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From Mariela August 3,  2005

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe that you take time
out of your life to judge "Mormons." When you have
everything ALL wrong. You do NOT know what you are
doing. Every night before you go to bed you need to
repent for your sins and NEVER do them again. You need
to delete that website because its completely false.
Have you even been to not a "mormon" church but to a
church in general? Cause if you have you need to get
out because you are not doing anything if you are
criticizing other people. Have you ever gone to The
Church of JESUSCHRIST of Latter-day Saints? You have
no right to put LIES on the internet to discourage
people in converting. Its THEIR decision and if there
are many converts leaving the church its for their
reasons and maybe thanks to you but those who stand
strong in the ONLY TRUE CHURCH ON THE EARTH know its
true and will not be removed from the presense of God
because of silly people like you who waste their time
telling people lies. I can't even believe I am wasting
my time with you. you need to BEG God for forgiveness
because what you are doing is just crazy. and if you
dont you will "live in endless torment" with the
father of all lies, the devil. May God have mercy on
your soul.

A member of the only true church, The Church of
JesusChrist of Latter-day Saints.

A classic line from this letter Aug. 1, 2005:  "members beliefs are based on a testimony that was given to us by the spirit, as we couldnt know for a suriety about something that dosnt exist, if it wasnt a deeper feeling, or spirtual witness revealing this to us."

You all have the right to your opinion, an di respect that. i happend on to this website when doing research for a school paper, and i am truly dissapointed that there is a website dedicated to disproving and discrediting the mormon faith. Your right in the fact that if you dont want to believe, you will definalty be able to find ways to support your position, however, it goes both ways. That is why members beliefs are based on a testimony that was given to us by the spirit, as we couldnt know for a suriety about something that dosnt exist, if it wasnt a deeper feeling, or spirtual witness revealing this to us. I myself was not always the strongest memeber, and i felt like i didnt fit in and really wasnt accepted by the youth in the church; however i came to a point when i began to read the book of mormon, and i began to really pray to my heavenly father for comfort in times when i was in complete dispair. i finaly recieved the peace i needed and realized i was going to church, not to be social, but to reveal my dedication to my heavenly father, and to repay him 3 hours out of my life, in return for all that he gave me. no one can tall you into joining or out of joining, its a personal choice that everyone has to make. If we put aside every one elses comments and encouragings, and look within ourselves, and ask why we have this pint up anger, and where its coming from, youll relaize that it is so much easier to let go and get on with our lives and let people have the choice to make this decision for themselves. But there is one fullproof way of finding out if the 'mormon' church is true and if the book of mormon is true, and that is to read it and ask your heavenly father if what u had read is true, with real intent. And real intent is something most people dont understand fully, and thats to have an unbiased question for you heavenly father, with no prejudgement and no answer already decided, with the intent that if you recieve the answer you will be prepared to act accordingly, as the lord does not reveal things to his children which will hold them to a higher standars of judgement unless they are ready to hear it. and may i add, that i dont see why joseph smith, a young boy, would endure the persecution and violence if he truly didnt belive in this church himself, i knopw i would not endure tar and feathering and the torment of my friends and family for a lie......

Nice letter July 31, 2005

Hey your site is a joke!

If we're (LDS people) are soooo wrong why waist your time telling others how
wrong we are!?  Don't you have something better to do like get a job?

June 2005 - Mormon Church to spend $1 billion on shopping malls in SLC. 
Members sacrifice to pay tithing and the money is used for malls instead of
helping the needy.  Mormon403

Why are you so worried about how the tithing money that I & others paid?! 
Is it really any of your business?  I don't think it is! It's not even
tithing money that the Church is using for the malls either. What are you
doing for the humanitarian aid & helping the poor?    Yeah you know giving
10 million to the tsunami victims was nothing at the beginning of
2005....pocket cash...ha!

Feb 2005 - BYU Students Commanded to have Children Now.  Do not wait:
-Yeah, multiply & replenish the earth I remember that somewhere from
Genesis...gee we mormons are just nuts aren't we!

