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He claims to be a psychologist

I find it so interesting that you would spend the countless hours, energy and time in order to discount a religion. This mere act alone speaks volumes of your own insecurities and obvious feelings of self doubt. I truly pity your cause and wish to extend my absolute amazement at your pathetic attempt to dissuade people while trying to somehow build a false sense of self. If you do not believe in a religious view, why not just move on with your life? You are either a self destructive human being by choice, or you are trying to convince yourself that you do not believe in something you know is true. I think counseling would be an excellent option for an individual as lost and insecure as yourself. By the way I am a psychologist and I am speaking from clinical experience, not from mere interest in you. Thank you for your time, and please do not bother responding. I try to keep my distance from disturbed individuals.

Letter from Nov. 15, 2001

To whom this may concern,
this website supposedly claims that it does not denounce the LDS Church, or encourge people to think bad about Mormonism. I am a Mormon myself, and I am very proud to be part of the true faith on the face of the Earth. It brings me great sadness that people choose to apostosize from the church, or talk bad about the religion. For some reason, people who choose to join the church do so because they feel the spirit in their heart, and spirit proclaims the religion to be true. Of coarse, when the spirit leaves, they cannot tell the difference anymore. It's just so sad. When people leave their religion for their own beliefs, they should respect what other people believe in. I know we live in a country where the Bill of Rights give people the freedom of speech, but not to ruin someone else's beliefs. That is why everybody has there "free agency" to decide for themselves, and not by influences other people have over them.

Satan works very hard, doesn't he?

I assume this is a teenager writing

i just wanted to let you know that your site is all a lie! you obviously have
no idea on what really goes on. we don't sti around and go off on other
religons and yet you all say we do and we brainwash etc. we do not do n e
such thing. in our temples sacred ordinances are performed. familys are
sealed. People get married. we do not abuse children and brain wash them.  I
know that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is true! and we are
not mormons. we are LATTER DAY SAINTS. members of the church of JESUS CHRIST
of latter day saints! If you want hard core facts about my religon call
missionaries. ask an active member. learn the truth. don't spread lies. How
do u even know that people that are writing to you are even lds? for all you
know they could be people that have nothing better to do. i only am writing
you because some one told me that there was this website that had all false
information! so i went to it to see if there was a way i could contact you
people and let you know my feelings about this. you can post this or
whatever. i don't care. i just want you to know that what you are doing is
wrong! it is also very offensive to me and other members. so if you would be
nice enough to remove that website i would be very greatful.



I assume that's your name.  I was trying to do some research on the web
about the Washington DC Temple and came across a link to your web site.  I
have occassionaly visited "ex" or "anti" sites out of curiousty.   Here are
my comments:

I am surprised at the material on the site.  Although it offends me when
someone details the temple ceremony, I recognize the 1st ammendment and feel
everyone has a right to say pretty much what they want.  I AM disappointed
when you allow comments and opinions that are totally inaccurate.  I'm a
marketing guy and content can be "spun".  All of the "anti" sites, including
yours, take facts and "spin" them, focusing on sensationalism.

For me to say that Mormon's are perfect would be a joke!  We are humans that
make human mistakes.  But to try and paint an overall picture of
1)  Misleading members into doing things against their will,
2)  Treating people roughly in temples, ie. grabbing peoples arms because
they are slowing down the endowment,
3)  Singing hymns during the temple ceremony, (although this COULD have
happened prior to my getting my endowments)
4)  Women being thought or treated as second class, (do men do this? 
Absolutely!  That's why the prophet on many occasions has told the brother's
during the Priesthood Session that they need to treat their wives like
queens.  Not try and "put them in their place!"
5)  Bishops asking for W-2's to confirm a full tithe payment

Have stupid things happened within the church?  Absolutely!!  Remember,
we're not perfect, just trying to do least most of us!

I guess I'm surprised that you don't follow some form of integrity as to the
facts that are presented!  I guess allowing either ex-mormons or other
religions a forum to express their feelings is ok, but I'd rather look at
the entire beliefs rather than individual events.

Do you crucify Catholics because "some" of their priests have used their
position for homosexual gratuity?
Do you degrade Jehovah Witness's that allow their children to die because
they won't allow a blood transfusion?

