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Lame ash at it again Jesus Smith11/08/2010 02:01PM
NormaRae's Condition (and "What's in a name") Nile H.11/08/2010 09:21AM
you know you're in a cult when you post this on facebook 11 DNA11/08/2010 10:48AM
Irrational Testimony Crathes11/08/2010 11:16AM
A little disappointed at Facebook today 18 josh11/06/2010 04:21PM
Since Gentlemen Prefer Blondes...How Long Did It Take god 2 Determine What Hair Color Eve Should Have? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/08/2010 12:46PM
Funny comment on Glenn Beck and Mormons 16 Rubicon11/06/2010 01:24PM
Just found my mother's patriarchial blessing Cali Sally11/06/2010 08:38PM
To Cheryl: Why I Read Anti-Mormon Literature Ex-CultMember11/06/2010 01:24PM
Spent this weekend reading The Women of Mormonism foggy11/08/2010 01:09PM
Poop Blessings Major Bidamon11/06/2010 11:55AM
Imagine this article being read at the base of the MMM cairn... jw the inquizzinator11/08/2010 11:27AM
Don't We All Have A "Drop" Of Negroid Blood In Us From Way Back...LDS Inc's Racist Past Based Solely On Skin Color/Physical Features...Heaven Forbid A Blood-Test Of Early Chruch Leaders! (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/08/2010 12:55PM
Anyone hear anything from Silkrose yet? n/t (n/t) Searching2711/08/2010 12:35PM
Apostles bless two African nations jw the inquizzinator11/08/2010 11:30AM
TBM Grandma Told Me Last Night My Uncle Is Gay Because Of Satan Jake11/08/2010 11:12AM
Self Fulfilling Prophecy mick11/08/2010 12:55PM
I had an interesting thought about same-sex marriage and the priesthood based on another post. helamonster11/08/2010 12:11PM
The First Flat-Earthers...According To Their Own Bible Why Did God & Jeebus Think The World They Created Was Flat??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/08/2010 12:49PM
Which Revelation is coming first? And Why? 15 Holy the Ghost11/08/2010 11:08AM
Today's Wine Woot blog post... (not really OT) knotheadusc11/08/2010 12:20PM
"It's not that they are stupid. It's that they are actively against knowledge". David Sedaris (n/t) Twinker11/08/2010 11:29AM
Day of rest--right. (Inspired by dimmsdale's post "Sunday") persephene11/08/2010 11:28AM
What and how much did the Church lose when you left? Church Enemy11/06/2010 08:59PM
Cross Burning Deemed Hate Crime in Canada Nightingale11/06/2010 10:59PM
Now that every member is a church janitor why not give Humble, Texas church janitorial company a run for it's money? Jerry the Aspousetate11/08/2010 11:51AM
Was anybody else told anything like this? foggy11/08/2010 11:10AM
PW Syndrome Exmo Mom11/08/2010 08:34AM
DW's latest cog-dis Changed Man11/08/2010 09:47AM
why Do Mormons like J Golden Kimball's swearing? wonderer11/08/2010 10:00AM
is the prophet exempt from fast sundays? Nick Humphrey11/08/2010 07:11AM
Another LGBT suicide from Utah... :( 17 Searching2711/06/2010 08:07AM
15 Authors 42 axeldc11/06/2010 10:21AM
My Response to "The Real Problem with the Mama Grizzlies" blindguy11/08/2010 08:23AM
So church members are required to clean all church buildings in North America 19 ernie zoo11/04/2010 12:37AM
We are back online (n/t) Eric K11/08/2010 05:21AM
Video Game: Fallout, New Vegas references to LDS MJ11/06/2010 08:25PM
remembering bruce r mcconkie 12 anon for this11/05/2010 05:43PM
Discussion with a JW at the Hot Springs Major Bidamon11/06/2010 09:51PM
New MTC Presidents - Glad to see the diversity Crathes11/06/2010 10:22AM
Part Members in Colorado Boughxb11/06/2010 01:02PM
Mission President JERK...true story... 23 wonderer11/05/2010 08:15PM
Why, exactly, are most mormons republicans? 32 gemini11/05/2010 02:57PM
The progressive Bible eddie11/06/2010 04:05PM
I ponder death (humor) (link) Philosoraptor11/06/2010 08:22PM
Seeing my strong willed father tottaly let the church run him around. Rubicon11/05/2010 11:38AM
This post is required reading for all of you who read Riverman's posting (Thursday) of the beaten-boy-custody news story! Fetal Deity11/05/2010 06:27PM
Great BoM review! 10 archaicoctober11/05/2010 07:41PM
Mark Hoffman's Prison Poetry Misfit11/06/2010 03:24PM
Uited Order, Communism, Sealing, Marriage Holy the Ghost11/05/2010 04:39PM
LDS Schools and Orphanages Boughxb11/06/2010 06:52PM
More EXMO Anthems? Itzpapalotl11/05/2010 07:22PM
What are your feelings about selling books you disagree with? (e.g. Faith Precedes the Miracle) Tyson Dunn11/06/2010 02:47PM
Sexual topics in the Bible (PG-13...ish) eddie11/06/2010 04:29PM
just finished reading: "A insiders view of Mormon origins" by, Grant Palmer 15 Paul Davidson11/05/2010 11:09PM