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Updated Feb 20, 2004

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Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 10:47 PM
Subject: about the church

I may not be able to convince that mormonism is irght but i can convince you that all other forms of christianity are wrong and that the lds church is the only one that can be true. The main point is that only by a member of the priesthood can you be batized. It even tells you that in the bible, if you want i can find a reference. Now that we have that point the priesthood was killed off the Earth with the death of Christ in the Apostles. The only one left to have the power to baptize was John the Baptist who was left to wander the Earth until Christ comes again. With this all Christian have not the authority to baptize except for the mormons who when Joseph Smith was ordained a Priest by John recieved the Priesthood. This is turns gives Joseph the ability to baptize in the name of Christ. The priesthood is a tool unique only to the mormon church and therefore no other Christian church has the abiltity to baptize in the name of Christ and all false in pretense. So its either Mormonism is the true religion of Judism. And another cool piece of info is that the book of mormon was translated in 4 months and contains to flaws in in correlations with itself and the bible. So if you thinka man can write a book like that in 4 months you might want to reconsider. Anyways just a bit of info for you. You probably won't but if you every want to return to the church give me a response because i have also been a member for a year and a love every bit of this church and am pretty well educated about my religion for only being 18.

Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2004 10:39 PM
Subject: Re: Mormon

Eric- Apparently you are one of those people that think we evolved from monkeys. Go on thinking that. Everything you believe dosn't have to have scientific evidence, there is a song about Faith from the primary hymn book... Faith is knowing the sun will rise lighting each new day, Faith is knowing the lord will hear my prayers each time i pray, Faith is like a little seed, if planted it will grow, Faith is like a swelling within my heart, when i do right i know.

Just like i dont go around saying cathic and methodist are wrong it dosn't give you a right to do the same to me.

But as i said before, i will live to see the day, judgement day, when me, a 13 year old girl has proven you wrong.


Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 6:27 PM
Subject: About ya'll

So ya'll are all caught up in the worldly matters instead of really matters... You all have so much anger built up inside because you feel the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has done you so wrong. I don't think God or Jesus would have it that way... Anger doesn't come from God of comes from Satan...Just look at yourselves...seriously...if you call yourself a christian now, since you don't think us LDS people are...then find something better to do than not succeeding in making us look bad. Go be more christian like and help some people out that don't know the gospel. Just thought I would share that with ya'll. Cause satan is succeeding by putting the anger in you all...! and you know it...

Daniel.... feel free to comment!

Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 12:51 PM
Subject: A little thing about the Mormon Church


I'm a member of the mormon church and just got back from my mission and you know whenever I heard of people look at your crap. It always made me happy to know that they know you were full of crap. I'm so happy that you fround your spare time to lie about about the church. Its more funnyer that you got some people who use to be mormon. What happen they got into trouble and want to put the sin on the mormons. Just remember on the last day God he be there, I be there and you will be there. What happen only God knows. But I do know that the Church is true and you can't take that from me.

I don't want you to know my name.


Sep 2003

you guys seriosusly have no lives if all you can do all day is sit around and talk about how you hate a religion. I just want to bear my testimony to you that i know this church us true- it's the only true one on this earth. Please consider that. I know that Satan is controlling you, making you do all this. Do you ever feel good after you post something bad on this site? No. Please stop this, it is very offensive to me, as a member of the LDS church. I'm crying thinking that you could actually hate this beloved church. PLease stop your words of hatred.

                                   - Heartbroken

Deat Brother K,
    I do not know how long ago you wrote this page and put it on the internet.  I do know, however, if you haven't already that you must ask Heavenly Father for His forgiveness and come back into the true Gospel of Christ.  I do not doubt that you have had a testimony of this Gospel.  If you have never had a testimony of this true church, then work at it and you will.  A testimony is indeed a fragile thing.  You cannot let your testimony die or grow old.  I read your entire passage and all I feel is sorrow for your eternal salvation.  As the Nephites felt when they went to war with the Lamanites.  They did not delight in blood shed, but more importantly they did not want to send souls out of this world unprepared to meet their God. This page was clearly written for non-members because anyone who has read the Book of Mormon can see that you are wrong.  I looked up two things and without even pondering about it realized that you were wrong just from reading the context.  For people that do not have the Book of Mormon close by would believe it. W.W. Phelps (writer of many hymns) left the church just as you have, and persecuted it and may have turned some people against it.  He then later realized his mistakes and repented and asked Joseph (a man I truly admire)to be re-baptized.  All the lies that he told about the church, all the devastating things that he had done, Joseph would have had a right to say no. Instead, Joseph replied, "Believing your confession to be real and your repentance to be genuine, I shall be happy to give you the right hand of fellowship and rejoice over the returned prodigal.  Come on dear brother since the war has past, for friends at first< are friends again at last.  Yours, as ever,  Joseph Smith".  If he was a deceiver how do account for that kind of kindness? He regained his testimony.  It is not to late for you either, I have faith in you. You< will be in my prayers.

