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Updated June 2001

Note from Eric K (webmaster of These are actual unedited letters from Mormons. To read other recent letters see: [ Letters 10 ] [ Letters 9 ] [ Letters 8 ][ Letters 7 ][ Letters 6 ] The text in bold below are my headers or excerpts from the letters.  There are 19 letters from Mormons below.

Letter 1


I've read your site with interest. I am a Mormon, having joined the
church more than 20 years ago. I'll be honest and say I'm not very
active. But that is my decision/choice, it has not been caused by any
specific problem with the church.

My problem with your site is this ... many of the problems the writers
have are with how they have been treated by the people (family and
church members, inlaws, bishops and spouses). Just because someone
becomes a member of the Mormon church DOES NOT mean he or she becomes
perfect. Just as there are abusers, rapists, murderers, thieves, and all
manner of evil rotten people in the Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist,
Baptist, Buddist, Hindu and all other religions, there are those people
in the Mormon church. However, because it was Mormons who did these
things to the writers, they blamed the church, not the people. It
doesn't make sense. Ninety nine percent of the Mormons I have met and
gotten to know have been good, decent, hardworking, loving people. I've
met some rotten Mormons, but I certainly don't hold that against the
church.And I wouldn't hold it against the church, even if the rotten
person I met was a bishop, general authority or whatever.

Several of your writers site historical "proof" as their reason for
leaving the church. Okay, but who wrote the history they are referring
to?. We've all seen how historical "facts" are manipulated and changed
over time. It shocked me to find out that the U.S. government had
complete knowledge of the Holocaust WHILE it was occuring, but did
nothing to save millions. But I still think the the best place to
live. One of your writers said that she was disheartened to find the
Joseph Smith married teenagers (14-and up). In those days it was quite
common for a teen to marry an older man. While today we see that as not
the thing to do, in those days it was common and since people lived
substantially shorter lives, it was probably necessary. Time,
knowledge,  and culture have changed so much even in the 20 years since
I joined the church. What was "right or wrong" in 1977 is totally
different that what is "right and wrong" in 2001.

I'm not saying that your writers are "wrong" or going to hell or
whatever. It's not up to me to judge anyone and I don't want anyone
judging me. I guess I'm just saying that people need to really look at
the facts of a situation from all sides before making such blanket

No one in the world, save one man, is or has ever been perfect. I would
not be worthy to die on the cross like He did and I doubt anyone reading
this or writing their stories would either.

Just some food for thought.

From Crystal Prestwitch

this exmormon website is the stuppidest site i have ever seen. it is full
of lies after lies after lies.

Letter 3

      I'm a 21 year old returned missionary who is curious.  I was wondering
what problems you have with the church?  Why do you exert so much time to
opposing the LDS faith?  I'm very much intrigued by those who leave the
church.  There was a quote in "Gods Army"   that said  "God will give us a
hundred reasons to believe, then He'll drop one or two questions to see if we
really will stay strong.  Surely, in your life, you had a share of good
experiences in the church to see that God loves you, and that His work will
move forward relentlessly as Joseph Smith stated in "The standard of truth."   
Nothing will stop it, so why not try working to regain a bit of what you had
before you left? I'm not trying to argue, just find out your view on these
things.  Overlook what few man made problems that exist due to human
imperfection, and look to The Lord and the inspiration he gives to move the
work.  This will carry you much farther in your life's progress.  Please
respond if you have a moment.
Sicerily, Justin H.

Letter 4

I don't know if you are the writer of this story, but if you are, how can you get so caught up in all these temporal mortal details and deny the Spirit of Jesus Christ? Do you not feel it? Do you not know that though mere mortals make mistakes, Jesus Christ is still the head of this church and will never fail us? The only reason you are thrown off by these details is because you do not have all the information, temporal and spiritual. Can you deny the Spirit you felt when you were baptized, when you were married in the temple, at other times? I am not claiming that I know the answers to the concerns that have made you leave the church, but I do know that this church and my belief in Jesus Christ is the only thing on this earth that is true and will lead me to eternal life. My testimony of the Plan of Salvation alone and my knowledge of the reality of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost is enough comfort for me to understand that all these other details you are wrapped up in are mere tools of  Satan to get you to do exactly what he wants. 