But hey you probably know that we of all people believe that you can have
your own beliefs, I just think it's a sad day when someone like you who had
the gospel of Jesus Christ in it's fullness & now you've been blinded by the
evil of the world. Best of luck my friend, may God's blessings be with you
as we all need them don't we?



P.S. I wasn't doubting or questioning my religion in going to your page nor
am I questioning it because I went there either....I just can't understand
why you & others leave & fight against's not like we're
trying to take over the world!

She writes "your crazy, kind of funny, but very sad website" July 2005

    You know, it's sad how one person can be so active and faithful in this church and yet still fall away, and even spend hours upon hours doing pointless research only to try to convince people to not join the church. wow. I am still in shock. I can't believe that people actually believe your words. It's funny how you take something that is true and twist it to make it sound absurd. The only thing that is absurd is your website. I was reading some of the letters from active faithful LDS members, and also some letters from fallen-away LDS members and I'm sure I am not alone when I say there were definitely opposite feelings inside of me when I read both of them. I find it ....weird that you gladly post our letters on your site (which is meant to lead people away from the church) when the letters only prove you wrong, and with evidence too That is just like saying "look everyone, I'm right, the LDS church is wrong!...oh, but here are some letters from actual members who say otherwise." I'm not discouraging you from posting them, I'm just a little confused as to why you are allowing yourself to be proven wrong, and not doing anything about it. Well, as many others have said, The LDS church IS true, and nothing you can do or say will ever change that. I'm sorry, but you will be humiliated when Jesus comes on Earth again and your "believers" will turn to you for questions and all you will be able to say is "oops". So, it's a good thing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so forgiving...something that this church is based on Unconditional Forgiveness But you donít know much about that do you?
    Tiera...just another 18 yr. old LDS member. You know, It's funny how many young people, even 13 yr. olds are writing to you saying your wrong and that the church is true Man, what a testimony builder.


Returned Missionary with a Testimony

To whom it may concern-

My name is Kelley and I am a convert to the church. I am the only memeber in my family and a recent Returned Missionary. I just want you to know that what you are doing is a very sad thing. I honestly don't understand why you would spend so much time trying to tare down the faith of a person. Any person that excersizes any amount of faith in a supreme being is better off than those that don't. I think that it is sad that you take something that you once knew to be true and because you had a bad experience you turn against the truthes that you know are true. I know that there is one concept that is universal regardless of your faith and that is the ability to pray and recieve answers from your Heavenly Father, God, Jehovah, or whatever name you have placed on what you believe to be the Supreme Being. I hope that you might take the time to pray and ask that Person if taking the faith of another and taring it down is what He would want of you. As for yourself you have the right to decide and follow the faith of your choice. Sharing your faith with others to help build theirs is a beautiful thing, regardless of what religion of choice you are sharing. IT is very sad though to take what someone has put their heart into and to try to rip it apart and make it some horrible awful thing. Don't you think that by sharing what you know to be true if ti be true will cause something to change in the person and convince them without you having to tell them that what they are doing is wrong. It is very comparable to Criticism and Constructive criticism. Just food for thought. I hope that you have a great day and that you continue to follow the things that Heavenly Father leads you to do.




Looking for Mark Hacking Information

I stumbled upon this site when I ran a search for the Mark Hacking ordeal.  So I thought I would check it out.  I am LDS and have been all my life.  I was also a missionary where I learned a lot about people in the church.  After all we share, we encourage people to pray and ask God himself if what we share is true.  How simple is that?  What makes me laugh are those who "claim" to have done that and join the church only to fall away when someting dosn't make sense.  So you brilliant people who make a living accusing us of our contradictions, never stop to double check yourselves of your own.  If you really did pray and got an answer from God that this is His church, you are just plain stupid.  You are also stupid to think he wont or cant answer you.  However like most, they say they prayed and never did and just keep playing it with the crowd.  So then you live a lie.   So we all like to wonder that about you folks.  Are you stupid enough to deny the answer from God, or did you just keep lying to everyone that you had a testimony until you couldn't take it anymore.