With love, your brother,

.June 2003 "Try" to be like Jesus-Follow the Prophet

I dont feel Like this web site is right. When I am reading through it I feel like you are bashing on the LDS church, and I happen to be a member. I believe in God and he doesnt exspect you to be perfect, but you guys are making it sound like we have to be perfect like he was. All he ask of us is that "We try to be like Jesus" not "you must be Perfect like Jesus. I hope you can show some respect in the future!!!
                      Thank you---Anonymous
P.S.- "Try" to be like Jesus-Follow the Prophet

Aug 31 2003 Satan apparently can now read about the temple ceremony

I am writing for two thigs: to call you back from APOSTASY for one thing! How dare you reveal the sacred stuff from the temple ceremoney! I have got my endowment and it was a beautiful experience, I loved it and it was not something to make fun off like your sight does! You have ruined God's plan of salvation by your apostasy and I only hope there is some way you can repent but I doubt it!! You know I cannot reveal anything sacred. When I went to the temple the workers told me, NEVER talk about any of this out side the temple, the devil can hear you and find out the signs and tokens! Then he could get into heaven. YOU HAVE TO BE WORTHY TO GO IN THE TEMPLE!! I was told never to even write down in my journal ANYTHING about the temple ceremoneys because the devil can read, YES this must be new revelations to you ERIC the devil can read. he can see what you wrote on your web sight and now IF HE HAS FOUND YOUOR SIGHT HE KNOWS THE SIGNS AND TOKENS!! GOOD GOING ERIC YOU JUST LET THE DEVIL INTO THE CELESTAL KINGDOM. This is a serious thing, after so many generations, hundreds of years of us faithful Mormons not speaking a word of the temple ceremony and keeping it sacred, never writing it down or speaking a word and you ruin it all in one fell swipe! I don't think there is repentence for you, maybe you are now a son of perditing.

Now the second reason I am writing, I love the church more than anything! Most of us do, and you left because of sins like all the rest. I am calling you to take down your wicked sight. Even if it is too late for you and you are lost maybe you can get forgiven a little bit, for not destroying more people, if you take down your sight NOW. There are lies in there too. Joseph Smith was a martyr and he deserves more respect, he is a God now you know, if you remember the song about Mingling with GODS he can plan for his brethern. Detah cannot conquer the hero again! You cannot win! Repent the end is nigh.

You can publish this letter but not my name! And I expect it would be better instead of publishing it, just take down your wicked sight immediately. Do you feel the prick in your heart?

Aug 2003

Why would you waste your time with such a site? I was saddened when I came upon your site by accident.  I feel great compassion for you and cannot comprehend why you seek to offend Jesus Christ so publicly.  I hope one day you will make peace with yourself and your Savior.

From: Christian Burris Sep. 2002

Your Website is about the stupidest thing I have ever seen on the Internet. 
You gotta be kidding me man.  I can't believe what a joke your website is. 
It sounds like it's a place for a bunch of people who couldn't hack it in
the true church to justify why they're now a bunch of
GOING TO HELL".  They all know where the sons of peridition go for rejecting
the truth.  They should be scared.  Later you apostate.

Temple Experiences

I was disheartened to read the temple experiences of former members of
the Church on your website. I am a member of the Church. I hold
Melchizidek Priesthood and am an Elder. My experience with going to the
temple has been uplifting. I do not share the same views and opinions
expressed by those on your website. The temple is the House of the Lord.
It is a place where one who is worthy can go to feel of the Spirit in
greater strength and clarity.


