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CHURCH ANNOUNCEMENT TODAY 10 Just Browsing10/08/2010 09:45PM
Godwin's law explained by posh chap matt10/08/2010 08:53PM
Did you have a: "Last Straw" aka Tipping Point that propelled you to 53 SusieQ#110/07/2010 02:29PM
And I am an exMormon profcurt10/06/2010 06:52PM
Do GAs know it is false? 38 wonderer10/07/2010 03:57PM
As part of Recovery: How did you get yourself Un-Mormonized ? 12 SusieQ#110/08/2010 02:24PM
Mastodons in Mexico and quote mining. vhainya10/08/2010 03:57PM
"Damned to Heaven" Documentary Cyn10/08/2010 12:55AM
Why would God create anyone like Packer? Why would he do that to someone? n/t (n/t) John10/08/2010 07:11PM
Will Monson Speak as a Prophet for the World SEcular Priest10/08/2010 04:36PM
Is Danielle Bean the Roman Catholics' Answer to Julie K. Beck? blindguy10/08/2010 06:27PM
According to Packer's logic, it is MORMONISM that is "unnatural". Peter10/08/2010 12:51PM
Now I totally understand why mormons were driven out (swearing) 14 Raptor Jesus10/08/2010 03:36AM
In a way, I'm not liking the reaction to Packer's talk Nona10/08/2010 03:40PM
I wrote this for my blog back in August. Seems appropriate to share it again, given the events of the past few weeks. 16 GayLayAle10/07/2010 12:44PM
Maybe BKP will commit suicide? (n/t) jw the inquizzinator10/08/2010 04:18PM
Here's An Idea Guaran-dang-teed 2 Totally Annoy LDS Inc + Any TBM That U Know If U Have The Expertise... BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/08/2010 04:03PM
I post this for you to comment upon michael10/08/2010 03:34PM
Revelation to marry Lamanites Michaelm10/08/2010 12:35PM
When the country is in crisis, the troops must be rallied by creating outside enemies Primus10/08/2010 02:27PM
Monson: Strange Tone of Voice 11 Terrestrial Trilobite10/08/2010 02:28AM
Great Hinckley Quote Holy the Ghost10/08/2010 02:43PM
I applaud Packer for his candor/honesty 31 quinlansolo10/08/2010 10:13AM
The Morg invites criticism by it's own criticism of others. Utahnomo10/08/2010 02:44PM
What Packer said in GC was what God wanted him to say! Cussing! AmIDarkNow?10/08/2010 02:27PM
read BKP's talk, and pretend it's 1977 Duder10/08/2010 01:14PM
Remember the YouTube campaign to pimp Holland's BOM Opus? AmIWhiteYet?10/08/2010 01:16PM
Dead Dunkin Disability Richard the Bad10/08/2010 12:46PM
Ever Add Up Your Tithes and Offerings? ExMormonRon10/08/2010 12:43PM
Facebook people say support at the protest was HUGE Simone Stigmata10/07/2010 11:01PM
The different rooms of the Temple 21 Nealster10/07/2010 07:10PM
First Presidency does not agree with Packer 31 Abigail10/08/2010 12:19AM
The audio and video are intact (as of 12:15 EST) JoD3:36010/08/2010 12:15PM
Does anyone have the time in the talk for Packer's hate?? I really don't want to have to listen to the whole thing. Thx. (n/t) Heidi GWOTR10/08/2010 12:15PM
the guilt is overwhelming 27 rallychild10/07/2010 05:44PM
DH finally knows now what I have been saying about LDS people want all types of info. Good Luck10/08/2010 09:21AM
Mormon Prophecy Behind Beck's Message [news] charles, buddhist punk10/08/2010 11:29AM
Desabled in the mormon faith blindmag10/07/2010 10:23AM
How clueless TBMs really are on the subject of Packer vs. Homosexuality Eric Davis10/08/2010 06:15AM
Sleep overs sonoflds10/07/2010 05:53PM
I am so glad you are all here FlirtandConvert10/08/2010 01:22AM
Name removal by email Lilith10/07/2010 05:57PM
My Book Preview tombs110/08/2010 10:39AM
Can anyone point me to a source that confirms this B. Young quote? MJ10/07/2010 03:57AM
Questions about celeb Mos... FreeRose10/07/2010 10:00PM
Another great protest in SLC 11 MJ10/07/2010 11:11PM
A different take on what BKKKP was up to lulu10/08/2010 09:48AM
The Prophet and Mrs. James anybody10/08/2010 03:49AM
Oh, and another thing... ExMormonRon10/08/2010 09:03AM
Yahoo ! Mom is out of her dreaded Mormon garments. 13 Cali Sally10/07/2010 03:23PM
Baby center link--Boyd K Packer They don't want me back10/08/2010 08:15AM
D&C, Book of Mormon, and finding answers eddie10/08/2010 05:27AM
Ah, the revisionist history of BKP talk begins.... (link) MJ10/08/2010 02:41AM
Sharon Angle Pastor: Harry Ried Belongs to Cult <LINK> WowWhoKnew10/07/2010 03:16PM
Fox 13 news:report on protest: Thousands surround temple (link) ADDED Salt Lake Trib link MJ10/08/2010 01:12AM