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Mormon Underwear: Another nevermo FASCINATED by magic undergarments!...
Date: Mar 30 21:19
Author: kymba

I tell you guys who grew up taking "undergarments" for granted- WE in the not-know find these items fetching indeed. [Here in Idaho]

A co-worker, who is Baptist but grew up here in zion, looked @ me all strange-like (she does that often) but this time it was because I happened to respond to a joke she made by saying, "That's almost as funny as magical mystery mormon underwear!"

The upshot- the woman had never HEARD of them, and she grew up right near Idaho Falls. She became immediately enthralled though- so much so that I am going to print out that page which shows the garments and share with her.
She had NO idea, and she is now in AWE (not in a "joy for joy" way, but rather in a "light just came on- so THAT explains it, too many layers tucked too tightly" sort of way.)

People, if the nevermo fascination with mormon underweaar seems disrespectful or bigoted to you, I am sorry (as probably are most nevermos who are equally fascinated), but the fact is- MORMONS DON'T ADMIT THAT THEY WEAR THESE THINGS TO OUTSIDERS- it falls under that "sacred not secret" category. It's not as if they are proudly displaying their faith-wear, they are HIDING it, and WEARING IT UNDER THEIR BRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some wear them always- always always always, except when having sex or showering.

IT'S WEIRD to outsiders. And the fact that they keep them secret, I mean sacred, makes it weirder still.
It's no damn wonder to me why Jerry would want to don them and go about his day- just to see how it "is". I want to do the same, and it's really not out of any disrespect, it's out of utter and complete fascination.
It's not the same thing as a veiled Islamic face or a Catholic priest's robe- it's ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, UNDERWEAR, and it's supposed to protect its wearer from "the world".
WOW, so interesting.
And so clandestine.

And if my co-worker has any say in this- SHE wants to wear a pair too, because the idea of wearing a t-shirt under the bra seems inconceivable to us.

You guys who grew up accepting this as normal are too jaded, people like me, Jerry, my nevermo co-worker, we are like KIDS in our first ever candy store.
The fact that mormons keep their underwear "sacred" adds to the delight and intruige.

Sorry if that offends, I'm not trying to be offensive, but I AM very interested. Interested enough to want to WEAR A PAIR MYSELF, and go about my day.

Subject: Kymba, I may not have understood this until a few years ago.
Date: Mar 30 21:54
Author: Cheryl

I seriously do understand it now. Hopefully, it's a sign of recovery. (?)

As I grew up, every adult I knew wore garmies. My aunties peed through a gaping slit in them. I saw my mother in them every day with bra and full slip on the outside, winter and summer. She put on a garter belt and nylons over them for church. Bunched up garmies in and around all of those other lady things are not a pretty sight!

I'm not even getting into the problems of periods or nursing mothers here.

I got in trouble once for not hanging garmies on the line behind the bedsheets to protect them from gentiles who may be passing our farm on the highway to Idaho.

I thought the kitchen was on fire a few times until I found my mom burning the "sacred symbols" in tin cans before she cut the underwear into dust cloths. I was slapped a time or two for letting them fall or drag on the floor when I did laundry as a child.

This was normal to me. What did I know?

Frankly, if I was a never-mormon who read the above paragraphs, I'd be gagging and choking in my glass of wine. Garmie behavior is not normal. That is wierd cult behavior!

It's taken years (since 1967) to see the fullness of the wierdness.

But TBM trolls and fellow recovering exmos:
I must tell you this is very strange! Mormons vaguely sense that fact. In truth, that is the reason they hide it. They hate being laughed at, being God's chosen an all.

Subject: I think you're right...
Date: Mar 30 22:31
Author: kymba

Cheryl wrote-

I must tell you this is very strange! Mormons vaguely sense that fact. In truth, that is the reason they hide it. They hate being laughed at, being God's chosen an all.

I believe you've hit the nail squarely.
Mormon undergarments are perhaps the funniest part of the "culture", @ least to outsiders, and it could very well be that some mormons sense this, but are hell bent on defending their sacred wear anyhow, because it is all about faith and worthiness.