Chad Hays

Short letter

Shame on you.  I'm sorry you are so scared of the truth that you need to
produce such things.  I wish you luck and hope in the future.  You are truly
going to need it.  God Bless.

Embarrased by so many weak members - Jeff Christensen

Since these get posted, and I've read what you said I expect to see this on the message board. Some of these email I read about leaving the church, lets have a major pity party. Well guess what I've been hurt by memebers of the church too. Does that make the church not true? No The people are in perfect by far but what is taught is completely true. Some of you out there are so selfish and I'm glad that you left. If I offend you with what I've written sorry your out of luck because you've done the same thing to me. I'm ebarrased to see that we have this many weak members of the church. I'm not always strong but I know my Heavnly Father is and my Saviour too. I go to them not to a sight that it popular for bashing a Religion. Come to grips with yourselves and get on with your life and realize your not perfect either!!!!!!!!

Consequence from Pat Donohoe

I do not intent to argue or say anything negative, but if the mormon church is true, you will have a lot more to answer to at the judgement bar of God than if you hadn't posted this page. Eventhough there might be puny attempts to dissuade others, you must understand this. When one joins the church they say yes to this question:"Do you except the Church of Jesus Christ of LAtter Days Saints as the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth?" How does one come to this conclusion? What do the missionaries say? If you have real intent and faith in Christ, he will manifest the truth by the power of the Holy Ghost. I have knelt in humble prayer, I have studied and thought it out in my mind. God has answered my prayer. If you presented me with all the proof in the world against the mormon church I would care because that is the evidence of man. The evidence of God had proven and keeps proving it and will prove it in the future. I feel for you brother. I wish I could say something for you to make you understand what danger you are in. But yuou have the same free-agency as I. I wish you the best.
pat donohoe

Leaving on a Mission

My name is Todd Skouson and I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Nothing has ever brought more happiness to my life. I've had a lot of doubts before, but it seems like my Heavenly Father is always there for me pointing out things I didn't know before and confirming my testimony. I love to pray and ask God for the truth, rather than a mere website that seems to know everything. Thank you for your website and that you could reaffirm my testimony by showing me how ignorant and confused people can be without the gospel in their lives. Mormons are great people. But they aren't perfect, and I'm sorry that some have fallen away from the truth. I can't wait until I serve a mission for my church in a few months. I would urge whoever reads this to ask God in faith what is true if there are any doubts. I have done this personally and I know more than anything in the world that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and that the fulness of the gospel has been restored. Thank you.

Fighting against the Kingdom of God

You fight against the Kingdom of God on earth. All is not lost however, you may still repent,
exhibit faith in Jesus Christ, and you'll be forgiven and experience the spirit of God. Otherwise
you'll never know the spirit or the love of God. John

A new Convert


Kicking Upwards


You can't kick Mormonism down, you can only kick it upward. Every effort you make, every lie you perpetrate, everything you write against the true Church of God will only help it grow. You cannot stop it growing. Try as much as you want, you will never, NEVER stop its growth. It will continue to grow until it has filled the earth, until every living soul knows it is the true Church. Then the Savior will return, and there will be no changing of minds anymore.

I am not angry against anti-mormons like you. I am just really sad that you are wasting your precious time on earth fighting on the wrong side.

With hope and prayers,


An 18 year old from Utah

I read your link on mormonism. I happen to be LDS. Just because of social, reasons, i have found my self questioning the thoughts of the church myself. Contradictions have boiled in my mind. When i saw your link i was very interested. However, your liink has absolutely no factual evindence what-so-ever. I was appaled by your attempt to prove mormonism wrong. If this was your hopes, then you failed miserably. Nothing at all made sense, my friend. You think you have all this factual data, to back up your idea of a fraudulent religion, BUT YOU DON'T. So my advice to you is to get over yourself. Stop foolishly trying to prove this religion wrong, find a better one that suits your sorry, poor disposition. Your my friend, are a disgrace to society, and a true researcher. If your link held any true value, than having my own doubts should have made me sway your way.But it didn't. Find something better to do with your time, and may god bless you with all the trials you may face in life. You obviously have some issues you need to put closure to in your life, and i'm sure the church could help you with that. If you insist on doing it all on your own, then be my guest. I hope you find happiness, but if you were trying to find fame with this silly, poor excuse for a rebuttal, then you better work harder next time, and do a little more research, after all this is what your accusing Joseph Smith (who happens to be a true prophet,AND an uncle of mine) of doing right. Your words sound rubbish, and unexplanatory. I'm sorry your so unhappy with your life, you feel others must feel this pain, but heah, misery likes company right. Best of luck to you. God Bless Krisell, 18, Tremonton,UT!!

