This is a quick guide to archived discussions from Recovery from Mormonism related to polygamy and the wives of Joseph Smith.  Many Mormons are unaware of Joseph Smith's wives.  Mormons innocently believe these women were only sealed to him after his death.  They are unaware of his relations with women as young as 14.   One of his young wives was Helen Kimball.     

Joseph Smith married other men's wives while the original husbands were still married to these women.  If you only read one of the links below, be sure to read about Helen Kimball.  Its puts the HBO program "Big Love" into perspective.  

351 Joseph Smith and Helen Kimball age 14

199 Joseph Smith's Wives   and    26. Smith's Polygamy

262 Share Your Wife with J. Smith?   and   276 Share Wife with Mormon Prophet


Here are excellent accounts of what life is like in polygamy today by those who lived it:

218 Life in Polygamy - 2003

216 Child Brides - Polygamy

338 A Personal Look at Polygamy


The Mormon Church claims polygamy was stopped in 1890.  The church officials actually continued polygamous marriages until 1905.  This is a common Mormon practice - to make deceptive public proclamations.  

420 Benson: Post-Manifesto Polygamy 


Mormon garments or underwear is a interesting topic to non-Mormons.  Big Love (HBO) implies that only the polygamists wear the sacred underwear.  Temple married Mormons are supposed to wear the long underwear 24/7.

13. Non-Mormon and Garments


The Mormon Church's temple weddings are for members only.  If your son or daughter converts to Mormonism, you will not be able to attend the wedding.

165 Not allowed to the Temple Wedding

293 Excluded from Children's Wedding

382 Excluded from Daughter's Mormon Temple Wedding II


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