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Something to keep in mind any time you hear yet another Monson talk about his 'widows' Comfortably Numb11/11/2010 04:29PM
I wonder how long it will be until Elizabeth Smart draws the They don't want me back11/11/2010 05:13AM
Religion: America’s great uniter? (article)...and Mormons one of the most hated. jw the inquizzinator11/11/2010 04:47PM
Been a bad girl but it was worth it 14 cherokeewoman11/10/2010 10:03PM
How is it some can escape the lies, fraud and authoritarianism of the morg... helamonster11/11/2010 11:23AM
Should I warn my neighbor? 19 Dina11/10/2010 03:54PM
Cross on the new Italy temple 24 Almost Out11/10/2010 11:10AM
Moab and Murray pass housing and employment protection for gays and lesbians. (added link to trib article) MJ11/09/2010 10:25PM
Missionary dress code eddie11/11/2010 01:09PM
Did Poster Heavy Heart return and report on the appt. with the Bish? Stunted11/10/2010 07:32PM
Do they send mishies to a TBM funeral to catch nonmos or inactives? anon711/11/2010 11:17AM
groupthink colliding with deeply personal choices 37 Ishmael10/31/2010 03:41PM
The Beast, the Antichrist has come - as a surprise (OT?) ipseego11/11/2010 06:48AM
prophet joseph f smith denies ever having a revelation Nick Humphrey11/11/2010 06:17AM
Obadiah Dogberry was a critic of BOM before it was printed. Good screen name? [link] Jerry the Aspousetate11/11/2010 10:43AM
Mont Vernon NH murderer 1 down next up Christopher Gribble Good luck11/11/2010 11:27AM
Bishops wife destroyed my dad's geneology book (long) 26 Virg11/08/2010 10:00AM
you know you're brainwashed if... Nick Humphrey11/11/2010 07:04AM
The reason for tithing.. Jon11/11/2010 07:53AM
Inviting neighbors to church is anything but neighborly. Cheryl11/11/2010 06:08AM
early church taught that they should influence politics Nick Humphrey11/11/2010 05:41AM
The church controls it's members with fear. 12 Rubicon11/10/2010 04:22PM
Elizabeth Smart 18 debbie11/04/2010 03:34PM
when you were a tbm would this approach have worked to get you thinking?? 10 Quoth the raven "Nevermo"11/10/2010 07:49PM
Who's delusional? All TBMs pretty much have to be. 29 Cheryl11/09/2010 07:40AM
Was Ed Smart's frantic call to 911 about his daughter being kidnapped ever released by the Courts? willowcreek11/11/2010 12:54AM
Faust and Co. cludgie11/10/2010 07:24PM
To Susan I/S --Any Hope of a Resurrection (Living in Hope) Just Browsing11/10/2010 11:54PM
Could someone point me to Dead Sea Scrolls "proof" for BoM? Thread Killer11/10/2010 12:28PM
Spam referencing 26 Boughxb11/09/2010 01:35PM
African Gold Scams O.T. stationarytraveler11/10/2010 11:28PM
Newtothis dit11/10/2010 09:44PM
"Gays, Mormons and Change" Fox 13 news (link) MJ11/10/2010 10:29PM
Did you want to go on a mission? Or did you just go? 30 rgrraymond11/10/2010 03:07PM
Marriage Librarian11/10/2010 05:18PM
Mission story Raptor Jesus11/09/2010 11:58PM
Gems from Weekend with the TBM Family! 11 Julia11/10/2010 04:28PM
exploitation or not?? gemini11/10/2010 08:48PM
Mad all over again 12 fallenangelblue11/10/2010 03:10PM
And it continues..... 11 Littlewing11/10/2010 12:30PM
Elizabeth Smart's testimony in court today 27 Tahoe Girl11/08/2010 05:19PM
Mitchell's hymns outofutah11/10/2010 07:23PM
"Compulsively Gullible Acts" 3X11/10/2010 07:36PM
Had a tough jpb this evening matt11/10/2010 04:24PM
I figured out what the deaths threats were all about! JBryan11/10/2010 11:05AM
Elder Faust chewed us misionaries out 36 wonderer11/09/2010 10:10PM
I need a shoulder...advice...prozac...(long) 14 loveskids11/06/2010 11:00PM
OT: You know its bad when you check face book to see if you're divorced or not 17 Anon for this11/10/2010 03:44AM
Race relations--conflicting church statements JoD3:36011/10/2010 01:37PM
Europe's Anti-Mormon Large Hadron Collider Disproves LDS Scripture. 11 Fetal Deity11/09/2010 08:06PM
Utah or Mormon thang? 24 benben11/09/2010 12:02AM
I thought I was mostly recovered from the cult, 24 get her done11/09/2010 05:25PM
Continuation of the thread, 15 get her done11/10/2010 10:11AM
The Temple: It's not secret it's satanic 17 eddie11/06/2010 11:28PM
Cont....None of the whole First Presidency served full time Stray Mutt question.... wings11/10/2010 05:14PM