Another letter ...

It is obvious that you lack a firm base in the science of archeology. Your
claims are just as unprovable simply based on a popular saying in the field
of archeology---- is that no evidence of existence is not evidence of
non-existence. Many numerous places and events from the bible are still not
yet "proven" by science. So then, is it your position that the bible be
false also?? And since you believe so strongly that the Church isn't true---
which one in your opinion is?
Just one more question--- and i'm not trying to be snide or combative--- i'm
just curious. Do you belive that good and evil exist?-- would you at least
agree that there is a God and devil? or have you decided that science is the
only answer. Because in my experience science is constantly changing--
therfore how can you put your trust in something that is constantly
changing. Put a bible and a sicence book on a shelf for 20 years, then pull
them down--- which one has changed. Now, I will be totally honest with you--
I have had my doubts also about the church. I too have served a mission and
had numerous callings--- but no matter how much I have doubted ( and I have)
I still cannot deny the feelings I have had in my heart. At the moment my
testimony is weak and I am NOT "temple worthy"--- yet I cannot bring myself
to deny what I know I have felt in my heart. I hope I havn't wasted your
time. sincerly, jason boone

The Holy Ghost

I have read over a dozen letters on this site from former Mormons who have left the church, and not one gave any indication they had ever received a testimony by the Holy Ghost that the church is true. I have been a Mormon for almost 30 years now, and I have yet to meet a convert that has never received a testimony by the Holy Ghost. I have been told that those born into the church are encouraged at a young age to gain their own personal testimonies, and I can understand why. No matter how much knowledge one may obtain over the years about the church's doctrine and history, without a testimony by the Holy Spirit, they are in a "fallable condition." Therefore, when I read these dozen or so letters stating various reasons for leaving the church, and there was nothing to indicate that these individuals had ever received a manifestation of the Holy Ghost revealing the truthfulness of the church, I was not at all surprised.

Therefore, I can only conclude, that these individuals have ever experienced that "glowing power" of the Holy Spirit, nor have they received a testimony thru him. If they had, how could they possibly deny it?

The Holy Ghost is one of the greatest gifts we shall ever receive from our Heavenly Father, and it is His truth that will sustain us and help us endure to the end. May God Bless!

Sincerely, In Jesus Christ, Yvonne Parker

I have to apologize at the beginning of this letter that I am even writing
this.  I do not encourage arguing of the nature you have on your website.  I
am LDS.  I have been all my life.  I stumbled upon your website while
looking for information about where my wedding is going to take place.  I
understand where you are coming from with having many hardships in the past
with members of the church.  However, all of my problems in the church have
never been flaws in the church, but flaws in the members.  You, having
previously been a member and having been alive as a human being, should know
how flawed humans are and how sinful EVERYONE is.  That is not only
including people that are against the church, that includes members of the
church, and myself.  I do not understand how someone can devote so mch of
their life to bad mouthing anything.  I have many things I have come across
that I disagree with.  I may sy something, however, I would never devote so
much of my time to it.  It seems like a waste of time.  The main thing that
bothers me is the page about how hard it is to be removed from the member
list.  I do have friends who used to be members and would like their names
removed and have dificulties in doing so.  However, the honest reason is
because of the infrequency of the request.  A bishop or stake president is
not trained immediately in removing names from the list.  Not enough pople
ask to be removed for them to be familiar with the process.  As I said
earlier, I have been a member all my life.  I, however, have never known a
bishopric who has been asked to remove someone's name.  My father and
step-father have both been in the bishopric before and have never had this
occur.  If someone has never sculpted wood before, how are they expected to
carve a perfect bird out of a log?  I know you will probably discard my
comments or degrade them.  But I wanted to say something.  I have never met
anyone with as much hate in their heart as you express on your site.  I do
not believe everyone should be a member.  I just believe you should not
insult what others believe.  Even though you say you are supporting freedom
of religion, which you are, you are also trying to block freedom of religion
in those who disagree with you.  I am curious as to what turned you against
the church in such a horrible way.  I am sorry once again if I was



Dear Metallurgist: long letter

It is with a sense of sorrow in my heart that I write to you. I understand that you were a member of the LDS church for 20 years, but that during your study of the Book of Mormon you became disenchanted with its teachings based upon Nephi’s writings whereupon he wrote that they did make steel.