I just cant help but chuckle when I read the history of YOUR lives.  So next time you pin point a leaders words then search for something it contradicts, remember the times your bishop asked you if you really had a testimony and you lied to him.  Or the time you were asked to pray and never did or did it without real intent.  If you spent as much time accusing the church as you should have praying about it, you may know as I do that sure a lot of things don't make sense.  But if God told us to brush our teeth with mud I would do it. 


Why do you have so many lies on your website?  You must have studied the book, how to lie with statistics.  Your stories are so full of baloney its amazing.  It is a shame that you are spending your time misleading people.  Why don't you do something constructive instead of destructive?  My experience in the church of which I have been a member for 30 years and served a mission in England is nothing even remote to all the baloney you print.  Sure there are inactives, but try looking at other churches and see how many inactives they have.  At least we make an effort to contact them monthly.  You can't name one thing the church does that is bad.  Everything is strives to do is good and positive, unlike you.  By their fruits ye shall know them.  Why don't you print that?


As with other letters, the spelling is left intact.

Hi my name is Aaron and i have just looked at your website.  The letters
posted by some so-called members are an afront to the very church they claim
to be mebers of those people should hang there heads in shame.  They are no
better thean the pharasees (sic) and saducees who peracuted our Lord. Now on
to the meat of my letter i have one question for you why did you leave the
church?, do you curentlly attend any church and if so what denomination? 
Also i would like to simplly state that I know that the Church of Jesus
Christ of Later-Day Saints is true, That Joesph Smith was a Prophet, That
the Atonement took place, The Preisthood was Restored and The Book of Mormon
is true. Thank you for hearing me out.

p.s. plese post my letter minus my e-mail adress thank you.

Yours in Christ

Aaron Kooienga

We are stupid

I can NOT believe how STUPID you people are!We Mormons don't go around saying,'You're Church is stupid for believing that.'We tell people about it modestly and hope they will se the truth.I have just turned thirteen recently and my testimony is very strong.Gordon B. Hinkley is the true prophet!At least we have a prophet.Where do you get your information from?Some random hoeboe that you meet in an alley?People need to be able to choose with their hearts,not from what others think.I know that I have no power to stop you,but please don't post insulting stories about the Mormons.You people must think that we think we're better than everyone,but I know we don't.I don't have a father,and that leaves me out of a lot of school activities,but my Mormon family helps me more than my real family does.

                                                               Alex Begis

From the Reagan Family - Be sure sure to have spotless robes

First of all, I am very disappointed in your writing. Most of your facts are COMPLETELY wrong (ex. NONE of the authoritarian organizations ever threaten  us that bad things will happen if we leave the church-I've been Mormon for all my life).  Next, if you were a missionary, then you know that you're lying inside. I understand that people in the church can be very negative to inactives or non members. Believe me-- I KNOW. They are however, usually very supportive in a way that you never see. Ther are a lot of CRAZY mormons that sometimes totally isolate themselves from nonmembers and want nothing to do w/ the outside world which is really crappy on their part. Another thing is that - I don't know how you became a missionary-- especially in the Joseph Smith readings it says that he was forbidden to record or say anything (revelations especially) until the Lord wanted him to. You know this. Also, the temple is an extremely sacred place. The ceremonies are ver strange, but if the Lord wants us to do something a certain way, then it will be. If you think about it, a lot of things in this world are weird and they have absolutely nothing to do with Mormons. I could probably go on and on proving to you that you got your facts wrong because I myself have wondered every situation in your essay thing and every time I have researched and prayed about it. Please rethink your decision. I know it is emotionally extremely hard but I believe from what I hear is that you were a very important member and Satan wanted you out and it worked. YOU know how he works.  My last comment is this: You know that little feeling that makes you happy inside? The one that tells you the truth? You know what it is and you're just denying it. Don't!! Please listen to it - it will guide you whether you are LDS or not. No matter what H.F. will meet you someday and he'll tell you the truth and hopefully when we meet you'll be able to look me in the eyes with spotless robes.


