Mormon Temples don't have enough names to process
Subject: Temples don't have enough names to process
Date: Jan 14 14:48 2004
Author: Bye Bye Morgie

My TBM [Mormon] aunt who is a temple worker told me that the temples have a real problem because there are now so many temples and they are so efficient at doing temple work now, they don't have enough names to process.

Gee, I guess there is no need for temples if you don't have a bunch of names of dead people.

Temples have to be the biggest white elephant.

Subject: True in Columbia! (cuss)
Date: Jan 14 14:55
Author: Truth Without Fear

Several ward youth trips to do temple baptisms have been cancelled - because - no names!


Local leaders lay on the heavy guilt trips about not spending enough time doing genealogy...

- or home teaching and visiting teaching
- or fasting
- or praying
- or scripture reading
- or temple service (oops - forgot - no names)
- or chapel cleaning
- or temple cleaning


Now...why are the temples empty again? I forgot.

In the name of Joseph Smith


Subject: Speaking of not cleaning the chapel
Date: Jan 14 16:59
Author: Dragonship
Mail Address:

When I was attending a singles ward in Arizona we had the assignment of cleaning the chapel for a month. Guess only a few people showed up. This guy named Sal was supposed to teach the lesson in Priesthood on Sunday. He is a true TBM and kisses the bishops a$$ when he can. Instead of giving us a lesson he proceeded to spend the entire time chastising us for not cleaning the chapel the day before. It got so bad that one guy tried to leave the room to use the bathroom and Sal proceeded to lean into him saying that he was only leaving because he did not want to hear about cleaning the chapel. The following Sunday the Bishop actually thanked the SOB for ripping us a new a$$hole! Guess we just didn't have anything else to do - lazy jack asses!

Subject: They should just recycle the names
Date: Jan 14 15:49
Author: kimlan
Mail Address:

I mean, who in the hell is going to know anyway? My sister goes every Friday. How would she know out of the thousands and thousands of names previously available whether or not they had been used before???

Mormons lap up busy work. I would be surprised if this isn't being done......there should never be a shortage of names. I don't remember one name that I baptized for when I was a youth!!! Use those again!!

Failing recycling, they should have a "Committee" responsible for making up names for those lobotomous masses who report for temple work each week.

I wonder what name that committee would be named?!? For instance, they have the "Strengthening the Membership Committee".....what would the Fake Names Committee be called??? Care to speculate? How would they euphemize that one?

Subject: Re: They should just recycle the names
Date: Jan 14 15:56
Author: Davey
Mail Address:

That is just what they do recycle names and former temple workers I have talked to confirm this.

Subject: Re: They should just recycle the names
Date: Jan 14 16:27
Author: Maturin
Mail Address:

I think you're right, Davey. I think I remember that if you use the temple ready software (or something like that) and look up names, you find that people have had multiple ordinances performed.

Subject: The Sacred Executive Committee on Temple Name Rejuvenation.
Date: Jan 14 16:04
Author: A Minor Prophet
Mail Address:

They are recycling names. They're using just names (and common ones at that) in some places and dropping birth dates and so forth.

Since the Russians stopped the church from buying names last year, that are seriously short.

But like any other number game, the numbers will catch up with you. Eventually, and sooner than later, the church will have to great out the whips and get the members to do genealogy again.

It's a funny thing to sit in the Gen Lib in SLC. Most of the researchers there are for private profit. They are doing personal genealogies for nonmembers and other research. Besides, most of those names have been "extracted" and there is a limited source of new names.

In my locale, the old missionaries were "extracting" names from public records. They finished up about 4 or 5 years ago. There were only so many names. Then they turned to other churches and were refused access.

It's really sick that they "extract" names from cemeteries. But they've covered just about all of the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico and South America.

It's only a matter of time when they have a revelation and come up with a new ordinance and have to have the members start over. You'll see.

Subject: Re: Temples don't have enough names to process
Date: Jan 14 17:02
Author: Claire
Mail Address:

In my TBM days I processed literally THOUSANDS of distant dead relatives but I finally stopped because the people were so unhelpful at the history centers. Some of these old people there run these history centers like it is their own little fiefdom and try to make all sorts of crazy rules because they misunderstand situations. Or perhaps the powers that be in SLC keep changing their minds about how to do things, who knows. What's even funnier is seeing some of the old guys playing cards on the history centers' computers instead of doing genealogy. ARGH.

Subject: I had submitted names for years...
Date: Jan 14 17:15
Author: Tricia
Mail Address:

when one day I went on a ward temple night. I went to get my family names from the desk when I noticed that other people had done work for ancestors for and five times. I had already done the work, but the names had been given out several times after that. Each ancestor had been baptized, confirmed, endowed and sealed many times over. Of course, they didn't have an answer for what happened. Now I know.

Subject: Recycle names of Jewish Holocaust victims/Question?
Date: Jan 14 17:36
Author: Kim
Mail Address:

The morg has already displayed that it went against its word several years ago when it said it wouldn't dead-baptize Jewish Holocaust victims, but had been doing it anyway. After all, the morg knows what's best (and true) for all persons living and dead though-out all time, right?

Those names certainly could be recycled many times.

Could someone refresh my memory here about the names that are given when doing an endowment session? It's been over twenty years since I've been to the temple and I can't remember for sure how the names are issued. I remember getting a name on a little slip of paper, but I seem to recall that name only being a first name with no last name. If that's the case, it seems like the names could just be completely made up. I recall wondering that when I was in the temple. Is my memory correct? Or, do they really give first and last names which would more likely identify a specific person?

Subject: Re: Temples don't have enough names to process
Date: Jan 14 17:59
Author: Royal-Guard
Mail Address:

I hope they grind to a halt.

Bloody Gordon B Hitler loves his big fancy buildings!

What a waste of money they are!

Subject: I'm pretty much live and let live
Date: Jan 14 21:27
Author: Yikes!
Mail Address:

when it comes to my TBM family as long as they stay out of my face, and if they don't I just stay away from them.

But this one really pisses me off. My mother, with whom I barely speak, 74 years old, drives herself 4 hrs round trip every week to spend the better part of 2 days in the closest temple. (She stays with my sister and brother-in-law overnight.) She does this even in the winter in northern Utah.

Some winter day she is going to slide off the road and die in a one car wreck. Just to reprocess recycled names. It should be criminal.

And then the TBM's will get all orgasmic over how she lost her life serving the Lord.

I'd start screaming now, but the neighbors would probably come down to see what went wrong and then I would have to explain Mormonism to them. I don't think I'm up to it. I'm suppressing that scream, suppressing.

Subject: My mom who is a temple worker told me on the phone two months ago she heard that...
Date: Jan 14 21:49
Author: battle-Ax
Mail Address:

President Hinckley blasted the temple department at the COB because 60% of the names done in the temple have already been done.

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