I SWEAR that to an outsider like me- the entire EVERYTHING about the LDS church seems like a joke. As if it is REALLY honestly a farce that they put on for outsiders to see how much we will believe.
I must admit, there are about a gazillion things about mormonism that when I first heard- I did NOT believe.
I saw that disbelief look on my co-worker's face when I said, "Yes, they wear sacred underwear, and they buy it @ special stores, and they wear it under their bras."
No, it's NOT true.

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is very weird and hard to believe- no wonder some of us obsess on this stuff for so long, it takes some of us YEARS to actually fully believe that which we see/hear about the cult.
Yes, guys- it is that weird of a cult.
I think it out-weirds JWs by a million gazillion miles.

Subject: Interesting topic.....
Date: Mar 30 22:46
Author: Gary

I have had people look at me in an odd manner when they can tell I'm not wearing garments. I even had a lady ask me if I still wore those damn things. My response was that Fruit of Loom sure makes nice underwear. I was a little embarassed, but really, she should have been ashamed for asking such a private question. How many people go around asking what type of underwear a person wears? Maybe I should have asked if her bra was from J.C Pennys or Sears. Same thing really.

The whole garment issue is pretty strange indeed. Thank god I found out the truth.


Subject: That IS a weird question to be asked...
Date: Mar 30 22:53
Author: kymba

come to think of it.
If one of my friends or family members asked, "So, kym, are you still into leopard print bras? And how about those daisy panties you used to be so proud of?"
Gads, you're right, that is an odd thing to ask a person about- their UNDERWEAR.

Maybe this is why Jerry and kym are so fascinated- it's funny, the LDS church is supposed to be all righteous and moral, but they spend sooooooooooo much effort on modesty and underwear- it just seems like a strange way to be, doesn't it?
Likewise, surely I seem strange to some- for after all, I AM obsessing on somebody elses' underwear too, but- well, it's not really a secret, I mean a SACRED issue anymore, is it?
(I first SAW undergarments on a web site which I was directed to from this board. I had heard about them IRL, but had never seen them. They were so mysterious and strange- I had them figured all wrong, I thought they'de be more "flannel" like.)

Subject: Matter of fact that would not be an odd question for me LOL
Date: Mar 30 22:57
Author: Lilith

I am kind of known for my wild uns....not that they SEE them, but they see what I BUY!! AND I think all this ugly garment wearing feeds Vicki Secret fetishes in Mormon men. Seriously.

Subject: I just reread a Catholic writer who donned a nun's habit
Date: Mar 30 22:44
Author: Lilith
Mail Address:

to see how people treated a sister. I find this no different. She meant no disrespect. It was curiousity. I really wanted to order garments but am too chicken...Kymba..YOU do it ;)....

Subject: I'm not quite sure HOW to order them...
Date: Mar 30 22:47
Author: kymba

dugski swears we can get them @ the local mall, but I don't know about that. I've never seen them in the local underwear aisle @ K-Mart.
I SURELY don't want to order them online and become part of a "Great White And Delightsome Email Investigator's Club".

I would surely and certainly WEAR the things if I had them though.

Subject: Re: I'm not quite sure HOW to order them...
Date: Mar 30 23:10
Author: Helen

>>I would surely and certainly WEAR the things if I had them though.>>

Well I wore them and also wore the the ones for breastfeeding....the only time we were given permission to wear our bra next to our skin. Nursing garments have a small white zipper in the front. Not much wonder I let my daughter wean herself and was thankful she nursed for 16 months:-)

But being the good TBM, as soon as she was weaned I went back to wearing the bra over the garments.

But what I really want to say is kymba if you get garments and wear them you will be surprised by how you are greeted and treated. Mormons may want to keep their garments 'secret" from the world but not so secret that another "Saint" won't notice 'cuz they know what to look for. They see the tell tail lines and they know they can admit you to the club.