Nicole's eternal marriage was destroyed by ex-Mormons


Perhaps I don't belong on this website, but all of you are so interested in hearing both sides of the story that I thought you might like to hear mine.  My husband told me in November of 2004 that he no longer believes in the LDS church, I was shocked, but more importantly saddened that the person who took me to the temple could do something like this, not after a wonderful 2 years of marriage. 


I'm sure all of you reading are already thinking, "look, just another example of those brainwashed Mormons, thinking that temple of theirs is so important,"  Think what you want, I am not here to change your thinking.  I am here to share my side. 


A lot has obviously happened since November and now, being April 2005, but today I received the final answer from my husband that he will not ever believe in the church.  We will file for divorce soon, not because I don't love him, but because he has chosen a new path.  I will always love him, and hope that you, all of you who find such support in websites like this will be able to support him.  After all he gave his marriage up for this.  I hope you can also comfort me as his wife too, if your beliefs mean so much to you, you should be willing to reach out to people like me.  Perhaps you can spend one night with me as I cry in a pain only I know because my marriage is over.  I hope you can be with my husband when he's having a hard day, because now I can't.  I hope because of your "strong" support system, you can take care of him like I have. 


I hope you can realize you can't.  You can have this little support systems on the internet, but your groups won't ever take place of an eternal marriage.  I hope people like you realize that you ruin lives, not support them.  You have only lead my husband to a very lonely path, one that I hope you will truly be able to support him through.  I do not hate people like you, I feel sorry for you.  I feel sorry for me too, because I have lost the one I love.  Thank you for listening.  If you guys say how supportive and kind and caring you are, you will post this on your website, even though I do not believe in what you do, afterall, isn't that what this website is for? 




Naked touching in the temple was always appropriate

I went to your site because I wanted to see what former Mormon women would say about life in the church. I read what you were saying about the temples, especially the initiatory process. I've been through the temple many times, and I never felt violated by the process, nor have they ever touched me inappropriately. It has always been on the Side, and when the garments were placed on, I stayed covered the whole time. In fact, they held up the shield (while it was still on me) so I can put it on myself. I just thought I would clear some things up. I don't want responses. I'm happy with my membership in the church, and have found peace in my life through the teachings.


We are making them stronger

Here's the deal:

Although you claim to be helping members and people leave The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, you are just making some of us stronger and happy to believe what we members of the church believe.  I heard someone say that it is easy to be a member of the church, but it is not easy to not be a member (referring to those who know what is true, that choose not to continue to believe it, that is what is hard).  Just remember that as you may be helping those fall away who may be faltering in their faith, Christ is increasing his borders too.  It will be a sad day when Christ comes again and you feel pain and remorse for your own choices and for the pain you caused those of whom you helped decieve.  Also remember that Christ said that whatsoever ye have done unto the least of these my bretheren ye have done it unto me.
Good luck buddy, hopeful you will come back to the truth and I can see and talk with you in the Millenium.
Laura Connell
Eric, feel free to use this in your collection exactly how it appears, however it was mostly intended for you. 



          I read your story on the exmormon page and I was just wondering
how you could lie so much about the temple and other things. I've been a
member all my life and have been in the temple many times and I've never
seen or heard any thing like you said. It's funny so many people try to lie
about it but the truth still goes on. When you die you will find out the
truth so just wait until then.

Kindest Regards,
Mrs. Day

A 15 year old writes

Hello. My name is Carissa S... I am 15 years old. I would like to share my story.

I love God with all of my heart. I know that Christ lived, and that he suffered for our sins so that we could return to him. I KNOW that he knows everything we are going through, and that he is ALWAYS there for us. I know that he has sent us the Holy Spirit to guide our decisions, and testify to us if something is God's word or not.

At the age of eight, I was baptized into the mormon church. I went to church almost every sunday, not because my parents made me, but because I wanted to. At church, I felt God's love for me. There were countless times where I had fallen to my knees, crying out to God, questioning if the church was true. EVERYTIME my body was encased in a burning feeling of love, comfort, and warmth.

