The Internet is Destroying Mormonism


Superb succinct 6:30 minute YouTube clip that summarizes how it's all falling apart AND the Swedish "Rescue" transcript.

Audio and pdf transcript of Sweden fireside:

South Park episode referenced in YouTube clip:

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I like how they had a hard time pronouncing "emeritus"...

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that was good, it was good...

and the south 'pork' pronunciation thing was funny too,

but how about a guy named Cenk Uygur ( and BTW I like Cenk, however) blabbering off the name "Bob Smith" as a way to illustrate / emphasize his commentary, at about the four minute mark in the video..... LMAO here!

The Brethren had to emerit Mattsson's ass as fast as possible ...
I think I read that the emeritee and Birgitta moved to Spain.

I'm sure The Brethren are extremely pissed and would love to excommunicate Brother Mattsson in a New York Minute, but the PR consultants would surely advise against stirring up even more publicity as a result.

In general, The Brethren smartly do the best thing for the Church, which is to SAY NOTHING. When your entire position is founded on not only lies, but ABSURD lies, your best option is to wrap a big roll of duct tape over your lie hole and leave there.

Once in a while, one of The Brethren ungags himself and opens his lie hole again. Guess what comes out?

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Awesome. I would love to see more of this in the net and watch mormonism die....a slow painful death.

Lie Hole
I'm definitely laughing at that one.

Good one Beyond...

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Brother Of Jerry
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The lies are what is destroying Mormonism. The Internet just provides sunlight to expose them.

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The Youtube video clip has just been out with Korean translation.

The Korean translation of the New York Times' article on Hans Mattsson is also available in the following link:

If you have any Korean Mormon friends or neighbors, let them know that there is a Korean Exmo Site at

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