I have copied a portion of your text so that you know what I am referring to in my comments.


How likely is it that 8 men, 15 children and 10 women, who just fled into the wilderness, would be able to do the following? Just for fun, is this any more plausible with a society of 500 people, most of them children?

Steel making - this is complex all by itself - mixing iron with carbon Iron mining and manufacturing - the production of elemental iron from iron ore Coal mining - coal is required in the production of iron and is refined into coke Limestone mining - limestone is also required Tin or zinc mining - depending on the definition of "brass" Refining and manufacturing of tin or zinc since they do not occur in an elemental state in nature Smelting Fluxing Grinding Roasting - to eliminate sulfur in copper, silver and some iron ores Copper mining Complex furnaces - to have reduction atmospheres to produce the metals Mining tools - where did the hardened tools come from to start with? Prospecting - how did they know how to identify ores? Gold mining Silver mining Complex wood working - a small replica of Solomon's temple

You then go on to explain the difficulty and the process of making such metals, but I will not include that portion for my purposes.

I don’t know if I should actually feel sorry for you or congratulate you. I guess I’m sorrowful in your lack of faith. I presume that even though you left the church that you still have Christian values and that you still believe there is a God, a Christ, and truth within this world. If you believe the Bible then I guess you would have to lose faith on many other areas of expertise that other people with degrees have.

I’m going to be a little cynical here to make my point (please do not take offense).

Congratulations. Your expertise in metallurgy has even surpassed that of God’s. You have proven to yourself that God could in no way create NOR teach someone how to create metals better than you. Your advanced skills have given you the knowledge of the Gods and they should now look to you with regards to making metals from this time forth. Additionally you have entrusted your advanced knowledge of materials needed to create metals and where they could be found in the Americas (or lack thereof) to archeologists’, who of course have found everything that will ever be found on this planet, in fact I understand that archeology is no longer a science and will be discontinued in every college campus because EVERYTHING that can be found has been found, it is no longer necessary to look for anything ever again. Hence the impossibility that Nephi and his family could have brought with them the knowledge, or could have been taught by God how to create these metals, for even God could not have accomplished such a task, nor could Nephi been given knowledge whereupon he could discover the materials needed to forge such metals. It would take a metallurgist not a God to perform such a feat. God is not able to accomplish that which you and your colleagues are able to do.

I am reminded of those who apostatized from the church in the early 1900’s because it mentioned in the book of Heleman that they used “cement.” Many men in the concrete business left the church because of their vast knowledge of concrete. That was an impossibility for God to teach or for those men in America to create concrete. Unfortunately for them however, around 1961 cement was found and was dated to be used around 1 AD. To bad they had so little faith.

I think about those early members of the church, in the 1800’s, who after careful study realized that Joseph Smith must have made this stuff up, because there was no evidence of a great civilization that used roads and built temples and had a large community. For them the archeological discoveries in South America and Mexico of roads and buildings and the proof of hundreds of thousands of people are much to late, for their faith was lost years ago.

Then I begin to think about all the things that happened in the Bible.

I think of the engineers who understand the power and use of water. How it acts and reacts. I think of these well educated men who have shunned the teachings of the Bible because Moses was able to part the waters of the Red Sea. There knowledge of water and the properties that it carries makes that event an impossibility in their minds as they too have surpassed God in his limited knowledge of water and what it can and cannot do.

I think of the optometrists who have forsaken the Bible because there were those who were blind and were made to see just by putting some clay upon their eyes. Of course these doctors know that in most cases it is impossible for a blind man to recover his sight. They should be teaching God about the eye, how it works, and what can and cannot be restored to man.