I kid you not. In every ward I've been in, and especially in the mission field, a new member comes in and those certain few gossips start checking out to see if they can see the tell tail garment lines through a blouse, a man's shirt, check and see if you can see the garment line near the knee.

When I stopped wearing garments, but was still going to Church, I always made sure I wore something that would not even give a hint I may not be wearing my garments for that would have ended in a call to the Bishop's office.

So if you get garments and wear them I'd be interested to know how you see people treating you, accepting you into the club there in Mormon land Idaho. Come back and report.

I'd never wear garments again and Victoria Secret stock thanks me.


Subject: This is what my mom & her friendsthought of nun's habits:
Date: Mar 30 23:02

My mom always tensed up and pulled me close when nuns passed us on the streets of Ogden when I was a child. She would say, "That's a Catholic nun over there. Don't look at her. She is of Satan's own church.

Once some of her fundamentalist, polygamy friends were visiting in our home. They wore long faded dresses over wrist and angle sleeved "old style temple garments." They wore no makeup, and their hair was in never-cut braids. I describe them because they did not exactly look "normal."

They were discussing nuns. One lady with five or six infants and toddlers hanging on her said, "Those Catholic nuns are the strangest looking people I've ever seen. I'd like to find one who is blind, so I could look her up-and- down, and up-and-down all day because I can't get enough of looking at that wierd get-up!"

Subject: I'm not sure if it's true...
Date: Mar 30 22:46
Author: Mook

but I've heard they make army green one's for soldiers,
anyone know for sure? I've always wanted to get my
hands on a pair so I could tie-dye them and have some
pics of myself wearing them to send off to the brethren,
wear them at family camp outs, water skiing and so
forth. Or even some erotic photos with wet clingy ones...
ahh, just too much fun to be had with those garmies

Subject: Yes, it's true.
Date: Mar 31 02:06
Author: bouillabaisseur

The do make green garments for soldiers. And JS had red garments.

Subject: It is just an anti woman thing.
Date: Mar 30 22:52
Author: Lilith

Because since seeing the men's "up close and personal", they are not that extreme. Yeah they are long, but the top is just a T shirt. Not so weird to see a man in a Tshirt, but it is REALLY strange to see women wearing them. And the symbols are so small as to be really insignificant.I thought those suckers would be bigger. They were like..quarter of an inch!!!

Subject: I've only seen one woman in her undergarment top...
Date: Mar 30 22:56
Author: kymba

and it FREAKED me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bra over undergarment- whoa!

I don't know how women get used to that, I know damn well that I couldn't. I'd be pissy and nasty all day every day- the discomfort level would shoot through the roof.

It is rather "denying" of the breast area, isn't it?

Subject: Re: I've only seen one woman in her undergarment top...
Date: Mar 30 23:04
Author: makesmyheadspin

OMG, should hear the 'sisters' talk about it amongst themselves about how wonderful it feels and how freaky and creepy it would be without that..oh some can rant on how they don't understand how non Mormon women go without them??!! (BAAAAAAAAAAAAARF!!)They ALL think they are headed for the CK and others aint!! BAAAAAAAAAARF!! Mormon women are to be seen and not heard. (Go make your dead turkey carcus christmas sleigh--and be proud!)

Subject: Re: Another nevermo FASCINATED by magic undergarments!...
Date: Mar 30 23:00

I'M LAUGING MY BUTT OFF, KYMBA! ...ok, get some and wear them...but try not to laugh too loud...then, try to look sexy in them...BAAAAAAAAAARF...since they are not sacred at all because the whole thing is a hoax...there's no offense taken by me at least. I wore them for nearly a year--**GULP**. Try to look really sexy to your partner and not crack a smile...and hopefully your partner won't either....ask yourself how so many nimrods pull it off and create so many babies with those suckers on...I couldn't wear mine for even a year. I would sneak them on Sundays due to myself being a weener at that time...knowing how TMBs are far from Christ-like and will treat you poorly once they find out you're not wearing them....I most certainly didn't sleep in them at night always...rarely...I liked that naked thing with my then husband. Actually, I think I just liked normalcy...not feeling like a nitwit.