Why is Satan trying so hard if this is not the true Church on this earth?  If this church isn't true as you believe, then where do you turn? What do you now believe will happen to you after you die? Would Christ have a true gospel on this earth that was not established in an organized church? I am not afraid of the consequences set by the Brethren if I ever left the church, I am afraid of the eternal consequences that Jesus Christ has set forth in the scriptures.  The brethren are not deceitful liars.   They are messengers of truth.  If you believed in revelation, you would know this to be true. I am curious that, in your description of the temple, if you do not believe the ceremony to be true, then why didn't you disclose the sacred information given there?  You must believe, then, the fact that you will have eternal consequences come to you if you break your covenants. Also, you claim that the church "covers up" what is not true lies/etc. 

If you respected the church and believed in Jesus Christ, you would realize that the Brethren go to such measures, by the direction of the Lord, to protect the beliefs of the church from being exploited and twisted by individuals, so that innocent searchers for truth will not be waivered by such construed so called "evidence." If you are so concerned with the inaccuracies of the Book of Mormon, do you not research the discrepancies in the Bible also? Mortals are bound to make mistakes, the Lord knew that, people have their free agency, the Lord cannot control everyone's doings, Satan places these stumbling blocks, that is why the spirit is there, so we can pray to know the truth of these things. Have you tried praying about this? Sincerely? Please, I am truly concerned for you. I feel terrible that other members have treated you poorly. I only want you to know the truth. Please try. I know this church to be the true church on this earth today, led by Jesus Christ through his prophet. 

The spirit is real, the spirit is what testifies of truth. I do not believe that the spirit could have witnessed to you that what you have discovered is true.  For your sake, for your family's sake, please search a little more.  I believe that you can know of a surety of the truth if you pray to  our Heavenly Father. I know that Jesus Christ is real and lives today and he appeared, with Heavenly Father, to Joseph Smith, and Joseph Smith established and restored the Church to this earth from direct revelation.   There are two forces in this life: Satan versus the Lord, good vs evil, truth vs. deceit.  Which one is motivating you? Which one is causing you to have doubts?   I know that the truth motivates me to write this to you right now. If it makes no difference in your life, then I am sorry to be bothering you and giving you more material to rip apart and judge. But I do hope the best for you. I hope you can find the truth and how the Lord has organized the truth in this day: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

I pray that your heart will be softened so that you may achieve eternal happiness and find answers to your confusion. May God bless you with His Spirit to witness the truth to you.

Letter 5

I am writing you en regards to things I read on your web page.  I am one
of those 'missionaries' that you call unlearned and not knowning the
history of the church.  I understand that everyone has the right to free
speech.  But I must warn you of what you have on this web page.  I ask
you to please, use your time doing something else other than trying to
show people why our church is not true.  I know it is true.  I have
asked god if it is true.  He has answered me in my heart.  The Holy
Spirit has made it manifest to me.  I will never go against the truth.
Put that story in your web page.  Thank You

Your Friend,


Letter 6

I do not feel the need to say much to you- as many other members of the LDS
church have done so well to cover everything. I would like to ask you why
you are so passionate about expressing your views as an ex-member.As with
anything, there are pros and cons. There are different oppinions on
everything- I am glad that you are happy with where you are at but please
allow others that same right.  The feelings that you have expressed about
the mormon church can be applied to anything. I feel that they are merely
excuses to cover up some underlying problems. All christians regardless of
the sect, should be tollerent of one another. We need to agree to disagree
and respect one anothers rights to worship how where or what we may.
Everyone needs to quit trying to influence other peoples lives and live by
the words "to each his own" I think you should quit focussing on your
leaving of the church and work on making something out of yourself. You've
come this far-quit talking about it...Your site is full of bull-shit stories
of confused people. Everyone needs to get on with life and stick with their wouldn't try to justify or rationalize things if you felt
right about them. I hope that you will post this on your site- as i feel
your site could definantly use a broader range of views!
Thank you!
Alexa O.

