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Mormon parasite admits no persuasive political arguments against Gay marriage lulu12/03/2010 08:58AM
And now it's time for a sand stone Jesus. (link) MJ12/03/2010 01:04PM
To zeezrom re: Misdiagnosed OCD thread. maria12/03/2010 01:38PM
Disturbing phone call - more proof of the evil in Mormonism 42 RPackham12/02/2010 11:30PM
The Mormon Obsession With Masturbation melissa383912/03/2010 07:00AM
Does anyone remember "Health Missions" inthe '70S? OzDoc12/03/2010 05:51AM
The Atonement 18 grassboy12/02/2010 09:23PM
The worthiness trap Stray Mutt12/03/2010 08:55AM
Another Fine Example of Lacking Inspiration Lost12/03/2010 09:45AM
I was just thinking, get her done12/03/2010 11:14AM
LDS church not accredited as a valid charity by BBB 24 RPackham12/01/2010 05:45PM
Religious Trauma Syndrome 18 robertb12/01/2010 11:26PM
Still in the church, can't quite figure out how to leave 30 confusedinck12/01/2010 05:25PM
Calling RfM design talents: Do you have Photoshop or Illustrator and an hour or two to help me? munchybotaz12/02/2010 03:16PM
RPackham - re: the BBB ExMormonRon12/03/2010 10:32AM
highlights from my sister's mission 13 emma12/02/2010 03:07PM
Pianist & organist exmos: Did you feel used? 29 WiserWomanNow12/01/2010 02:06PM
The virgin Mary and the Mormons... 27 utahmonomore11/30/2010 02:06PM
Mormon missionary work in Germany as seen by an aborigine 14 fritz11/30/2010 05:52PM
The Creation of God (controversial) blindguy12/03/2010 06:31AM
Canada's polygamy trial - Utah pyschologist describes abuse and robotic demeanour of polygamist women 10 spaghetti oh12/02/2010 10:51PM
The Rapture is coming soon ...... [another face palm moment] 20 Skunk Puppet12/02/2010 12:07PM
According to Jeopardy, what denomination that is 5 million strong was once saved by seagulls? Abigail12/02/2010 08:12PM
Large number of LDS people on your facebook? Post this temple scene from Big Love! 13 Convert12/02/2010 12:56PM
non-mos can say things about lds beliefs that offend lds, but ... Nick Humphrey11/24/2010 05:27AM
I'm still wavering with moments of doubt. 27 Queen of Denial12/02/2010 04:33PM
My husband owned my TBM cousin. 19 ExMorgbot12/02/2010 06:03PM
Continuation: Mormon Misquoted Songs resipsaloquitur12/03/2010 01:20AM
cont. thread about mis-sung songs temple name Julia12/03/2010 02:23AM
1830 BOM on Kindle? Major Bidamon12/02/2010 08:52PM
Mormon Song List Time: Your favorite "mis-sung" LDS hymn (usually by kids who think they're singing it right). Mine . . . 29 steve benson12/01/2010 07:03PM
Why I can't believe any "list" Smokey12/03/2010 12:19AM
Prop 8 judged asked to disqualify himself because his "impartiality might reasonably be questioned" 80 MJ12/02/2010 02:31AM
TIAA-CREF owns $2 billion dollars worth of farm land. Guess who owns more? Mark12/02/2010 10:23PM
COB email disclaimer- Does this sound a little more paraniod than most disclaimers? Druid12/02/2010 11:54PM
Billboard on 9400th South and I-15! exmoliving2lives12/02/2010 11:54PM
Any book recommendations for reading about Nauvoo? Rowell back12/02/2010 07:23PM
how is a bishop talking to kids about their genitals in "worthiness" interviews not illegal? 33 formermormer12/02/2010 01:39AM
Dream Act enlightened12/02/2010 11:08PM
Last night MIL'S face fell 28 Suckafoo11/26/2010 02:16PM
Harold Bloom: Tolkien "unbearably archaic." Worse than the Book of Mormon. 41 Makurosu12/01/2010 11:49PM
The temple ceremonies: symbolic, literal, figurative, spiritual? Some of my experiences. Please share yours. 11 SusieQ#112/01/2010 01:30PM
Golden Book of Mormon battlebruise12/01/2010 05:38PM
Jeffs extradited from Utah to Texas to face trial 20 TXanon12/01/2010 11:58AM
What is the current position on facial hair? 34 mpp12/02/2010 10:28AM
I just thought of something.... 13 wine country girl12/02/2010 05:34PM
TBM Ensign Voice Print Major Bidamon12/02/2010 05:23PM
My Friend Might Be A Closet Doubter. tombs112/01/2010 06:57PM
Ensign to the Rescue 18 Major Bidamon12/02/2010 02:25PM
Holiday cards. Here's what bothers me. 15 Cheryl12/01/2010 06:47PM
: Meridian Magazine - The Rings That Bound the Gold Plates 14 Raider12/01/2010 10:15PM
Dang it! 10 ExMormonRon12/02/2010 03:15PM
O/T: NASA to announce discovery of new life form [no spoof] 28 Skunk Puppet12/02/2010 12:19PM
Finally! Vatican approved condoms on the market! (Humor) Skunk Puppet12/02/2010 03:17PM
Check out this comment concerning Warren Jeffs... Wow! Nina12/02/2010 05:15PM