Subject: Little known benefits to said underwear.....
Date: Mar 31 00:04
Author: nonyabiz

Yes, it seems a little strange, but after the three year mark, I can see a little humour in once upon a time wearing of magical underwear.

1. Wearing the top under the bra catches a lot of sweat when working in the hot sun.

2. You don't really see any cottage cheese in the mirror when you got the bottoms on.

3. It takes up less room then if you wear a plastic Jesus around your neck. (when riding in the car)

4. Helps create that chic unisex look!!

5. When it rides up, it's just to let you know the "spirit" is always with you by giving you a cosmic wedgie.

6. When you fart, it goes straight from your butt to God's ears.

7. If you get caught with your pants down, you still have pants on.

Well, I still remember the first time I took them off. Half wondered if I was going to die in a car wreck. It's no joke, but somehow the bottoms still felt better than thong underwear.

Sticking with the bikini briefs,


Subject: Re: Little known benefits to said underwear.....
Date: Mar 31 00:34
Author: makesmyheadspin

> Well, I still remember the first time I took them off. Half wondered if I was going to die in a car wreck. It's no joke, but somehow the bottoms still felt better than thong underwear. ***LAUGING MY BUTT OFF... I WAS ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THE DEATH FROM NO GARMIES TOO FOR A BIT!! OH GOOD LORD...LMAO!!*****
> Sticking with the bikini briefs,
> nonya

Subject: It IS weird...
Date: Mar 31 01:29
Author: DC

and when people first find out I'm exmo, their first question/comment almost ALWAYS is, "So what is the deal with the magic underwear?!" Honest! People outside the morg are spending WAY too much time thinking about garmies! :-)

Subject: I wore Mormon garments for the first time ever today.
Date: Mar 29 20:46
Author: Jerry the Aspousetate

A few months ago an exmo bought me garments and mailed them to California for me. I kept them new to take to bars and show my friends who have doubted me about how weird mormons are. Today I put them on and visited the local Seagull Bookstore (Oakland Calif) which was also a lifetime first for me as a nevermo.
The bookstore was one of the most pathetic places I had ever been in. There were children's books showing the early brainwashing they are subjected to. I was ready to cry for them.
I bought some books that I just couldn't resist.
One is by Grant Von Harrison, a native of Ceder City, Utah, titled "Is Kissing Sinful?"
It is not hard to see why the majority of mormons have problems with sex after reading excerpts from this drivel.

Another one has tip for missionaries. These are so inane I can't believe it. I will be posting some of the missionary tips in the next few days.
A Little Book of Missionary Reminders
by Mark W. Newman 1995
Covenant Communications, Inc. American Fork, Utah.
Here are some excerpts:

#354 If you're not happy, work harder.
#368 For sisters, low-heeled shoes are more convenient and comfortable than high heels.
#257 Don't wash the dishes while your companion is in the shower. Missionary apartments generally have pretty low water pressure in the first place.
#29 Paste some scripture over the advertisements on the cereal box for some valuable reading at breakfast.
#318 Occasionaly make your companion's bed.
#317 Sisters should take one nice dress for baptism services and other important occasions. Other outfits should be durable but. but still nice looking.
@302 Go out to eat on hump day.
#296 Don't refer to missionaries as "studs"
Before reading on to the bottom of this post note that one of the tips above is not in the book.
Go back and see if you can find which one it is.

On the way home from the Seagull Store I said "It must be spring. I either feel warm or I am getting a burning in the bosom."
I couldn't wait to get home and get on a real T-shirt.
I lied about #29. It is actually,"Sing'If You Could Hie to Kolob' in District Meetings."
Pay Lay Ale

Subject: All reasons why my decision to not go on a mission was the right one! :oD
Date: Mar 29 20:54
Author: Matt

Thanks, please share more of this dreck. I mean highly informative religions writing.