Religious freedom, as with the 1st ammendment, SHOULD allow people to
worship as they wish, and say what they want.  To attack a religion and try
and sway either members or people that are looking at joining, is just as
wrong as trying to squelch someone from saying what they feel.

There!  I've gotten that off my chest.  I've wanted to write to several of
the "anti" sites but just never had the time.  I've laughed when I read some
of the experiences, knowing it would never happend the way it was described.
  I've also felt badly when I read how a Bishop took his authority too far,
or members treated new members or non-members in a non-christian way.

Anyway, whether you respond or not, that's OK with me.


An 18 year old writes - he found the church to "be even more true"

You know, I can't believe how someone can turn there hearts away from something so true. You say that Joseph Smith was charged with money digging, or whatever you call it? Well he had many enemies who hated and wanted to kill him, and they charged him with unbased things all the time. Does that mean he did them? I don't think so. Innocent people are charged all the time, and Joseph was ultimately kill because of it. To disgrace a man of God like Joseph is disgusting. What about all the rumours about other religions, about unholy priests and what not? What happened to freedom of religion? Us "mormons" don't go around insulting your intelligence and beliefs, so why do you go out of your way to discourage people from learning about our church. For your info, you DON'T have to have blinding obedience to the church, if you have doubts, you are always allowed to talk to someone. People don't shun you for lack of faith, and the ones that do do it on their own and without the churchs' blessing? Is there not a bad apple or two in every bunch? And the witnesses to the Book of Mormon, some may have left the church, but some also came back. ON your site you forgot to mention that. Ever heard of human emotions, just because some joins the church, dosen't mean they are always able to withstand peer pressure, and not succumg to pride. Another thing you also didn't mention that those who left the church, and also those that came back, never when they were away did they deny the truthfulness of the B of M, nor did they deny the Holy Ghost. And you say that women are not treated fairly? Woman have a different role than the men. Both need support from one another. Womens role as mothers is a sacred thing, and should not be looked upon as not important. And yes it is true that women and children must honour and the father/husband, but you don't have to obey someone who is involving himself in evil acts, and when a family is living righteously, then the honour and obedience thing goes both ways. The father/husband, must also honour his wife and children, because when you love someone, and want them happy, do you not honour them in return? The church does not accept abusive actions by anyone in a family, no matter who they are. Marriage is an equal partnership relationship. And for translating the B of M, the gold plates were always with, because he read them as he translated them. The Urim and Thummim were not a pair of glasses, the Urim and Thummim is a Hebrew term that means Lights and Perfections. An instrument prepared of God to assist man in obtaining revelation from the Lord and in translating languages. See Ex. 28: 30; Lev. 8: 8; Num. 27: 21; Deut. 33: 8; 1 Sam. 28: 6; Ezra 2: 63. Even in the bible it says plainly what it is. Just a piece of advice for you, you don't know everything, and the lies you got about the church are not authorized documents made by anyone that is in authority, they are by those who have been led away and have had their hearts hardened against the truth. And the church is not the "Mormon Church". Mormon is a prophet, general, record keeper, abridger of the Book of Mormon. The name of our church is the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS.

I am a member of that church, and I don't profess to have a perfect knowledge of it, but I have been one all my life, and know that it is true. I am a young adult (18), and am learning new things every day that prove the church to be true. I am not kept away from anti-mormon literature, I actually read some to help for a school project, and found the church even more true. Messages from our prophets may seem to differ and condradict, but the revelations were giving to us in the order we would be able to receive and accept them. The church is true , as is the Book of Mormon. Also I am a woman in the church who is in no ways "oppressed" and "made" to obey all males in my life.

Please get back to me, because I honestly don't know what planet you were on when you found these lies about the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS.


This person does not want her thoughts polluted

I am sorry but I will not pollute my thoughts with untrue literature about the church. For many years my faith wavered but in the last few months I have never felt a stronger bond with my father in heaven. I have learnt many lessons along the way and done some very stupid things which I thought would bring me happiness, but nothing did. Until I gained a testimony of my own by taking control of my life and living in a way which is pleasing unto the Lord. You should know how easy it is for Satan to take hold of our lives. He knows our weaknesses better than we do and he plays one them just a little here and a little there until before we know it we are consumed with doubt. That's what he wants, that's his plan. My husband and I are going to be sealed in the temple in a few weeks, and I know this is the Lord's plan for us. And what a glorious opportunity we have to be with our families for ever, do you want to be with your family forever?

