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Teaching to manipulate - straight from the LDS manual

Jesus Smith Nov. 2012

The following comes from the LDS [Mormon] Missionary manual
Summary: Act devastated if the investigator doesn't do what you say before being baptized.

Most Important Element of A Damaging Cult

anagrammy Nov. 2012

Today one of my daughters called me and asked me to give her the single most important element that makes a religion a cult.

Things my Mission Presidents said

xophor Nov. 2012

Things my Mission Presidents said in zone conference...
I have a couple of quotes that stuck with me all these years, probably because I was a bit perturbed to hear them from "spiritual" leaders.

"Well, you know what they say: The looks of your eternal companion depend on how well you served as a missionary...and as far as I'm concerned, that means prettier."

Shock, horror, relief, excitement?

sherlock Nov. 2012

Describe the very moment you realized that the LDS [Mormon] church wasn't true.

"Prophets are not scientists"

xyz Nov 2012

"Prophets are not scientists: Their views of science tend to reflect the prevailing views of the time."

Was the church ever biased towards any of you for being shy?

ray Oct. 2012

I was baptized at the age of 10 in early 1985. I left the church in early 1996 at age 21.

I have Asperger's in a moderate way. I avoid eye contact at least half of the time when I am talking and chatting to people. Who has felt badly treated for being shy or more shy than the way the Mormon church like you to be?

The New Party Line? History Doesn't Matter

suckafoo Oct. 2012

This is the new party line my husband's family is using whenever I point something out. That history is not relevant today and what matters is the church today.
I wonder if they have been told this somewhere and are now repeating it because I hear a lot of people on here who are being told this by relatives.

New Order Mormon?

amberbock Oct 2012

This term is new to me. Is this something that is commonly known throughout the church now (inactive for +10 yrs.) Is it "OK" to tell your bishop you are a NOM [new order Mormon] and still get a temple rec.? Can't wrap my mind around this thinking.

My First twitches of understanding why you are angry

roxy Oct. 2012

Ok I'm starting to get it now, I think i have been on this site maybe 4-5 months give or take, and I just didn't get a lot of the anger sometimes, (except for those being shunned etc - i got that!) but just general anger towards the church etc. Just wanted to tell you all I am starting to enter that phase and I now understand!

Insider Info on 18 year old Missionaries

justrob Oct 2012

So my brother-in-law was beaming today to announce to the family that his father-in-law was actually one of the few people on the committee that decided to make the new mission age 18.
[Admin note: This is not verified, but believed to be accurate. See discussion inside.]

Some fun facts: