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My tribute to country dancing - reminds me so much of LDS socials..... brigantia11/05/2010 06:37AM
Was anyone told stories about seeing angels etc in the temple? 23 brett11/02/2010 05:45PM
Mission presidents' wives 19 dimmesdale11/03/2010 08:41AM
Technically non of us were members of the church Rubicon11/05/2010 02:47AM
Bibliical Proof that LDS Church is not of God blueskyutah11/04/2010 08:53PM Delightsome White Boy11/05/2010 04:30AM
Return and Report, Dan Barker's talk in Pocatello OnceMore11/04/2010 10:45PM
Spray Down the Little Factory 17 Major Bidamon11/02/2010 09:49PM
What are the top 3 'proofs' that Mormonism is true 41 Jon11/04/2010 11:04AM
Local Support Group Genesis? Major Bidamon11/04/2010 10:38PM
Fantasy debating match ups... 17 Jon11/04/2010 10:16AM
LDS Missionaries Told to Blog? LehiExMo11/05/2010 12:17AM
SusieQ, I am interested in your sign. silhouette11/03/2010 07:02PM
church job vs. the economy downsouth11/04/2010 11:03PM
What are the top 3 'proofs' that Mormonism is a fraud? 35 Jon11/04/2010 06:42AM
My mission after-dinner indulgence. 15 Makurosu11/04/2010 08:55PM
I didn't know that the Cult Awareness Network... BestBBQ11/04/2010 06:45PM
Did the dinner thing with family. Kinda long. Cursing 44 D the non-religious11/03/2010 06:24PM
Still me, had to change arrangement for registration. (n/t) dthenonreligious11/04/2010 09:24PM
Your Best Guess...Which Religious Group Will Be Responsible 4 Setting In Motion The Destruction Of Our Lifestyles & Our Planet As We Know It... BeenThereDunnThatExMo11/04/2010 05:15PM
God Blesses Gay Couple to the Tune of $50M Nightingale11/04/2010 08:20PM
The Bible and sex eddie11/03/2010 09:21PM
All of this talk of little factories Freevolved11/04/2010 08:01PM
Hill Cumorah location 41 Jon11/03/2010 01:35PM
Seen this? Drama troupe lampoons early Mormonism..... ozpoof11/04/2010 07:14PM
Tired of wolves in sheeps clothing 13 lucky ex11/02/2010 02:13PM
Another side to the "M" word story (slightly adult) Anon for this11/04/2010 03:51PM
Thanks Nick Humphrey & DNA Holy the Ghost11/04/2010 11:01AM
Here's a celebration song for all those of you who are out. Rubicon11/04/2010 06:01PM
Did Monson start the use of the word "Even"? 33 DNA11/02/2010 07:51PM
Christians and J-Dubs 13 blueskyutah11/04/2010 12:39AM
Alaskans, look out! The mormons are coming! 23 OnceMore11/03/2010 02:16PM
Garments are a sexual turn-off - Battle with TBM wife (adult topic) 34 Finance Clerk11/03/2010 10:48PM
I'm thinking of starting a new business, get her done11/04/2010 03:04PM
don't even look at non-lds art! (hilarious/annoying TBM comments on my facebook post) Nick Humphrey11/04/2010 04:41AM
Proof That the Mormon Church is True: Its Prophet, Seer and Revelator Heavily Plagiarized C.S. Lewis in an Official General Conference Sermon . . . 39 steve benson11/04/2010 01:15AM
Just flew in to Utah for a couple of days (eye roll) sayhitokolob4me11/04/2010 12:36PM
The power you have. Stray Mutt11/04/2010 02:05PM
Full body scanners to be placed at all temples? 11 Warner11/04/2010 08:14AM
5 myths about gay people axeldc10/29/2010 10:23PM
Testimonies that are not easily dismissed that show the true character of Joseph Smith... 11 Stan Johnson10/31/2010 06:43PM
Question on approved books/movies gonesolong11/04/2010 11:38AM
Bandwidth silhouette10/30/2010 12:40PM
Questions for LGT apologists who admit there were "others" here already Thread Killer11/04/2010 02:01PM
Other mormon failure -- yea verily, EVEN the Haiti humanitarian aid project ... weeder11/03/2010 12:43PM
Brian David Mitchell asks for change of venue ... trail halted weeder11/04/2010 01:36PM
How to get missionary trio (yes, 3 of them) from coming to my house? 40 georgedubya11/03/2010 06:14PM
I need some info from people who know how multiple temple marriages work. jon111/04/2010 11:01AM
Section from D & C creates a beautiful, EVEN interesting, word cloud nolongerin11/04/2010 02:45AM
Put in an uncomforable situation (on purpose?) (a little long) 40 Mnemonic11/02/2010 09:32PM
ROFLMAO @ Comment On My Utube Vid Java"s Mom11/04/2010 11:13AM
Non-Mormon Acupunctures talk about treating Mormons in Utah 19 danr11/03/2010 03:33PM
Arrrggggg, someone at work today said 36 They don't want me back11/03/2010 06:05PM
the interview standards tinker2711/03/2010 11:54PM
one of the most genius doctrines: "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God" Nick Humphrey11/04/2010 08:57AM