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Can you help me find the YouTube Video about the absurdity of worshiping out of fear that the church "might" be true Anon11/27/2010 01:31PM
"I Hope They Call Me On An Internet Mission." Primus11/27/2010 11:52PM
For Rebeckah in Spokane. Thanks so much for the invitation to meet you. Carol Yearsley11/28/2010 01:48AM
Time for a little smug satisfaction... 15 Socrates211/27/2010 09:35AM
# of changes in the B of M??? honestone11/27/2010 06:12PM
Hitchens v. Blair debate hello11/28/2010 12:59AM
Upcoming debate w/ former U.K. PM Tony Blair, who converted to Catholicism in '07, and atheist/author Christopher Hitchens (link). 36 FreeAtLast11/26/2010 01:59PM
New Atheist 22 donser11/26/2010 02:26PM
How to handle the Christmas holidays if you're single and/or an empty-nester, cont. 12 motherwhoknows11/27/2010 05:24PM
another evidence of family first 19 darkprincess11/27/2010 10:45AM
Nephews Eagle Court of Honor tonight- do I need to get him something? Heathjh11/27/2010 12:10PM
I know that Santa Claus is real Mary11/27/2010 11:43PM
Has Anyone Seen theSam? 10 Lillium11/27/2010 01:49PM
Press Release. Abusive mother on Dr. Phil Last Week Active Stake Primary President! 36 Delightsome White Boy11/25/2010 03:13PM
LD$ Inc. closed British store/distribution center and laid-off employees while hoarding £250+ million in reserves (link) 11 Bean Counter11/27/2010 04:37PM
Church scaling down UK operations 16 britexmo11/27/2010 07:37AM
Wendell, 20 rgrraymond11/23/2010 08:32PM
Remember Garrett Warner? BestBBQ11/27/2010 02:55PM
It was on my mission that I lost my faith 13 josh11/27/2010 02:00PM
Before the Big Bang helemon11/27/2010 05:12PM
Did you ever memorize all the signs and tokens? 20 lily11/26/2010 11:34PM
Four more things that confuse the heck out of TBMs. 13 Cheryl11/26/2010 12:16PM
CHI online? I didn't know that gemini11/27/2010 01:29PM
Something to read and then questions for Christians and especially apologists 16 Gwylym11/26/2010 09:30PM
Former Australian rugby player John Hopoate mentioned in AU church news - no mention he used to distract opposing team members by sticking his finger up their ozpoof11/27/2010 08:09AM
Comments by a Mission President... 26 Jon11/25/2010 09:23AM
Letter from a Mormon Mission President about a Gay Missionary 10 Nick Humphrey11/27/2010 07:58AM
Another topic...ancestors in the church/todays' church is different.. Littlewing11/26/2010 01:58PM
Hitchens takes a swipe at Mormons OnceMore11/27/2010 11:01AM
Do you want to live forever? 36 Uncle Dale11/25/2010 10:21PM
"Whatever makes you happy." cludgie11/27/2010 09:56AM
All Australian temples closed Monday and Tuesday except Sydney, closed Monday. What about your closest temple? (n/t) ozpoof11/27/2010 08:26AM
Gays gather at Gilbert Temple to prevent suicide. Just Thinking11/26/2010 09:04PM
Is Elder Perry 3rd in line? Holy the Ghost11/26/2010 03:46PM
longing for something 23 NVE11/25/2010 03:15PM
I am so depressed, been out 7 years. 35 JustMe711/23/2010 03:54PM
How the morg views woman. Off-topic video but hits the nail on the head Convert11/26/2010 09:02PM
Outed to the Mormon family about being atheist 13 Tiff11/25/2010 07:23PM
New to the boards! exmomedic11/27/2010 02:06AM
Have almost recovered from cross country move back to Tri-Cities, Wa, & revealing my real name 15 Topper11/25/2010 04:37PM
Why do Mormons try to pretend like there are so many blacks in the church? 36 richie11/26/2010 01:39AM
Things you could never accept 30 josh11/26/2010 10:55AM
Joseph Smith's Revelation on Polygamy Referenced in Today's Newspaper. The Truth Will Out. Nightingale11/24/2010 01:37PM
Venting/More about my tbm family and life Littlewing11/26/2010 01:32PM
Bad press like this before? Experience requested. bingoe411/27/2010 12:33AM
When Faith Meets Reason: Religion Scholars Reflect on Their Spiritual Journeys robertb11/24/2010 12:21AM
Mormon ethics? 18 anon711/25/2010 10:01AM
DW was not impressed when I broke the bread for the stuffing and then knelt down and began the sacrament prayer. (n/t) 19 Raptor Jesus11/24/2010 09:20PM
Nieces baptism soon rambo11/25/2010 06:39PM
RfM: Now in it's 15th Year! 61 Eric K11/21/2010 12:22PM
How sad for this baby 11 Queen of Denial11/24/2010 12:01PM
Most touching widow story by Thomas S Monson ever published 11 cricket11/25/2010 07:23PM
Mormonism isn't required Jon11/26/2010 07:09AM
Should I be bugged by this rambo11/26/2010 03:40PM
How many pounds did you eat? How many pounds of white bread lumps (TBM sacrament) before you left? Jerry the Aspousetate11/26/2010 01:07PM