like the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons pray to God the Father in the NAME of Jesus Christ. Jesus is a co-worshipper of his Heavenly Father, also our Heavenly Father.

Or whatever the current leaders say the nature of god is because, you know, that changes along with the important and unchanging Solomen Temple animal sacrificing rituals, I mean, temple endowments.

The General Authorities might be looking at Mitt Romney at this point and quoting the words of the famous religious philosophers, Laurel & Hardy: "now what a fine mess you've gotten me into."

There is no doubt in my mind that this sled is hurtling downhill for an ignominious end. Can't help but wonder where the church would be if Mitt Romney were not running for president. Would it be going down as fast? Would they be giving Jesus instructions for people to post on the internet? I don't think so....


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Posted by: alex71ut ( )
Date: April 06, 2012 01:11PM

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be hearing about Jesus on Facebook this weekend quite a bit from my TBM friends. Thinking of Jesus .... today is April 6th ..... its time to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

Happy B-day dear King ;)

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Posted by: NoToJoe(unregistered) ( )
Date: April 07, 2012 10:44AM

The cult morphs again.....I guess Horn Dog Joe may have to take a back seat to Jesus this Easter.

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Posted by: AnonForThisOne ( )
Date: April 07, 2012 11:22AM

I'd signed up for the MormonVoices Easter propaganda campaign to see what the heck it would be like. Can't see what it's like if you forget to check the Gmail acct you set up to get their emails, though!


Dear MormonVoices volunteer,

You've probably heard that the church is organizing a special online effort to help us share our testimonies of Christ this Easter weekend. Please take a moment to visit where you can share your thoughts and find videos and e-cards to share with friends.

Happy Easter!

The MormonVoices Management Team

*I wanted to gag reading the testimonials on the link above. Jesus is mentioned WAY more on the website than he is in all of the wardhouses worldwide on any given Sunday.


Dear MormonVoices volunteer,

At a recent campaign event, questions about Mormon beliefs on race sparked heavy news coverage. Specifically, the questioner accused Mormons of thinking that blacks are inferior, and that interracial marriage is sinful.

Please leave comments on as many of the following articles as you can, explaining that in Mormon theology "all are alike unto God" (2 Nephi 26:33) and that scriptures referencing "blackness" do not necessarily translate into racial distinctions as we think of them today. No matter what some interpret scriptural passages to say, none of those speculations can override the clear teaching that all are alike before God.

It might be helpful to you to review the following: (This is important because some quote past church leaders' opinions that interracial marriage was forbidden. But such opinions are not doctrine, as Elder Christofferson also taught yesterday.)

As always, please avoid debates. Just state what is true and let your demeanor speak for itself.

Please contact with questions, suggestions, or ideas to recruit more great volunteers. Thanks for all that you do!

The MormonVoices Management Team

And the first one after I signed up, from 4/2:

Dear MormonVoices volunteer,

We hope you had a great conference weekend!

A new article by Mike Otterson is running in the Washington Post, available here:

As always, Brother Otterson's words tend to attract critical comments. Please go and leave a positive comment, remembering that correcting misstatements is fine but that debates generally aren't helpful. Your courtesy and personal knowledge of the subject will speak for themselves and enable others to see the good fruits of membership in the church.

MormonVoices has recently posted several articles that respond to issues commonly brought up in news coverage of the church, including doctrine vs. leaders' opinions, accusations of racism in the Book of Mormon, LDS priesthood organization, and the Proposition 8 campaign. Visit to read them.

Please contact with questions, suggestions, or ideas to recruit more great volunteers. Thanks for all that you do!

The MormonVoices Management Team

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Posted by: canadianfriend ( )
Date: April 07, 2012 11:32AM

"As always, please avoid debates. Just state what is true and let your demeanor speak for itself."

State what is "true", but don't bother to back it up. It's all about feelings anyway.

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Posted by: shannon ( )
Date: April 07, 2012 11:50AM

> Just state what is "true" . . . .

Haha! Hee hee!! OMG. Whoooooo!!!! Now that will be fun to see. Which version of "true" do they mean?


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Posted by: FreeRose ( )
Date: April 07, 2012 11:42AM

All I ever remember (early 80s when I jumped ship) was:

I know the church is true.
I know JS was a profit.

That's about it. NOTHING about Christ. Morg PR at work!

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Posted by: AZEXMO ( )
Date: April 07, 2012 01:14PM

I totally thought it was just me!!! I remember thinking Jesus was just some random dude, but J.S. was where it was AT!

I thought I was crazy with all these LDS people and their Jesus chat everywhere. Like, maybe I just missed those 18 years of my life or something, because I didn't pray hard enough.

It's not just me, right? They didn't seem to give a rat's behind about Jesus until order, it would appear, so they can give the perception that they're "normal Christians".

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Posted by: derrida ( )
Date: April 07, 2012 01:20PM

I can't seem to get my stuff posted on the WSJ site.

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Posted by: derrida ( )
Date: April 07, 2012 02:14PM

If Conservative Christians would do their own research, instead of accepting the biased views of their preachers, they would realize Mormons’ theology is based on New Testament Christianity, not the preachers' Fourth Century Creeds. For example, the Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) views on Baptism, Lay Ministry, the Trinity, Theosis, Grace vs. Works, the Divinity of Jesus Christ are closer to Early Christianity than any other denomination. And Mormons’ teenagers have been judged to “top the charts” in Christian Characteristics by a UNC-Chapel Hill study. Read about it here:

According to a 2012 Pew Forum poll of members of the Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) 98 percent said they believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and 97 percent say their church is a Christian religion. Mormons have a better understanding of Christianity than any other denomination, according to a 2010 Pew Forum poll:

11 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence (including several presidents) were non-Trinitarian Christians. Those who now insist on their narrow Trinitarian and salvation-only- by-grace definition of Christianity for candidates for public office are doing our Republic an injustice.

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