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Joseph Smith and Nancy Rigdon

by steve benson Feb 2012

. . . let's review a variety of cross-checked sources confirming Joseph Smith's sexual hunting spree aimed at Nancy Rigdon

--"The prophet [Joseph Smith] was . . . at odds with his long-time friend and counselor Sidney Rigdon over a reputed polygamous proposal on 9 April 1842 to Rigdon's unmarried daughter Nancy.

LDS First Presidency Directive to Segregate Blacks from Whites in Relief Society Classes . . .

by steve benson

The Mormon Church had confidence that Ezra Taft Benson [former Mormon prophet] would follow orders when it came to dealing with racial matters.
Dew failed to mention that one of those “problems” had to do with Black women sitting too close to White women during Relief Society lessons.

Another article about Mitt: Who in God's name is he?

by Stray Mutt Feb 2012

The article starts this way, and it reminds me of so many Mormon men I've known:

I asked a captain of American finance what he had made of Mitt Romney when they were young colleagues at Bain & Company. “Mitt was a nice guy, a smart businessman, and an excellent team player,” he ­responded without missing a beat. Then came the CEO’s one footnote, delivered with bemusement, not pique: “Still, whenever the rest of us would go out at the end of the day, we’d always find ourselves having the same conversation: None of us had any idea who this guy was.”

Washington Post Article on racist history of the Mormon Church

by caedmon Feb 2012

The LDS church has neither formally apologized for the black priesthood ban nor publicly repudiated many of the theories used to justify it for more than 125 years.

Mitt and Ann Romney--Portrayed by Sister Romney as Struggling, Just-Getting-By, Stock-Selling Students at BYU: How Tough It Was, Ye Know Not; How Tight It Was, Ye Know Not . . .

by steve benson Jan 2012

How many of you shared this common bond of poverty with Mitt and Ann Romney while you, too, were desperately trying to make it as students at BYU? [They had to sell some stock to 'get by']

Sham Overboard: Book of Mormon Lehi's Magical Mariner Tour through Arabian Sand to the Promised Land . . .

by steve benson Jan 2012

The first myth we need to eliminate is that Book of Mormon archaeology exists. . . . Biblical archaeology can be studied because we do know where Jerusalem and Jericho were and are, but we do not know where Zarahemla and Bountiful (nor any other location for that matter} were or are.

Romey Promoting His Mormon Faith While Lying About His Messy Facts

by steve benson Nov 2011

Mitt Romney and His Made-up Dreams--the Ones He Tries to Pass Off as Actual Events

Mormon Mitt, invoking his Mormon faith, dramatically and falsely claimed that he had seen his own father, Michigan governor George Romney, march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Oliver Cowdery never retracted his accusation against Joseph Smith of Smith having had an adulterous affair with teenager Fanny Alger. How could he? The raunchy record, please...

by steve benson Dec 2011

Smith's first known sexual affair was with a teenager named Fannie Alger, who was living with Smith and his first wife Emma in their Kirtland, Ohio, home. Fanny was also Smith's first confirmed plural wife. [See lds.org] Smith “came to know[her] in Kirtland during early 1833 when she, at the age of 16, stayed at his home as a housemaid.

More Stand-Up Comedy from Michael R. Ash FAIR's Mighty Mormon Magician, This Time on Those Jaredite Barges

by steve benson Dec 2011

In an earlier act, FAIR's premier funny man, Michael R. Ash, entertained his RfM audience with non-stop laughs as he explained how Nephite warriors fought their enemies not from horse-drawn chariots (since horses and wheels weren't around during that New World era), but rather, from sleds pulled by deer.

Earth to the Lying Mormon Church: Quit Falsely, Disproveably Claiming That Your 1890 "Manifesto" Resulted in the End of Mormon Church-Sanctioned Polygamy. It Did Not . . .

steve benson

In an unending effort to twist history and turn it on its head, the Mormon Church dishonestly declares (despite mountains of documented evidence to the contrary) that its 1890 "Manifesto" ended, dead in its tracks, the Mormon practice of polygamy.

As is so often the case, the historical record speaks loudly and clearly to the contrary.