Subject: What you did is absolute sacrelidge
Date: Mar 29 21:09
Author: God

I normally would be mad at you and punish you for this, but since I am a loving Eternal God, I will show you and all the exmos that nothing bad really happens to you when you make me mad.

You have managed to offend a lot of TBM's, but I seldom listen to them anyway. They are soooo presumtuous.

Oh, and by the way...I thought you looked real sexy in those garments. Mrs. God designed them for me you know. Have a nice day.

Subject: Oh I'm so jealous!
Date: Mar 29 21:26
Author: Lilith, the timid nevermo

I have wanted to order garmies. I have them all picked out...poly cotton..sweetheart neckline...but have been too afraid to order online..I just KNOW they will find me out!

Subject: I was always a bit freaked by my parent's garmnts. Glad I never wore them. nt
Date: Mar 29 21:30
Author: Matt

Subject: godalmighty Jerry are you totally cracked?
Date: Mar 29 22:41
Author: msmom

Glad you found it enlightening!

Subject: I'm jealous too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Date: Mar 29 22:45
Author: kymba

I want to wear garments!

@ least I got to hold and fondle the things while they were still packaged up, Jerry!
Maybe Cheryl can take a pix of you sporting them. If you have a horn, try facing east and blowing, whilst wearing the magical underthings.
IMAGINE the lovely shot it would make!

I want a pair of my own to wear- I should think it would be nifty to put on my bra AFTER putting on my undershirt.
LOLOLOLOLOL! (I have tried it with a real t-shirt, and the feeling was simply hideous!)

You are soooooooooooooooooo lucky to have irregular undies of your own!

BTW- I liked number 302. I think dugski and I should integrate it as part of our week-to-week heavenly exhaltion plan. It can go right inbetween "Find new and interesting ways to eat Jell-o", and "Avoid the water on Sunday- instead, bathe in anointment oil."

I'm so happy you and Cheryl are here on this board- I swear you guys' humor and wisdom mean more to me than you'll ever know!
Don't ever leave!

Subject: Yes, Dugski, I did. You know the old saying?
Date: Mar 30 10:29
Author: Jerry the Aspousetate

"You can't understand a Lamonite until you have walked a mile in his moccasins." Well, I have now walked a mile in secret underwear. I now know the ONE TRUE feeling of protection.
Pay Lay Ale

Subject: I have to make a humble apology to you Kymba
Date: Mar 30 02:24
Author: Greenlady
Mail Address:

kymba wrote:
If you have a horn, try facing east and blowing

I read this far, and got some major dirty thoughts in my little head. I'm sorry. I should have known you'd never refer to the p-hood "horn" but to a real one...

Subject: Don't apologize...
Date: Mar 30 07:15
Author: kymba

I do double meanings all the time, usually- but not always, of a sexual nature.
Just for fun.
Thanks for "Getting" one, most of the time they get lost and abandoned forever.

Subject: Re: I wore Mormon garments for the first time ever today.
Date: Mar 29 22:51
Author: Cydarella57

Can't resist passing along this anectdote. My lovely wife found some garments in her whites at a laundrymat in St. George, Utah back in the early 90s. No haveing a clue what they were, she thought the would make some smart mall clothes, hot and no bra and one of a kind t-shirt.
After an hour or so of the strangest looks and near apoloplexy some kind soul took her aside and informed her that what she was wearing was sacred, and she was headed for hell in jig time. She wore them the rest of the day, however, and then put them away either because fashions were changing, or they itched and caused a rash on her bosom. A kind of burning sensation which she didn't like at all.

Subject: OMG, that's too damned funny!...
Date: Mar 29 22:56
Author: kymba

I remember the early 90s- we really DID wear stuff like that out in public- I can honestly see myself thinking the same thing, "Oh, wow- COOL! This will be great to wear to that pool party this weekend."
I'd not do this NOW, of course, but back in the early 90s and when I weighed 105- sure would have! LOL!
How funny.
Your wife kicks ass. I already like her.