Letter 7 and a challenge

Mr. Nonmormon,

     I have a deal for you. I am trying to figure out to believe you. I
think that u are not speaking all of the truth and everything but the truth.
Did you feel any of the spirit when you were on  a mission? were you
baptizing people or failing miserably? How old are you? Wait.... as I recall,
Most men die at the age of like 80-90! Right? But you seem to have read the
book of Mormon enough to memorize it! But how could u memorize the whole book
of mormon in such a short lifetime? What religion are u now? Do believe in
God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Do you believe in praying? It talks about
praying and fasting in the bible. I want to chalenge u. Are u ready. I want u
to get over your cockiness, pray and fast and after 3 days, I want u to see
if you still believe in what u believe to be true. And if nothing happens,
then I will leave you alone. But if you feel the warmth of the spirit in your
heart and you feel anything change about what u think, then u might want to
realize that Mormons arent that bad. I am not Mormon, I am totally Christian,
 but not Mormon. I used to believe all of what the mormon-haters say about
the mormons but my friend told me to do this... and I did it. I have since
read the Book of Mormon and I have felt the spirit. I just want u to live up
to what u say to be true and I want to see if anything happens. Ok? you can
email me back and tell me what the results are. Please do this and please
Keep your mind clear when u do fast. I thank you for your time!


Letter 8

I say, if Mormonism stands in the way of truth let it be damned!  If the LDS
Church is not the true church, nothing can save it.  On the other hand, if
the LDS Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ, no one can stop it!  I
happen to believe the Joseph Smith story and find the evidence most
compelling.  Look at what he accomplished as the fourth and final
dispensation head.  He set up the latter day kingdom of God on earth and the
LDS Church continues to grow and thrive in great abundance throughout the
world.  The Book of Daniel is very clear on the latter day kingdom. "...there
is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and makes known...what shall be in
the latter days...what shall come to pass.  The God of heaven will set up a
kingdom, which shall never be destroyed, and the kingdom shall not be left to
other people, but will break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it
end of the matter."  Any questions?

Letter 9

To whom it may concern,

    I was shocked and extremely ticked off when I read a news article about this terrible web site, and wanted to express my opinion on you frauds.  It is amaizing to me at how Satan has gotten hold upon your hearts, and turned you into the hard harted, unbelieving people that you are.  Do you actually think what you are doing is right?  If so, you are a complete fool.  I am only 16 years old, and I know universes more about the church than you do, and know of a surety of the truthfulness of the church.  I absolutely cannot stand people like  you who try and destroy the saints of God and bring others into your depths of despair.  Do you not remember the scriptures?  Do you not remember that Alma said that once you have been enlightened by the truthfulness of Christ, and then descent away, it would be better for you if the Lord never knew you?   Have you thought about this, or is your mind too warped?  I have read the Book of Mormon 12 times, and know of a surety that it is correct.  I also know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet.  All that crap you wrote about his First Vision not being true is a total manipulation and disgusts me.  Why would someone as yourselves spend so much time trying to get people to disbelieve in the church?  What is the point.  All you are accomplishing is bringing more people down to hell with you.  People like you are just as bad as Hitler himself, and I look forward to the Great Judgment Day when you realize your faults. 

A True Latter Day Saint of the Church of Jesus Christ

p.s.  I know that because this is a negative letter, you will not publish it or anything, which also shows how you are wrong. 

Letter 10

Hello. I just visited your site. Because every letter from a Mormon on your site is bitterly, and quite immaturely insulted, I'm kind of excited to see what I get. I dont know, maybe this is just another "typical" letter. Maybe I'll get lucky enough to get an "Eric's reply." Wouldn't that be fun? I'd be one of the lucky ones to be able to laugh at the utter idiocy that come with "Eric's Reply." I'm so excited to see what kind of humorous reply I'll get! Can't wait. So how did that feel? Do you enjoy when people ridicule your writings? Anyways, i just want to tell you that you are free to express whatever you want on your site. I don't care if you don't like the church. That's fine. My brother could be considered one of your kind. He left the church, too. I still absolutely love him, and we are very close.You are entitled to think whatever you want. But just like you are entitled, so are those who believe in this church. I  think it is completely immature how you ridicule each of the people who have written to you. I think they should be praised for their bravery in trying to stand up for what they believe in. Isn't that what you are doing? Just like you want to tell them what you believe in, that's all they want to do. So unless you enjoy being personally attacked, then I suggest that you just leave those people alone. So if you think Mormon values are skewed, then try practicing the Christian value of loving one another.