You are right there are some things about the church that we can not answer but that is where faith plays the key role. For example tithing. A few months ago my husband and I were really struggling financially. I sat for about three days trying to work out a budget so I had enough to buy food, pay bills etc. I have never been a good tithe payer. Any way I payed for help and we fasted about it and we both decided that regardless of how terrible things looked for us we would pay our tithing before anything else. So still being a bit scared at church that Sunday I filled out the tithing slip and slowly slipped the money into the envelope. That week My husband received a bit of a pay rise, all the normal food I bought for some reason cost half the price and everything worked out perfectly. I honestly believe that because we paid and should our faith we were immensely blessed. How can one deny such glories blessings? After all, everything we have is from the Lord.

Question: How does the Church finance its operations?

Answer: Gordon B. Hinckley, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said: "Our major source of revenue is the ancient law of the tithe. Our people are expected to pay 10 percent of their income to move forward the work of the Church. The remarkable and wonderful thing is that they do it. Tithing is not so much a matter of dollars as it is a matter of faith. It becomes a privilege and an opportunity, not a burden. Our people believe in the word of God as set forth in the book of Malachi, that the Lord will open the windows of heaven and pour down blessings that there will not be room enough to receive them (Malachi 3:10). Moving and touching is the testimony of Latter-day Saints throughout the world concerning this the Lord’s law for the financing of His work."

I am very sorry that you are so anti the church. I do pray that oneday you will return, the church is not about the people who attend, its about the teachings of the Lord. Take care,


Your investigation into and out of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a little confusing. I do not think that slander is an appropriate response to people who have become dissatisfied with their religion. I am curious, is it your opinion that there is a true and living Church upon the earth or has Mortal and intellectually superior man been able to surpass the need for a dietistical rule? If God is real, then He has a church, and He is a God of order, so there can be only one. The question then becomes which of all the churches is true. What really happened to make you lose a testimony in the L.D.S. Church? I do not think that studying can get you in or out. It is a feeling obtained and then lost. Why did you lose that feeling? It is a matter of agency, your choice. I respect your decision and would not ever attempt to take away that blessed freedom divinely granted. I think that you are holding back, you did something, it wasn't information, I won't attempt to judge you that is not right, but maybe you should look inside a little deeper to see what was there and now is gone. May God bless you to find the truth and grant you the courage above all to pursue it.

He is leaving to start on his two year Mormon mission

Hi, my name is Mark and I currently live in Farmington Utah. Tonight, I was
looking up some things on the internet, specifically some of the Anti-Mormon
webpages, and I came across your page. Please, do not take this email to be
offensive at all, this is not my intention. I am leaving to serve a mission
in Mexico City in two weeks. I can honestly say that I have never been more
excited about anything in my entire life. I understand that you don't
personally believe in the Book of Mormon. You may not believe it, but I
respect your beliefs and do not criticize them. I am just amazed that a man
who has served in various capacities in the church, including a mission,
could ever deny the feelings you have had in the past. I understand that
some of the principles and beliefs are hard to understand, but the feeling
that is present when I read the Book of Mormon is definately real. I know
that it's real. I have read your evidence in trying to disprove the Book of
Mormon, and LDS Faith as a whole, but there isn't anything you could ever say
to me that would make me forget the feelings I have when I listen to the
Prophet speak, even if you believe he is lacking in intelligence, I believe
that he is called by God to give us further light. I really do respect your
beliefs, and I am really not sure why I'm writing you this, but I want you to
know that I belong to the true church. I believe that Joseph Smith was
inspired and translated the Book of Mormon. I don't believe that I am living
a Lie, but rather I am living a life of total happiness. I am sorry on
behalf of my faith, for what it's worth, if members have been unkind to you.
I hope you don't think that I am insincere, I just want you to know what the
average member thinks. Please, feel free to write back. And like I said
before, I do not mean to offend you in anyway. If you don't want to write
back I'll understand. Either way, I'm still looking forward to a couple of
the best years of my life spreading the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.


