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Exmormon's exit stories about how and why they left the church. 
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Confessions of an EX-GA Charlie08/01/2011 07:49PM
A Long Time Coming. hapeheretic07/31/2011 09:16AM
My one way ticket dclarkfan107/26/2011 10:35PM
Arrested after sacrament meeting 93annivette07/25/2011 11:52PM
My Ex-it Story and Mo Life teewan07/18/2011 11:18PM
Throwing in my two cents ronocko07/06/2011 07:00PM
Why I left: Science, sex, and love pourquoi06/30/2011 06:53PM
My exit story Suckafoo06/28/2011 05:56PM
My Own Pious Fraud and Coming to the Truth Jesùs Hector Christ06/27/2011 04:43AM
My Story... FinallyFree06/21/2011 02:55PM
No More Pounding Square Pegs into Round Holes Just Thinking06/18/2011 09:50AM
Conficted and Lost jaydedcammie06/17/2011 12:06AM
Ten years ago I was a missionary. But I got out. NerdLinger06/06/2011 11:06AM
Why I left the Amish examish05/29/2011 08:01PM
Frustrated at myself jaredfstanley05/23/2011 09:16AM
WHY I LEFT tomtrilobite05/20/2011 06:52PM
Trying to show my husband he was wrong in his unbelief eventually lead me out. Pil-Latté05/17/2011 10:43AM
My Exit Story / Senior Project fancypants05/16/2011 09:50PM
I was a lifetime 6th generation mormon who woke up and grew up one day. Scott.T05/07/2011 05:10PM
The Courage to Obtain my Freedom think4u05/01/2011 01:30PM
deeply heartfelt response to paygayale's articals larry john04/26/2011 03:48AM
Odyssey, Part Six GayLayAle04/22/2011 11:46AM
Odyssey, Part Five GayLayAle04/22/2011 11:45AM
Odyssey, Part Four GayLayAle04/22/2011 11:43AM
Odyssey, Part Three GayLayAle04/22/2011 11:42AM
Odyssey, Part Two GayLayAle04/22/2011 10:59AM
Because Some People Are Too Pretty to Push a Handcart: My Odyssey, Part One GayLayAle04/22/2011 10:57AM
Exit Story of The Man in Black. The Man in Black04/22/2011 12:59AM
Au revoir Zion/Kolob! enoughenoch1904/03/2011 11:41PM
God still loves me. catholiclady03/31/2011 08:07PM