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Coffee and Suicide H.12/03/2010 10:50PM
Speaking of many people here lost their testimony trying to strengthen it by using FARMS and FAIR? 12 Primus12/03/2010 02:48PM
Tithing more important than child support 13 JF12/02/2010 10:17PM
Another Apologetic Argument in Jeopardy 14 Cr@ig P@xton12/03/2010 05:35PM
Can you help me find the quote about faith being belief in things unseen, not disbelief in things that are seen Anon12/04/2010 12:11AM
Portland, Oregon Meetup - Dec. 12 - Raccoon Lodge @ 3 pm LessMon12/04/2010 12:44AM
1st presidency decided Investigator couldn't be baptised 20 sherlock12/03/2010 09:28AM
U Might B A Brainwashed TBM If While Star-Gazing On A Brilliant Dark Night Enjoying The Wonders Of The Universe... BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/03/2010 09:10PM
Jesus and Joseph Look EXACTLY Like Each Other In This Video - This Is For You Jesus Smith (Video Link) JMoney12/03/2010 05:42PM
I have lived in Utah for 40 years, moving to Reno NV. Tell me it's better! 18 possiblypagan12/01/2010 08:44PM
Southern Utah Ex/PostMormon Lecture Series December 5th 2010 -"A Linquist Looks at Mormonism". soutskeptic12/01/2010 11:03AM
The day I met backstage, chatted with and drew the malevolent mug of that alleged notorious Satanic Devil Rocker-Turned Christian Alice Cooper . . . 11 steve benson12/03/2010 07:19PM
I agree with Joseph Fielding Smith Paul Davidson12/02/2010 11:31PM
Mormon Space Doctrines (esp for queenofdenial) 21 anagrammy12/02/2010 07:55PM
Is the Church flinching a little? 10 badseed12/03/2010 11:38AM
Jeffs presents a challenge for his jailers 14 Nina12/03/2010 12:50PM
Daniel Petersen testifying in Mitchell trial??? 13 gemini12/03/2010 09:49AM
Any flash programmers here? We could do FarmVille spoof . . . Observer12/03/2010 09:39PM
civil unions in IL truthseeker12/03/2010 03:48PM
Possible life on moon of Saturn swimming in lakes of methane helemon12/03/2010 08:58PM
Working on Sundays 12 Marco Torres12/03/2010 01:35PM
Happy Anniversary to me brett12/03/2010 04:22PM
Farmville 18 ExMormonRon12/02/2010 04:26PM
Free condoms at my college in utah... Drew9012/03/2010 02:31AM
The Alienation of Jack grassboy12/03/2010 12:56PM
I just came up with the perfect metaphor for mormonism. helamonster12/03/2010 11:57AM
Chat with missionary regarding cross on Rome temple 10 outofutah12/01/2010 01:31PM
Yet another important New World plant Richard the Bad12/03/2010 01:20PM
"christlike" missionary lawstudent201312/03/2010 02:05PM
Church court 12 enlightened12/03/2010 11:31AM
Creationism Theme Park Opening ink12/03/2010 01:42PM
Book of Mormon Stories that my teacher tells to me.... jon112/03/2010 02:10PM
For Heidi GWOTR (Farmville and swearing) ExMormonRon12/03/2010 12:44PM
Drank a cappuccino in front of Nazi Mormon mom yesterday 32 Pil-Latté12/03/2010 08:44AM
Mormon parasite admits no persuasive political arguments against Gay marriage lulu12/03/2010 08:58AM
And now it's time for a sand stone Jesus. (link) MJ12/03/2010 01:04PM
To zeezrom re: Misdiagnosed OCD thread. maria12/03/2010 01:38PM
Disturbing phone call - more proof of the evil in Mormonism 42 RPackham12/02/2010 11:30PM
The Mormon Obsession With Masturbation melissa383912/03/2010 07:00AM
Does anyone remember "Health Missions" inthe '70S? OzDoc12/03/2010 05:51AM
The Atonement 18 grassboy12/02/2010 09:23PM
The worthiness trap Stray Mutt12/03/2010 08:55AM
Another Fine Example of Lacking Inspiration Lost12/03/2010 09:45AM
I was just thinking, get her done12/03/2010 11:14AM
LDS church not accredited as a valid charity by BBB 24 RPackham12/01/2010 05:45PM
Religious Trauma Syndrome 18 robertb12/01/2010 11:26PM
Still in the church, can't quite figure out how to leave 30 confusedinck12/01/2010 05:25PM
Calling RfM design talents: Do you have Photoshop or Illustrator and an hour or two to help me? munchybotaz12/02/2010 03:16PM
RPackham - re: the BBB ExMormonRon12/03/2010 10:32AM
highlights from my sister's mission 13 emma12/02/2010 03:07PM
Pianist & organist exmos: Did you feel used? 29 WiserWomanNow12/01/2010 02:06PM
The virgin Mary and the Mormons... 27 utahmonomore11/30/2010 02:06PM
Mormon missionary work in Germany as seen by an aborigine 14 fritz11/30/2010 05:52PM
The Creation of God (controversial) blindguy12/03/2010 06:31AM
Canada's polygamy trial - Utah pyschologist describes abuse and robotic demeanour of polygamist women 10 spaghetti oh12/02/2010 10:51PM