This individual could use a spell checker

Red your "glad to be out" of mormonism story. I must say that I thought you were an honest studey of mormonism and knew something about that church. I find that your 20 years as a mormon, even though you had high positions in the church locally, you know very little about church doctrine, church history, so much so, that I was surporised I wish you well, but must say you are a fraud as much as what you claim for the mormons being fraud. When a person is thought to be stupid (or a fraud) its best to keep ones mouth shut than to open it and remove all dought. I was looking for truth and found NONE in your writtings.


im sure you get alot of email/letters praising and dishonoring your work!
So as im sure IF you read this you will catagorize it and still go on in your
way of thinking. As bad as a Hoax that you make the church out to
may just be right or you may just be wrong! What you are doing is not new to
the orld! People have fought against people who dont share the same beliefs
for as long as time!
When it comes to you, the old saying about how people go even darker
towards the church when they leave the church is true!! As to this web site
and your work. There is no Humility here! No Love!! No Christ!! So i
wonder who the real author is....?????? Remember the childrens hymn....As i
have Loved you...Love one another!! Im sure your thinking to yourself.....If i
can stop atleast one person from joining or maybe help one to leave...then all
my work is a success!!!! Well im sure you have had success!!! But Im sure
you have not...I know people have joined regardless of what you write and what
they read on this site!!
Just ask yourself this one question.......what side are you on???If the
church is teaching Humility, Love, and Christ! and someone is teaching the
opposite its plain to see what side they are on!!

good luck in your quest!! See you on the other side at the judgment
bar.........when we will find out the truth once and for all!! God lives,
Jesus is the Christ!! The Church is TRUE!!! ofcouse that is my view!!!

your brother in Christ


I've been a Mormon most of my life, I come from a family of 11 and I'm the only one that is a member of the church. I was baptised at the age of 8, but my parents decided to join another church (whole other story). I've had my ups and downs in the church, and have wondered myself wether this church is true or not, and every time I try to go in-active I think about the consequences I have to live with, not in this life, but the next. I want to be
with my husband and 2 beautiful children forever and hopefully in the celestial kingdom. Who ever said Mormons were perfect?? no one is.. we just try and do all that we can to become more like Christ, after all we are only human. Mormons always seem to be the religion every non member wants to attack, why?? Is it because everything our church stands for really is true, and its just to hard for you to live by?? Even though my parents and other siblings have joined another church, they have not once critised the teachings of THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS. They have what I call RESPECT. I've read some of the ex-mormons stories, and it's sad that they feel the way they do, but everyone has their free agency to choose how they live, and no matter what you do in life, wether right or wrong, there are consequences that we have to deal & live with, in this life and the next. I hope that one day, every person that has left the church finds their way back. And PLEASE people lets not judge them too harshly, no ones' perfect.. yes I can understand the feelings that you get when reading their stories, I felt them, but you have to understand that this is how they feel and I'm sure they didn't want to feel this way, but they do. Sometimes people do things we don't like or understand, but it's them that suffer in the end. Please don't pull them down because they lost faith. It can happen to anyone.. I know it can.. even to those that say they will never leave the church.. you don't know what's going to happen, today, tomorrow, next month or next year.. Everyone goes through trials & tribulations, some stay on the straight and narrow path, others fall off, and its our job as members to help them get back, not persecute them. A friend actually told me about this site today, and said that it was very discouraging, but I think otherwise, reading what I have so far has just strengthened my Testimony of the gospel. I know our church is true and that our prophet today is a true prophet of god. I honestly feel for these people and honestly pray that what ever was missing in their lives will soon be revealed to them. Thank you Eric for letting me write what I feel.

A testimoney of the gospel is frail , if it is based on studing historical fact, and scientific reasoning.  Satan has made sure that our historical accounts, and scientific beliefs can not fully prove the gospel true.  Satan has made sure that the scientific knowledge, and historical knowledge  demonstrate errors in the gospel .   Satan is decieving many people this way.  The only way to get a testimoney of the gospel is to pray and study, , and ask sincerely  if it is true.  YOu will recieve an answer .  If all you do is study history, and science, then you will get satans answer. 

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