ubject: MTC will no longer allow parents to enter. Drop kid at the curb and get out!
Date: Jun 03, 2009
Author: NoToJoe
Notes: MTC = Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah, TSCC = This so called church, TBM = True believing Mormon


One more thing the TSCC is doing to strip all personal meaning from the CULTural experience. Just drop your kid at the curb and move along. Keep moving, nothing to see here. Your two minutes of free curbside parking are over, please wave good by and get out of here.

What will this be like in January?


Subject: Re: MTC will no longer allow parents to enter. Drop kid at the curb and get he h*ll out!
Date: Jun 04 02:55
Author: Jes


This thread has hit a nerve with me. It was the worst day of my life as a mother to have to turn my son in for two years knowing that I would hardly ever get to even speak to him. My mom died when he was out for only a few months and he could only talk to me for ten minutes at the most -- he ended it at five...wanted to show his obedience. What a trash pile they make of a mother. Another time, he had not written for several weeks and I called the mission home. Immediately, I heard from him. He had been given a head's up by the assistant there who had not told the MP I had called, and called me to admonish me and remind me to NEVER call the mission home for any reason -- if someone else died, Dad could call -- priesthood in action of course. I told him then he better write to me each week. The last letter I had from him was about a car going out of its way to knock him off his bike. I was worried sick for weeks, thinking he was not telling me all of it, and maybe he was laid up in the hospital or something. I was not welcome in Florida, in my son's life. It was god awful. That whole scene in the MTC was rough, but it was a little reassuring for a mom sending her son away for the first time. Now, they want to take the last bit of humanity and reassurance out of it, and have a curbside drop-off. You may careen around the corner, have him bale out and then speed off.....It would be better to say good-bye back home. The airport with its security barriers would have been as warm.

Just reliving that day...I need more tissue...

He was never the same again. He grew up a lot and became more responsible, which was good, but he also grew inward and was from then on, more distant from the mother who raised him to believe, but no longer believed herself. I spoke at his farewell (they still allowed those) -- I spoke when he returned (though, I was not active -- and the bishop said they were the best two talks they had ever had in that ward) -- I supported my son's decisions -- I love him fairly with all my might and moisture....

and always will.....but, oh dear dear truth, I remember that day that they took him away.

I need some wine to go with the whine.



Subject: They ARE trying to make the change permanent - here's the scoop
Date: Jun 04 02:15
Author: CA girl

I was on the phone today with a good friend from Provo talking about the flu at the MTC. Her next-door-neighbor is some high mucky muck at the MTC. He told her that they have wanted to do away with the whole "bid your missionary goodbye" meeting in the MTC for about 2 years. He said it places an unfair financial burden on parents who feel they have to accompany their missionary out to Utah to walk them into the MTC and attend the farewell meeting. The farewell only lasts about 20 min, as I remember. If they do away with that, parents can just stick their kids on a plane in their home state and save themselves the travel expense. The morgbot worker drones will pick up these kids in SLC and transport them to the MTC. The high mucky muck said that they are hoping to use this flu epidemic to get people used to the idea of "drop off" missionaries and as a jumping off point for this to be made an official policy change.

Basically, IMO (not the mucky mucks) the church wants you to just put your kid on a plane, hand him/her over and get out of the way. No messy goodbyes, no sentiment - just turn over your kid and beat it.


Subject: Re: They ARE trying to make the change permanent - here's the scoop
Date: Jun 04 05:08
Author: AxelDC

With all the airport restrictions, that means you won't be able to see their plane off to Provo. So, you have to drop your kid off at the screeners at your local airport, and that's it. You won't see him again for 2 years until you pick him up there.

The excuse of "helping families financially" is nonsense. If they cared about that, they would use their billions to subsidize missions, not a shopping mall. Many LDS families who do go to Utah have family there. My mom and siblings were there for nearly a month when I went to the MTC.

God, what an f*ed up cult. They are trying to squeeze every last bit of humanity out of that institution.


Subject: Lovely, just lovely. Stop respecting the mom's. Lovely family-centered cult.
Date: Jun 03 20:37
Author: forestpal

>"I think it was mostly for the moms. Make you feel more comfortable, we are going to feed them they won't go hungry they will be okay," said Lisa Ence who's son is heading to the West Indies. "

Not alloweing parents in at all, will give them a tast of how the missionaries are REALLY treated. Yes, they WILL go hungry, and walk around with a hole in their tooth, because they aren't allowed to go to the dentist, or with walking pneumonia or parasites.