Then there are the dermatologists who have spent decades in research discovering cures and remedies for things like leprosy. When they read in the Bible that the cure was available and immediate, without drugs, to those with leprosy just by asking Jesus, they too forsook the scriptures and said that it was not possible to be cured of that disease without the help of a fully licensed and knowledgeable dermatologist who understands skin and how it reacts to certain medications.

I also think of the audiologists who have spent years in research and testing regarding the human ear, recognizing that they hold all truths known to man and God about hearing and what can be corrected. They lost faith in the scriptures when those who were deaf were made to hear again just by touching their ears. This cannot be done; they should teach God what is feasible. How can God know more about hearing then these learned men?

I think of scientists who have a vast understanding of fire and what the human body can withstand. Then realize that many of them lost all faith in the Bible when they read the Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed’nego stood in the midst of a fiery furnace that was so hot that even the guards on the outside were burned, yet nothing happened to them. The scientists recognized that God could not accomplish this feat, not without the knowledge that these men of science have.

And finally I think of large general contractors and shipbuilders who have no need for such ridiculous stories about a man who was supposedly told by the Lord to build a ship, just him, his wife and three sons, and maybe their wives. But this was not just an ordinary ship for the 8 of them, no this ship had to be large enough to contain 2 animals (or more) of every kind. Every beast, every fowl, every creeping thing. The shipbuilders of today realize how preposterous this was and have no faith whatsoever in the Bible because of it. How could 4 men and 4 women ever build a ship that large? Do you know what it takes to build a ship, let alone one big enough for all those animals? God could not accomplish such a task; this has to be a fairy tale.

(I will stop being cynical as I finish my thoughts.)

I hope it’s fairly obvious that as we rely on the “arm of the flesh” we set ourselves up for disappointment. The flesh is weak. Maybe this is why the Lord taught us to become as little children, innocent, and full of faith. They don’t have to ask why nor does everything have to be proven to them. Although I believe with all my heart that all things will be “proven” in the Lords time, I believe that those discoveries will be used against those who do not believe or who fight against it, as well as being there to bolster our faith in those things that we did not heretofore see, but believed.

One of the biggest downfalls of man is his pride in himself. The knowledge that he has acquired “on his own,” without the help of God becomes one of the greatest stumbling blocks of mankind. I truly do congratulate you on your college degrees and the knowledge you have in metallurgy, but feel sorry for the fact that you have lost faith in God and His ability to perform miracles for His true followers. I feel sorry that because of your knowledge you have put aside the miracles of God. I would like to believe that you believe that if God wanted a man to make steel that God does have the ability to make that happen. I believe that God could teach me to make steel and I have never even seen a steel plant.

In all your years in the church were you ever taught to be dishonest, “take” rather than “give”, hate before love, anger before compassion or mercy? Were you ever taught to commit adultery, fornication, or murder? Did you ever go to a class teaching idolatry, or worshipping Joseph Smith? Were you ever taught NOT to put our Heavenly Father first? Were you taught to lie and deceive? I would guess not since I have been a member for many years and have never participated in any of these teachings. So what happened? Did you really leave the church because of your knowledge of metals?

Everything that has been taught in the church can only make you a better person. And what are the possible consequences if the church is wrong? You lived a good life, you’ve prayed for forgiveness of you sins, you accepted Jesus and the one and only way to Heaven, you prayed daily and tried to gain knowledge about God by reading the scriptures daily, and you have dealt with your fellow man honestly. Come on what possibly could God have against you if this is how you lived your life? How could you be any worse off then any other honest person in this world by following the teachings of the church? But what if the church is true and what if its teachings are really the true and only teachings of Jesus Christ, and what if the ordinances and authority of God are only found in this church? Then the consequences could be much worse for those who opposed His gospel.

With that said, I truly believe that one day, when the Lord sees fit, just like the finding of cement, I believe that steel, copper, brass, and all the other metals used will be discovered in abundance and will either prove to the faithful that God can accomplish anything and the discoveries will make them even more faithful or the discoveries will make the unfaithful feel shame in there lack of faith and put to rest the skepticism regarding the works of God and His ability to teach man anything necessary to accomplish His word. Those discoveries will be used in the condemnation of those who spoke against the Lords Prophets.

I hope one day you will have the opportunity to see steel discovered in the Americas, for I know it will happen someday, I just hope it will not be too late to make changes in your life and get back to that which at one time you knew to be true.

Good Luck,