Letter 11

You people disgust me.
     I am terribly sorry to see that you all have lost your testimonies, and
are trying to bring others down to the miserable state you are in. after
all, if you cant be happy, why should any one else be, right?
      I just want to bear my testimony to you, wether youll listen or not. I
KNOW this church is true. I KNOW Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and that
GOrden B Hinkley is a true prophet today. I know our Heavenly Father and
Jesus Christ live. I know that they love me dearly. They love you too, but
they are sad to see the actions you are taking to lose others in the veil of
As for me, Im holding tight to the iron rod, and I will do my best so that
when I return to my Father in Heaven, he will take me in his arms and say,
"well done, my good and faithful servant."

I hope you have a nice life- ( i mean that)
A daughter of God.

Letter 12

First of all, your collection is not wonderful...second of all, you should be ashamed of yourself...third of all, your headings that are in bold, are just snide remarks so you don't look dumb.

I am not going to tell you that you are wrong, I am not going to tell you that you are right either.

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. (James 1:5-6)

I really think that you should pray about what you have done. I am not saying that you are a bad person...I don't even know you. Your website is degrading though. If you belive in the bible, then read it. I don't even need the Book of Morman to know that its teachings are true. The Book Of Morman is another testament of Jesus Christ. I believe it to be true. I am acting on faith, and faith alone...for all I know, our entire existince can just be one big dream....don't you want to feel like if you die, your not dead forever? Don't you want to feel like you have a place in this world??

The thing that amazes me the most, is that you still have the nerve to say that you belive in GOD. How dare you. How could you have: gone on a mission, been babtised, recieved the holy ghost, got married in the temple, then say you don't believe in the teachings of the Gospel. That is wrong. If you are going to believe something, you need to put your shoulder to the wheel, push a long the hard road of life, and rise against whatever made you leave the church, and come back...I know that this church is true and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet...If you will just look for the good in the church, you will see. I know that there is still hope for you, you just have to pray and find it.

Please don't edit this document. And Please Post It

Letter 13

Re ex mormons......etc.

I lost the mormon church for a few months through my own lethargy, and it was like losing an arm or a leg, I recon anyone can live without the church, but equally it would be like saying after you lose a leg , im managing ok with my wooden one, or in other words, anything other than lds church would be second best and , certainly devoid of spirituality, and in the end after life is over , it would be disaster.after knowing the truth and rejecting it after.


Letter 14

Hey! to all you ex-mormons, morman haters ect., Why are you guys wating your time criticizing our religion? Don't you have anything better to do? I mean, obviously you guys are into religion... right? well don't your churches tell you to love everyone? Why hate? where will it get you? I mean you guys are saying some mean and weird stuff!!! We have never slit peoples throat cuss they did not keep there endowments! that's the stupidest thing that I have ever heard! if you guys don't like our religion, that's fine, but what is the point of posting a site on the internet trying to persuade others to hate us? that is just flat out rude. I am not saying our religion is perfect! I mean I have had my fair share of bad things, drugs sex and things, I have fallen from my church but I have accepted it, I have a stronger testimony and I am learning, this is my way of coping, don't cheat others out of a possible coping method. I have had doubts... tithing, and fasting and things like that. Especially that African American priesthood thing. I talked to my bishop about it, he didn't have the clearest answer, maybe he just couldn't explain it. I went home and prayed and got my answer, and it is very hard to explain. I am 16 years old. I live in alpine Utah. Ha! see you are already judging. Well I have lived in Dallas, Miami, new Orleans, Sacramento, and in those Mormon communities it was a lot stronger. It is hard growing up in the church in Utah. A lot of people take advantage of what they have. Many fall away, maybe that is why some of you judge, you see some of the Mormons that are slipping and they are doing bad stuff so you automatically judge the whole church, I've been there, its impossible not to judge, but it is still wrong. We are kind people, the majority. We don't have websites criticizing Jews, or Buddhist, or Catholics, or Episcopalian, or Pentecostal ect. One of the most important things we teach in our church is to love everyone including the ones who hate us, all of you are good people I just wish that you would stop criticizing us. It does nothing but harm yourselves.