>"A church spokesman from the Public Affairs office says this was something leaders where looking at changing anyway but decided to move forward with it now."

OOOOOOOKKKAAAAYYYY, what is their real reason for the change? I don't believe it is to accommodate the 25%, so they don't feel left out. There's gotta be another reason, and since they decided before the swine flu, that is not the reason.

Hot damn! Now the Mormons have yet another building members' families aren't allowed into. Does the cult think it will make the MTC seem more "sacred?"


Subject: The crowd used to be large, now it is small. No witnesses. n/t


Subject: Isn't that great?
Date: Jun 03 20:45
Author: Kim

Why couldn't they just spring for the cost of some of those masks you see people wearing in the airport and some hand sanitizer? They could also simply add to their list of formal instructions not to french kiss or touch anyone they don't know.

Seems like they could take a few simple precautions like that and allow a little bit of humanity still in their cult induction services.


Subject: Re: You don't understand, moms/dads deserve to be treated like
Date: Jun 03 20:54
Author: Quinlansolo

 GBH [previous Mormon prophet]  started the awful disconnect gig when he brilliantly scratched farewell gatherings.


Subject: [barfs] Hopefully it snows more than anyone's ever seen on the MTC this winter and beyond lol!
Date: Jun 03 20:58
Author: Tiphanie

Then they won't be able to keep the curbs clean and the rule will be unenforceable due to the will of Gawd himself! >;)


Subject: Some logistics issues [parody, but close to the truth]
Date: Jun 03 23:55
Author: MTC Security Chief

Some parents (particularly feminists on the verge of apostasy) might thwart the work of the Lord by creating bottlenecks in the traffic pattern each week when they drop off their missionaries. In order to minimize this we're going to have to include some very strong instructions.

1. Missionaries should have their 2 bags of luggage marked with provided bar coded labels that'll be sent with their mission call letter.

2. Each missionary should have 1 escort designated to know which bags are being brought into the MTC. The missionary shall be seated in the front passenger seat and have their scriptures and a purse or notebook/briefcase in hand.

3. The vehicles carrying the missionaries shall be instructed to go towards the north side of the temple. There they'll be guided to go east on 2320 North, take a right on Temple Hill Drive and then into the parking lot between the field and Temple Hill Drive where the cars will be lined up and guided into then 2nd furthest west section of this parking lot.

4. In this line will be 2 stopping points. The first will have MTC missionaries doing celestial service trained to quickly open the first passenger door and quickly escort the new missionary into a bus that'll be just a few yards away in the furthest west section of the parking lot. Up ahead 20 feet will be a sign that says LUGGAGE DROPOFF. There another group of missionaries will retrieve the 2 bags from each escort. Additional guards/commandos/bouncers will be provided as necessary in case discipline breaks down. Its important to keep the lines moving quickly before the feminist moms start crying.

5. Once these buses are full with newbies they'll be driven into the MTC. The buses will unload the missionaries who will then get their dork dots and head into the assembly lines for processing and getting started. If needed the entire network of parking lots for the temple can be used to handle all the lines of cars and corresponding buses. During the middle of the day the local school district doesn't need all their buses and they could be contracted to have up to a dozen buses/drivers scheduled to make rounds for a couple hours on Wednesdays. Having the lines/directions programmed to match reporting times will help improve efficiencies. And it'll be important to have an extra line for the troublemakers. These are the escorts/missionaries who disobediently arrive outside their assigned time period and it'll be important for their guides/bouncers to put them on a guilt trip for being disobedient. An automated letter of reprimand from their Branch President will be delivered to their district's mail box for each disobedient missionary warning them to repent for their crime of creating a bottleneck in the Lord's logistics at the MTC.

6. Once the escort cars are emptied of their newbie missionary and their 2 bags then the escort car will be directed on to Temple View Drive back towards the MTC. When they get to 900 East a "traffic cop" will direct them to go south towards BYU. As they drive south on 900 East the family/escorts will start figuring it out that they're done and that its pointless to return and trespass for any more goodbyes. Those 5 seconds they had of their missionary being quickly escorted out of the car into the bus was their final goodbye for 2 years.

7. Perhaps an escort on the bus can give an example on Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt for looking back and how this is the same for missionaries who look out of the bus at their family driving away. Once they're on the bus they are the property of the Lord and welcome to the MTC.


