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Polygamist Winston Blackmore Still Walks the Earth, Yes. (Response to drilldoc). (Edited) Nightingale11/23/2010 04:06PM
I actually feel like I'm MORE moral and ethical without mormonism. 28 helamonster11/19/2010 12:58PM
cont. of TBM Grandma's, womanly roles, & Vegetarians temple name Julia11/23/2010 03:59AM
Anyone else read "The Book of Mammon" that just came out? Comfortably Numb11/23/2010 02:05PM
Don't TBMs and other Christian fanatics ever wonder why... 30 GayLayAle11/22/2010 04:43PM
Mormons who swear and abuse others and still think they are good members 12 CA girl11/22/2010 01:55PM
Bra and garmies Q -- when did you go through the temple, what did they tell you? 15 Reinventing Grace11/23/2010 02:51AM
40,000 posts! Yippee! (n/t) Twinker11/23/2010 01:05PM
For the Utah folks on the board GayLayAle11/23/2010 12:48PM
It's time to post my favorite poem about mormonism (again): wine country girl11/23/2010 12:47PM
mission #s 18 jafnhar11/21/2010 12:17AM
return and report - first dinner with wine 29 smeagol11/22/2010 07:38PM
TBM's so proud to brainwash ...and brag about it too. coventryrm11/23/2010 11:29AM
Let's play the Caption That Photo game GayLayAle11/23/2010 11:27AM
Burning Bosom Theory 11 ExMormonRon11/23/2010 10:13AM
"Hi, my name is Michelle and I'm an Ex Mormon" charles, buddhist punk11/23/2010 04:17AM
any "advancement" in the church is ALWAYS on the coattails of secular advancement Nick Humphrey11/23/2010 03:03AM
Catholic Cowardice (for Bona Dea) 27 Human11/21/2010 11:15PM
Here goes: Troy11/23/2010 05:03AM
Good article on benefits of alcohol cludgie11/22/2010 09:31AM
The one thing I can't get rid of 13 Pil-Latté11/22/2010 12:55PM
Uber-TBMs and getting plastered every night eddie11/23/2010 07:26AM
Reply to blindmag about anxiety when meeting with authority figures Beth11/21/2010 08:21PM
Patterns of apostacy eddie11/23/2010 07:29AM
music that makes me ponder my relationship with God Duder11/22/2010 03:18PM
Haha, Take THAT Mormons!!! 21 melissa383911/21/2010 08:36PM
A question I'd like TBMs to answer Jesus Smith11/23/2010 05:49AM
Believing what just isn't so eddie11/23/2010 07:53AM
a little overkill? katherine11/21/2010 02:15PM
Patience Worth and the Book of Mormon flipper11/22/2010 09:55PM
Weird reactions from ward...I think they have drawn the line. 20 loveskids11/20/2010 03:02AM
Have an experience with TSA? Here's something you can do..(links) Never Mo Wife and Mom11/22/2010 03:38PM
My 2¢ about the new board, 33 get her done10/29/2010 10:28AM
Ever notice that the TSCC never ever... redlinzus11/22/2010 05:30AM
The church is EViL!@!! 16 derrida11/20/2010 07:54PM
Polygamy on Trial - Monday Update Nightingale11/21/2010 04:39PM
Hit me today - the years of lies in seminary and Sunday school to kids covering up the sex fiend Joseph Smith and his 14,16,17yo wives. NASTY CULT. (n/t) ozpoof11/23/2010 04:02AM
From "Leaving in Droves" thread Bob...not registered11/22/2010 07:38PM
Blessings from Proposition 8 runtu11/19/2010 05:16PM
the problem with alma 32 archytas11/22/2010 08:51PM
Kody From Sister Wives Looks Just Like Harry From Dumb & Dumber (Link) 10 JMoney11/22/2010 03:10PM
Is there any hope that my daughter will get out? 15 goodbook11/21/2010 06:00PM
Would Airport Security Scanners Reveal the Sacred "For-Thine-Eyes-Only" Mormon Garments to Gentile Security Personnel? The Solution May Be Fig-Leaf Metal Underwear (NO SPOOF!) 10 steve benson11/22/2010 06:50PM
A Classic Bishop Rood story dedicated to the new CHI Funeral Section 12 Primus11/16/2010 01:10PM
Harder to be Known as a Mormon Today? Ex-CultMember11/22/2010 11:20PM
Did you really think you would be a god? 31 Quoth the raven "Nevermo"11/22/2010 06:38AM
the "30 day waiting period": Do you know anyone who actually changed their mind? 16 WiserWomanNow11/21/2010 08:20PM
Theater Of The Mind...Which FP Or Q12 Charlatan Would Do The Best "Elvis" Impersonation At The CrossRoads-Jesus-Mall Karaoke Bar??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/22/2010 05:09PM
Kyle Turley is he still a Mormon? AmIWhiteYet?11/22/2010 11:36PM
“Yet, sadly, accidental rudeness occurs alarmingly often. Best to say nothing at all, my dear man.” 12 Albus Dumbledore11/22/2010 05:16PM
Sister Wives last night 11 Anonymous User11/22/2010 02:16PM
The 11-21 Chelmsford 1st Parish UU Report msmom11/21/2010 09:56PM
8:30 Sunday morning . . . 2 guys show up at my door with a Turkey 12 shannon11/22/2010 08:42AM
How much is the "gospel of prosperity" a part of mormonism? helamonster11/22/2010 07:04PM
Has anyone else ever been struck by the similarity of the Jesus story to Lieutenant Kije? helamonster11/22/2010 03:54PM