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I Like To Play A Game During GC Anonski2210/03/2010 10:01AM
"Supernal" wonderer10/03/2010 12:40PM
If Joseph Smith were alive today, he'd be excommunicated... another guy10/05/2010 09:05PM
I don't know that we teach that... 24 topojoejoe10/06/2010 02:06AM
Have U Ever Been Able To Identify The Social Misfit(s) In Your Ancestry That Made YOUR Decision... 21 BeenThereDunnThatExMo10/06/2010 03:13PM
35 years ago dr510/06/2010 07:21PM
MO church's next item to ban: Same-sex roomates sharing apartments or homes. It's coming! :-) nt (n/t) Sandie10/06/2010 10:39PM
A message to gay and lesbian youth that should be shared to as many people as possible. 30 MJ10/05/2010 05:31PM
Any revelation about stem cell research yet, or do they have to wait for science to decide the ethics? (n/t) ozpoof10/06/2010 09:59PM
Research Design Topic, need your help. Itzel10/06/2010 06:38PM
Why isn't Monson included with the wealthiest Americans list? kookoo4kokaubeam10/06/2010 03:23PM
Letter to my cousin who I love... 10 bingoe410/05/2010 11:58PM
"Hundreds expected to protest LDS Church leader's comments on gays" MJ10/06/2010 07:03PM
Did anyone see Kurt's diatribe from "Glee" last night? Searching Truth10/06/2010 03:52PM
Had a Talk with a Bishop I know sfex10/05/2010 01:56PM
Niece Under Pressure to Marry 13 rgg10/04/2010 04:31PM
Jewish DNA found in New York? 12 anagrammy10/06/2010 12:06AM
Opposition to slavery caused persecution? TPGCH10/06/2010 04:52PM
Is Elder Nelson in Apostasy? 16 JoD3:36010/06/2010 07:56AM
No more Garmies! rutabaga10/06/2010 02:19PM
Why it is always about sex... Way Out10/06/2010 04:08PM
Where can I hear Boyd Packers talk from confurns? n/t (n/t) Snickers10/06/2010 04:45PM is falling apart HuntCumom10/06/2010 03:49PM
A report on a former Bishop from a nevermo matt10/06/2010 05:11AM
Jesus Wants Me For a Jan IT TOR... Primus10/05/2010 11:05PM
Help! Need References on Brigham Young & Slavery Jack Donkey10/06/2010 02:26PM
Packer said Satan is impotent. Is that doctrinal? 30 Mormon Traitor10/04/2010 05:06PM
Packer - Apology? Rudolph10/06/2010 02:41PM
BOM Musical!!! libros10/06/2010 12:20AM
Identify: Michelle, Laura, Hillary, Barbara, Nancy, Rosalynn, 17 Brother Of Jerry10/05/2010 07:50PM
Which is a better gift - 1491 or Guns, Germs and Steel? 12 CA girl10/06/2010 01:06AM
My take on Packer gpman10/06/2010 12:15PM
I noticed that GC transcripts 10 fallenangelblue10/05/2010 12:03PM
accusations for leaving the church 29 rallychild10/05/2010 09:37PM
Why is GC considered spiritually uplifting? 22 JoD3:36010/04/2010 06:37PM
Peter's post got me thinking, what the heck goes on in those temples? maria10/06/2010 12:05PM
Monson attempts to land an airplane 10 Primus10/04/2010 09:28PM
I really want to accuse Packer of being in the closet himself, BUT... kilgore10/05/2010 06:45PM
Some days I am so glad not to be a member of LDS Inc. They don't want me back10/06/2010 08:51AM
Jesus really does want me for a janitor 22 casas7710/05/2010 10:14PM
My resignation date turns out to be Oct 5!!!!! 13 Levi10/05/2010 05:57PM
Something funny that I'd like to share - to bring hopefully a smile this Wednesday.... brigantia10/06/2010 09:06AM
New sex study... Um, yes, this is frank adult discussion. MJ10/04/2010 02:21PM
Yeah, that's the way to build families BKP! 21 wendell10/04/2010 09:29PM
whats the source of "speaking as a man and not as a prophet"? Nick Humphrey10/05/2010 06:00PM
The word is out: Glen Beck's visions of an LDS America 13 rogertheshrubber10/05/2010 10:04AM
Confronting religious patriarchal leaders for their harmful actions: "Archbishop steps down amid abuse claims" (link). FreeAtLast10/06/2010 04:04AM
A Letter to Boyd from A Mad Scientist David10/05/2010 01:57PM
I'm mad as "heck" and I'm not taking it anymore. 12 Stunted10/05/2010 06:30PM
I love general conference.. Aplomado10/05/2010 01:15PM
Book of Mormon v. Tarot Cards CA girl10/05/2010 11:27PM
BabyCenter gals just convinced my wife that she is done... An_Engineer10/06/2010 12:54AM
You leave Packer ALONE!!!! Ultra TBM Mega Lord10/05/2010 05:32PM
Sign HRC's open letter/petition 12 foxystoner10/05/2010 10:54AM
Hmm.. for some reason I'm unable to contact certain TBM family members. Makurosu10/05/2010 07:05PM