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Being shunned common?

by mtnhiker323 Jan 2012

- After looking at a lot of material both positive and negative, I have come to the conclusion that maybe I don't want to join after all. I believe my best friend has become aware of my decision because he seems to have been avoiding me as of late and I believe this is the reason. Is it common for members to shun investigators who decide the church is not right for them?-

Reading about the murder of Laban. Would you kill if God told you to?

by rowan 2011

I was reading on this site a thread that dealt with the murder of Laban and just how unbelievable the story is. That got me to wondering...if God told you to kill someone, what would you do? What if it weren't God, but the Prophet or a GA or even a Bishop? Think Mountain Meadow Massacre here.

The Joseph Smith - Prepared Approved and the Now Abandoned Fifth Lecture on Faith was in the Doctrine and Covenants

by steve benson Jan 2012

Summary - this 1835 lecture makes a sharp distinction between the Elohim and Jesus concerning physical natures. The Father is described as a 'personage of Spirit,' in contrast with the Son who is said to be a 'personage of tabernacle, made or fashioned like unto man. The obvious clash between this view of the Godhead and later statements by Joseph Smith [1838 version of the first vision] himself has been offered as a possible explanation for the 'Lectures on Faith' eventual removal from post 1921 editions of the 'Doctrine and Covenants.'

Mentality to avoid even the appearance of evil -- oh, grow up already, Mo's!!

by AngelCowgirl Jan 2012

So I bought this insulated travel mug that keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold.
TBM [Mormon] family members are FREAKING OUT, telling me that it looks "too much like a coffee cup" and "everyone will think you're drinking coffee!"

Bra and panties!! - no more Mormon Garments

by ddrakep

My wife has finally quit wearing her g's and I couldn't be happier. What were others peoples' thoughts when this happened to them? Love seeing how sexy she is again. They were so gross. [g's = garments - Mormon underwear that is given to Mormons who go through the temple endowment to wear 24 hrs per day]

Family Pity

by pharrell Jan 2012

I recently had my sister leave me a note, in it she said she felt concerned for me because I wasn’t going to church, and that I was staying out late at night and she didn’t know what I was doing. She bore her testimony to me about doing the simple things, like praying, reading scriptures, going to church, etc.

Bishop tried to call me as chapel cleaning coordinator

by sherlock Jan 2012

Having asked to be released from my previous ward clerk calling due to opening up to bishop about my unbelief and lack of temple recommend (still attend church due to family situation), I knew Bishop would try and call me to something else.

Just what we need, Moral judgments from Mitt Romney

by They don't want me back Jan 2012

"You know, I think it's about envy. I think it's about class warfare," the leading Republican presidential candidate said Wednesday on The Today Show.

Let the Mormon side show it's true colors.

Tempted to go back to the Mormon church

by momme25 Jan 2012

I’ve never posted here before but this decision has been tormenting me for months now. Perhaps if anyone has any advice or has ever been in a similar situation I would be very grateful for your words.

LDS joins religious leaders in calling for anti-gay discrimination

by baura Jan 2012

Yesterday a joint letter by various religious leaders was released. It was signed by many leaders of many denominations including "H. Bishop H. David Burton, Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"