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Conversation with an apologist (small rant) 21 runtu01/20/2011 04:04PM
Short incoherent rant: If catholics worship in a cathedral, and jews worship in a synagogue... Thread Killer01/20/2011 06:52PM
Meyers Briggs Personality test (Interesting stuff) 51 experienceheals01/20/2011 03:58PM
Why are Mormon boys REQUIRED to attend Scouts? 33 CA girl01/19/2011 05:00PM
The power of the moon (slight adult/potential raw adult humor) 18 experienceheals01/19/2011 04:33PM
Resignation jan01/20/2011 05:05PM
Convert temple marraige Mysteria01/20/2011 06:47PM
Oh My Father - And other hated hymns 40 Grey01/20/2011 02:04PM
Pray Tell...Why Do TBM Parents Think That Their Kids Will Remain As Ignorant About The Fraud Of Mo'ism As They Themselves Have Over The Years... BeenThereDunnThatExMo01/20/2011 06:39PM
If lower taxes actually creates more tax revenue, wouldn't lowering tithing have a similar effect? helemon01/20/2011 12:17AM
Did anyone become an actual Christian? 36 fromutah01/20/2011 03:00PM
Deseret Book for Ex-Mormons Elder Berry01/19/2011 04:29PM
Are these real names for measures? Senine, Seon, Strum and Limnah? 16 Suckafoo01/13/2011 02:04PM
Greatest practical joke, ot foundoubt01/20/2011 01:41PM
The "Small Church" Spin 19 Major Bidamon01/20/2011 01:09PM
I wonder how the common church employee feels about their compensation. openeyes01/20/2011 01:27AM
Feeling sick right now Pil-Latté01/20/2011 05:18PM
Big Love/Sister Wives moira01/20/2011 05:38PM
I was in this mini movie... Suckafoo01/06/2011 12:16PM
Daniel Peterson tells a friendly Mormon audience that he's "fond" of an argument of his that he admits no one else is buying . . . 29 steve benson01/05/2011 07:10PM
OT/ Dave Ramsey Mormon Observer01/19/2011 08:56AM
DNA ExMormonRon01/20/2011 04:45PM
ancient of days... someone wanted to know Charlie01/20/2011 04:59PM
PZ draws parallels between creationists and mormons OnceMore01/20/2011 03:44PM
What does your moniker mean? 103 Queen of Denial01/20/2011 12:36PM
RFM has dropped from high on 1st page to low on 2nd page on 17 Carol Y.01/20/2011 03:34PM
Neo-Nazi leader ordained as a Mormon elder by LDS politician who denies knowing him 10 intellectualfeminist01/19/2011 07:31PM
baptism and having name removed unforgivable01/20/2011 12:42PM
Come Back!!! 28 Major Bidamon01/13/2011 10:51PM
Did the Mormon Church make money off the Lamanite Placement Program? 10 Unconventional Ideas01/19/2011 09:10PM
My story 18 Woman's Intuition01/20/2011 10:47AM
a dilemma 28 hurkey01/20/2011 08:28AM
Ranking The Most Tolerant States Starting From The Bottom. 24 Mrs. Estzerhaus01/19/2011 12:37AM
different Aspergers signs continued.... 34 experienceheals01/20/2011 02:19AM
SL Cabbie ExMormonRon01/20/2011 12:35PM
power of discernment 28 unforgivable01/19/2011 03:37PM
anyone practice santeria or ifa? 18 anon01/20/2011 02:45AM
What about my boys? 13 Queen of Denial01/20/2011 02:29AM
Who sent me this? ExMormonRon01/20/2011 11:41AM
Making Fun of Names ExMormonRon01/20/2011 01:41PM
My Wife Has Bought Her Temple Recommend 13 Secular Priest01/20/2011 11:53AM
'Big Love' HBO show and Xango MLM last episode. Wonder if this is some personal mav01/20/2011 02:15PM
ExMo Popcorn Taddlywog01/19/2011 11:10PM
Anti mormon "mockery" can actually lead to teaching moments ina01/20/2011 12:57PM
Went to memorial service Sunday and they played "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" NormaRae01/19/2011 05:36PM
Only cocktail connoisseurs need apply (swear) 29 Queen of Denial01/20/2011 12:13AM
revenge on co-worker raven01/20/2011 06:24AM
Timothy (cussin') 14 ExMormonRon01/20/2011 09:34AM
Man arrested for making death threats -- didn't get the LDS Church calling he wanted. SusieQ#101/20/2011 12:42PM
How/when did you stop? 34 Mom of 8 kids01/19/2011 01:27PM
Can't shake the TBM Primerica guy 31 goldenrule01/19/2011 12:43AM
Movie Review=The Suicide Tourist 665 N' 1/201/20/2011 12:12PM
o/t here are the classic UK comedians 18 matt01/19/2011 09:16PM
Copyright Questions Regarding Mormon Stuff Ex-CultMember01/19/2011 11:24PM