Subject: What's the point?
Date: Mar 30 06:53
Author: KingM

>>A few months ago an exmo bought me garments and mailed them to California for me. I kept them new to take to bars and show my friends who have doubted me about how weird mormons are. Today I put them on and visited the local Seagull Bookstore (Oakland Calif) which was also a lifetime first for me as a nevermo.

Sorry, but this crosses into the realm of bigotry and hatred for me. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with all of this?

Subject: Trying to step in another person's shoes is "hatred" and "Bigotry"...
Date: Mar 30 07:22
Author: kymba

to you?

Okay, well then- so be it.

It's a curiosity factor, King M. Nevermos don't get to wear magical protective underwear, we are never worthy enough. Jerry took it upon himself to find out what all the fuss is about, and quite frankly, I'm glad somebody DID.
(Most people who have worn undergs have done so whilst being TBM @ the same time- they don't THINK about the wearing in quite the same way as a nevermo does.

Either that, or Jerry is a hateful bigot who went out of his way to wear undergarments simply to show how much he hates some people.
(I vote for the former.)
I'd love to wear a pair of undergarments, those things fascinate me- that some people can and do put these things on- even in summer, and consider them sacred- to this day, this intruiges me.
Maybe you're not a nevermo? Or if you are, maybe your curiosity just doesn't run in the same direction as JErry's does.
I wonder that maybe it isn't kind of hateful to tell somebody how hateful they are just because they try on another man's underwear.

But that's just my opinion.

Subject: Re: Trying to step in another person's shoes is "hatred" and "Bigotry"...
Date: Mar 30 08:07
Author: KingM

I don't object to curiousity. Garments are kind of an odd thing, after all. But there's a line that can be crossed. After all, Orthodox Jews wear funny underwear too. What if Jerry had written the same thing about Jews:

A few months ago an exJew bought me Jewish underwear and mailed them to California for me. I kept them new to take to bars and show my friends who have doubted me about how weird Jews are.

Doesn't this sound like bigotry to you?

Subject: You're only fooling yourself
Date: Mar 30 08:52
Author: LMH

Anybody with half a brain can see that obtaining garments for the purpose of taking them to bars and mocking them with one's drinking buddies goes beyond curiousity and into hatred and bigotry, and reveals that person as a boor and jerk.

Subject: So you think it's okay to mock Jews like that? Interesting. n/t
Date: Mar 30 09:08
Author: KingM
Subject: mockery was condoned in the pre-1990 temple endowment
Date: Mar 30 11:15
Author: Helen
Mail Address:

When we lived in England and were members of the Church we use to have two of our favourite missionaries over on P-day until the Church put a stop to it.

Anywhoooo, one P-day they came over and said: "Look what we got!!!!!" They whipped out a minister's collar, put it on and had us take pictures of them.

And in the temple they mocked Protestantism when they use to have the Preacher come out in the Telestial room in the temple. Mockery condoned in the temple. Seemed in complete contradiction to the 11th. Article of Faith.

So those missionaries were mocking other religions, the temple was mocking other religions, but hey, Mormons can dish it, they just can't take it when aimed at them.

Seems it's bigotry, and if not bigotry, at the very least it's the height of arrogance to claim themselves the ONE and ONLY true Church on the face of the earth.

Just my MOO.

Subject: Oh puh-leeze!
Date: Mar 30 09:15
Author: Makurosu

Mormons have a hymn that talks about how "the wicked will surely be smitten at last." The "wicked" obviously being those who don't accept the LDS Church after having the opportunity to do so. Mormons believe that all other religions are "wrong" and an "abomination" in God's sight, according to God himself in the First Vision.

If Jerry wants to indulge an underwear fetish, then let him - gee whiz. Joseph Smith sure did.

Also, I like how all the obvious cult writing that Jerry quoted didn't affect you in the least bit. What kind of creep are you?

Subject: Re: Oh puh-leeze!
Date: Mar 30 09:25
Author: KingM

Makurosu wrote:
> What kind of creep are you?

I'm sorry if I'm not toeing the exmo/nevermo line enough for your tastes.