One day, my non-mormon aunt cam over to my house. I was reading out of the bible, and she asked me why I was mormon. She began shooting things at my religion in a forn of anger I had never seen her express. She questioned many principles of the church, and asked ME for the answers. My heart was full of prayer, and I opened the bible. I immediately found pages that I simply read to her. Question after question, I knew just how to answer her. Almost 2 hours of questioning went by. But over time, her voice got softer and softer. The anger in her eart began to leave her.

Then, she asked me a question about the atonement. I once again read her a passage that I was able to find immediately. She smiled at me, and I could tell that she fleet Christ's mercy and love. But the thing is, the passage that I read read was from the Book of Mormon.

I know with ALL MY HEART that The Church of Jesus Christ is true. Being a Mormon has brought me so many blessings, and a amazing love for the lord my God. I want to always serve him, and show my love for him. I want to follow his example, and return to him someday.

I want to apologize to anyone who was hurt or offended by this church, because I know the people in the church aren't perfect. But I KNOW that the doctrine is. I know it is God's word. I know following his teachings will make us happy.

I don't understand how anyone who believes in God could say a religion that teaches God's word is evil. I don't understand how a religion that teaches compassion, and love can be called satanic by people who are saying HATEFUL things. I did not feel God's love while reading through the stories. I wanted to cry, because we are supposed to love and respect each other. I think Satan tries so hard to keep us away from anything that brings God closer to us. Satan wants us to be unhappy, and feel hatred.

Why can't we follow Christ's example? Once you have felt His love, you can't walk away from it. Please do not do something that we make you feel shamed when you someday stand before him! Please, consider you actions. Please, I beg of you, submit this. I think it is only fair to show the other side of all of these stories. The only reason not to submit this is because you are scared. Scared that people will feel the holy ghost testify to them that it is true. I love God. Please feel his love for you. Please know that the things I have said have came from my heart.

-Carissa S

You idiot,
   What do you know about Mormon people, let me guess you've heard stories, you joined for a few weeks and for what, so you could say "I experienced it first hand, I know" you don't know anything you sack of crap! You didn't want to learn or better your life. Who do you think you are, your nothing you waste of flesh. Go to hell you cretin.

                                                    Someone who knows(T.burgess)

A 28 year old writes

just read about half a page of of mormons testimonies and decided it was enough. im thrilled and proud that so many faithful members are standing up for what thay believe in.

i have been a member since i was 8 (20 years ago) but not raised with a church going family (although all baptised) i was raised in the most average normal circumstances and have since found my way into living the christian life. although my family remains non christian.  i have a strong personal testimony and my faith is strong and yes i do think for myself. there are things i agree with about some things in the church coming off as a little cultish and i am not personal friends or any sort of friends with any member of the church.  (personality differance) i am an endowed member because i know the church is true beyond a shadow of a doubt.  i would die for my beliefs and go  to war to defend his rightousness. all the typical things members say yet all true.  i got up to the part about the book of mormon being a hoax???? c'mon   :)
the only thing that is a hoax here is you and i feel deeply sorry that your being used by the devil to carry out his evil little plan and if you do not ammend your ways you may find that he will lead you to your ultimate destruction. Gods plan is for life and love and freedom you are being blinded and beguiled. it is my sincerest prayer that the Lord may bless you to see the spirit of truth and that it will lead you to correction and eternal peace. i will not waste my time reading more on your site as it is non beneficial for my own spirituality and well being.
but i am greatful to be able to strengthen my testimony by sharing it.
i do not mind if you use my personal details as i have nothing to hide, nothing to fear, and am 100% proud to be a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints
Carmen K

She does not want to be influenced

I'm sorry, but I really can't believe you. The mormon leaders are strong men
and women, we wouldn't deny things like that, I haven't read all of what you
said, but I don't want to either. I will not let others try to influence me
with their words. I believe in my church and any more words of 'advise' from
you to me would be pointless because I don't intend on reading them. But
thank you for your time. I do respect you and everyone on your site for what
they believe in and you all have good points but I, as a person, do not
believe in them.

Recovery from Mormonism