Subject: there's an easier way than this that makes the Cult more money
Date: Jun 05 14:41
Author: scarecrowfromoz

Each Cult Inductee [oops, backspace won't work, I mean missionary] doesn't need their OWN suitcase. Since everyone wears the same regulation uniform, all that is necessary is size.

As they arrive at the prison [backspace again, MTC] they step to the front of the line, state their size, and the Warden [that backspace again, I mean mission president's representative] hands them regulation clothes in their size (2 pants suit, 2 white shirts and 4 conservative ties from Mr. Smack [backspace Mac]), a suitcase to carry it all in, charges the inductee another $1000, sends a few hundred to Mr. Smack, and the church has found a way to make more money, off the Cult [backspace church] members.

All non regulation clothes that they are wearing on arrival are turned over and sent to Deserted Industries , where the Cult resells them for more money.


Subject: If entire schools have to close for swine flu, how is the mtc allowed to ship off anyone
Date: Jun 04 00:22
Author: Tiphanie

from the mtc? Isn't the whole purpose of any real quarantine that no one's allowed to leave??

So if they keep bringing in new, potentially H1N1-infected mishies whom they are clearly NOT testing for the virus before allowing them to enter the mtc, how in the he!! can the quarantine ever be lifted on the mtc?

How can any of these potentially-infected mishes be *safely* allowed onto airlines??


Subject: Using crisis to implement change- make it permanent. If anyone complains, blame it on swine flu nt


Subject: This is "progression"...first no farewells or homecomings, now just dropoffs, next: END MISSIONS! NT


Subject: Kick 'em to the curb. No dignity. No contact. This sounds a lot like human trafficking.
Date: Jun 04 01:56
Author: tired mom

What is wrong with you TBM moms and dads out there? You and your children are being treated terribly. Stand up for yourselves!


Subject: Even our military academies are more compassionate.
Date: Jun 04 05:44
Author: Summer
Mail Address:  

The service academies have a designated drop-off place and time, but the families can spend as long as the want to saying goodbye. Many families do come, but of course some don't due to the travel distance and expense.

The cadets/mids/airmen also have designated leave time each year which they can use to go see their families. And the families also have designated days in which they can come see their son or daughter.

Also, in our modern age of advanced communications, not allowing more phone calls, emails, etc. home to family members is just plain cruel.

The MTC would do well to model itself on the military academies, institutions which DO understand the importance of family support.


Subject: Hey, outside the USA all missionaries say goodbye at the airport, bus station or whatever. (nt)
Date: Jun 05 20:30
Author: Okie
Mail Address:  



Subject: The headless elder photo was appropriate. n/t


Subject: Unbelievable..
Date: Jun 05 14:06
Author: Formerly a TBM

"missionaries are not allowed to shake hands"

Is there a rule or restriction the GAs won't implement? They are out of control!


Subject: Is this how the MTC is currently doing things?
Date: Jun 05 14:17
Author: southern idaho inactive

Does this mean that in 2 weeks when my eldest snobbish TBM brother and his wife come to visit that they only be able to drop off another one of my TBM nephews at the MTC doorstep and leave? Stupid Cult!!!


Subject: no longer allow parents to enter
Date: Jun 05 14:23
Author: LifeIsGreatNow

It's just another play by Mormon Gestapo leadership to enact more cult-like restrictions on their brain washed young men.


Subject: close it down for 2 months do some heavy cleaning
Date: Jun 05 14:47
Author: ob

Just like they do at schools when they have an outbreak


Subject: Exclusive 1st video of new missionaries entering MTC After new policy implemented..
Date: Jun 05 15:28
Author: Deputy Dawg



Subject: Re: MTC will no longer allow parents to enter. *language*
Date: Jun 05 16:04
Author: footsie

Are you  serious?!!?!!!?!! I.....I....I'm just at a loss for words. My baby brother is on a mission right now ( he's in the MTC at the moment ) so the mission issue hits close to home for me right now.
So, let me get this straight. The family is all supposed to get behind the 2 year brain-washing experience and on top of everything else that is wrong w/ the mission-thing, you can't even give your child a god-damned proper good-bye?
This makes me unreasonable angry.


Subject: They are not your kids ...
Date: Jun 05 20:16
Author: luminouswatcher

You promised to give all to the church in your endowment, and you have. They will take what is theirs and you will be grateful.


Subject: How many times do you need to be offended
Date: Jun 05 20:32
Author: Don Bagley

before you realize you've been handled?

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