>>Mormons believe that all other religions are "wrong" and an "abomination" in God's sight, according to God himself in the First Vision.

Yep, that's true. They teach that alright. And let them take their lumps for their own bigotry. You won't catch me defending the church on that score.

But the hatred of individual Mormons simply because they wear goofy underwear still crosses the line, and is just as bad as Mormon's believing that all other churches are the church of the devil.

Subject: About Jerry....
Date: Mar 30 11:51
Author: lil ole me

He is just engaging in a very childish prank. This is I'm sure consistent with his maturity level generally.

Hey Jer-- Get a life!

Subject: It's part of "recovery"
Date: Mar 30 10:52
Author: jolimont

Making fun of the ridiculous things we once found "sacred" is part of recovery. It's funny and it lightens the athmosphere quite a lot. You should try it sometime KingM. Religious hatred and bigotry are about hurting a person over their religion. It doesn't hurt devout mormons if Jerry shows garmies in public, does it? It may hurt their feelings, but that's all. Jerry isn't saying devout mormons shouldn't be allowed to wear whatever they want, he's just saying he want to have a giggle over it. What's more, he's only one of thousands who've engaged in such pranks. Mormon missionaries engage in pranks with religious overtones all the time. Is that hate and bigotry? Not in my book.

Subject: A thought or two for what they are worth.
Date: Mar 30 11:21
Author: Cheryl

Garmies were never a big deal to me. My parents wore them. I hung them on the line to dry. I folded them into the underwear drawers. It all seemed normal to me. What did I know?

Never-mormons are facinated with the idea that a cult can actually force people to wear funny magic underwear. It's a standard subject of interest with non-mormons who must deal with TBMs. I've been an exmo since 1967. All that time, the underwear questions were the first ones I got from people who found out I had been mormon. A friend brought it up again last week at lunch.

I shrugged off nevermo underwear curiosity for years. But, face it. It's there and it's normal. People in the real world don't tip-toe around and feel inferior because they swallow some line about being unworthy of magic underwear. They think the idea is hilarious.

They don't walk up to TBM inlaws or mormon co-workers and tell them what they think. But they do see mormon underwear as silly.

And some liberal Jewish friends of mine see old-time, Orthodox Jews as counter-productive idiots. I have no opinion on that because Jewish people I know live their lives and leave me alone. So, I consider their underwear none of my business.


Subject: Crazy garment advice from Temple President when I went through.
Date: Dec 19 17:25
Author: amused

I remember him sitting all of us down in a room. Each of us had our little tags on letting people know that we were going through for the first time. Anyways in comes the Temple President to talk to us about our temple blessings. One of those blessings being garments.

He told us that were never to take them off. If we were going to the gym, wear them to the gym and change there, etc. Then he told us point blank never to let them touch the floor because the were so sacred. When changing them we were to take them and nicely place them on a shelf, bed, or something. He told us never to leave them in the washer or dryer, that we need to have them placed in a sacred location.

He talked about them as if they were living, breating creatures. Maybe his were, because the way he was talking it sounded as if he never took them off. Thats probabally why they never touched the floor. They were probabally so rank they could stand up by themselves.

Any other crazy temple president stories?

Subject: The thing I miss least about Mormonism
Date: Dec 19 17:42
Author: Zapotec

I realized one day how totally silly that "sacred underwear" was. That was THE moment I knew that the whole thing was a sham. Of all of the things about Mo-dom, the thing I miss the least is the underwear. I go back to the one-piece superwedgie days. Now, I can't believe I ever wore those goofy things.

Subject: I saw an older guy at the rec. center in Orem that I'm sure had heard that same advice.
Date: Dec 19 17:49
Author: Socrates

He was wearing what must have been The Original set of one piece garments. They were yellowish and the crotch must have been about 6 inches off the floor. I wondered if this guy has EVER taken off his garments.