Letter 15


Hi Eric, my name is Adam and I just got back from my mission from Japan 'bout 3 months ago. I had the greatest experience of my life over their, and I'm loving life as a returned missionary. Thanks for your web page, it's really strengthened my testimony of the church. I don't know what it is, but reading people's "testimony" about why the church isn't true has always been a fascinating experience for me, and I have yet to find a good reason for why anyone would stop coming to church. Unfortunately, I haven't found a good reason on this sight, but it has really been intresting. Thanks for having a foroum that ex or post mormons can express there feelings in. It's helped a lot already and I think every active mormon should read this site because it can help so much with hometeaching! :-) Much love man, Christ lives and it's a pleasure seving Him while being a member of His church. Hope to see you back one day. Gospel Love, Adam Partridge

Letter 16

I am a 2 year convert to the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. i have been endowed and sealed to my husand. the church has brought me so much joy, and clarity to my life. i feel more fee and spiritual than ever before. the church has shown me a great way to live my life and i am truly happy. after looking at your wedsite my heart aches for you and some of the other writers. all i can say to the fallen members, is be true to what you know, it not easy living the gospel, some people are just stonger than other, and if you turn your life and around and I see you in celetail kingsom, say hi.

bee xox

Letter 17

U never felt the Holy Ghost? Even on a mission? I'm not trying to argue with you. I'm leaving on a mission in two weeks. And I know the church (gospel principals) are true. People are people. They are all not perfect, and mistakes are made. But I can not deny the truthfulness of the actual gospel, because I have heard it from God that it is true. I'm just curious as to how someone who served a mission and got married in the temple, can deny all testimony. Satan's simple plans are enough? I'm just curious. I hope you don't take offense. David

David E. Boruchowitz

Letter 18

To the writer or who it may concern: Hello, my name is Jenny and i would like to share my absolute true story to you. I am member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I want you to know that your website is ridiculous, absurd, hypocritical, and stupid. Instead, of encouraging people to have a close relationship with their heavenly father you are pushing them away from him. The members of our church would never critisize ex-members. The beliefs of our church are based on faith, virtue, obedience (to our Heavenly Father and no one else), happiness on this earth and out eternal life to come. I refuse to argue with someone who doesn't know the full truth such as I and many others. I refuse to lower myself to downgrading other religions or beliefs (those of who i respect). I would never push another away who was trying to better their lives and their relationship with God. Instead of advoacating positive messages, you are saying that the church is evil. When in actual truth of all the stories of people who say they were once true followers, there are one thousand stories of the millions of families and people whose lives have been better, happier, of people who have a closer relationship with their families and Jesus Christ because of our gospel and many others. We at the church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints respect other religions. We are not intimadated by those who belief differently. Becuase we have an inner peace and knowledge of the whole truth. If you really want to know about the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints take discussions from the missionaries or even go to church and meet the wonderful people there. Or talk to someone like me who prayed and asked God for the truth and got it. Either way do not publicate such absurd inconsiderate, who never knew the truth to begin with. I hope this letter will influence you somewhat although it probably won't to actually learn about the church and not take assumptions from those who don't.

Sincerly, A daughter of God

Letter 19

my name is john iam a 16 yr old mormon who lives in salt lake city utah. ten
bucks says you were never a mormon, your web poage was probably written by
some 60 yr old mormon hater. comon you expect me to belive that guys from my
church came to your door and said if you don't sign a paper you will go to
hell.!!!  i just don't get people like you. why do you say things like that.
if you don't like the chuch then ignore us, but don't say things like that
about us. take a look in the mirrior buddy, what kind of person are you to be
saying things that you know are NOT true.
you make me sick