Subject: Prediction I'd fall away from "the church"
Date: Dec 19 17:57
Author: Kim

Amused, you must have gone through the temple for the first time with a group of others...perhaps in Provo before your mission? That doesn't really matter, but I went through a regular session and I don't recall any others in it being "initiates." Therefore, I didn't have a lecture by any temple president.

However, after all the naked stuff and the hokey pokey thru the veil, in the Celestial Room an old man saw my little pink tag indicating I was a first-timer, so he asked me where I was going on my mission. When I told him I was going to France, he said that he was sorry and that when I returned home, I'd fall away from the Church. I don't know who he was. Maybe he was Joseph Smith. Maybe he was Ervil Lebaron. Whoever he was, he WAS a prophet, because he was damn right!

Subject: My mom had a fit one time...
Date: Dec 19 18:06
Author: tri girl

when we were unloading our camper from a trip and I threw her G's on the ground with all the other dirty laundry- I think I even said something like "Oh yuck- dirty underwear!" I think I was 13 at the time. Anyway she told me they were sacred and not to be treated that way. What I didn't get was if they were so sacred, why were they so stained, full of holes and threadbare? And my dad's were worse!

I also had the same talk when I went thru the temple as a newbie. Now it's just plain fun to leave my little bikini briefs on the floor (or hanging from the ceiling fan ; )

Subject: Laundry stories
Date: Dec 19 20:34
Author: coveygirl

I remember getting my first garments right before my mission. I got about a dozen pair in different styles and fabrics so I could test them out and see which ones I liked the best.

Every companion of mine had a different method of folding them but it was all done very reverently. Some would fold them into neat little squares and some into tight little rolls. Some kept the bottoms and tops separate, some rolled them together (which is what my first companion did so I got into that habit.) But we NEVER would fold them at the laundrimat.

After I was married, I would do the laundry and then sit down on the floor to fold all the clothes. My new hubby saw me folding the garments on the carpet and had a huge fit. I didn't see what the problem was since I was folding them "reverently". I said "for laundry purposes, this is not merely the floor. This is a padded folding surface. And besides, I don't have room to spread out anywhere else." We argued about it, but he eventually got over it.

What a stupid thing to argue about! Where and how your underwear is folded!

Subject: Haha! Sounds like the "pet rock" craze.
Date: Dec 19 18:42
Author: Dagny

People would treat the stupid rock like it was a living pet or something!

As a Mormon I gave the Magic Garmies special treatment. Sheesh, it was as silly as the rock thing and I didn't even know it.

I thought God would be real proud of me for taking good care of my pet garmies or something.

You might get a frown and a black mark from god on your Celestial Entry Application if you didn't treat them just right. (Meanwhile, god was letting a little kid in Africa die of starvation because my treatment of garmies had to be monitored at all times.)

Subject: Bras and panties must be worn OVER female garments...
Date: Dec 19 19:12
Author: Deconstructor

Probably the worst advice givento women in the temple about garments is that they must be worn underneath everything else. This means women must wear their bras and panties on top of the garment.

Did this bother other endowed women? My wife as a TBM found it very unfomfortable, but tolerated it. For her the discomfort was just another way of sacrificing to show her loyalty to the church.

I've since heard that this is NOT official church doctrine, but just folk wisdom passed by these older ladies that work the temple.

Fortunately my wife doesn't have to put up with it anymore. Everything she wears under her clothes now are strictly Victoria's Secrets.

Subject: It all sounds so wildly crazy now . . .
Date: Dec 19 19:42
Author: Ex-caliber

Imagine thinking that you had to wear some kind of magical clothing in order to get into heaven, especially underwear! Your old temple president would probably try to call down fire and brimstone on me right now if he knew that I used some of my old ones when I changed the oil on the car a while back.

I'm sure glad that Mormons are not in charge of the world like they think they are. They would probably have shock electrodes placed on the penises of every teen to make sure they didn't stimulate themselves in the "wrong way". They actually tried to do that to homosexuals at BYU during the 70s. So much for "revelation".

Every time I remember that I used to buy into the bizarre thinking of Mormonism I cringe.

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