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An Active Mormon Bishop Writes about his Doubts

by confused Feb 2012

I'm new to this site, and I'm hoping that I will get some insight to help me with a difficult situation.
I'm a lifetime member, RM, married in temple. I've always done my best to serve diligently.
I've had intellectual doubts for many years, and I've never felt that I could discuss them with anyone.

Mormon Church finally admits members dropping like flies

by Memes circa 2000 Feb 2012

Here is the link to the story. I wonder just how much trouble Jensen will be in. They admit they claim 14 million members but actually closer to 5 million active members.

I think 5 million is even a bit steep.

Just read my wife's sacrament meeting talk...

by toolong Jan 2012

Couldn't help it- it was just sitting there on the desk and she was in the shower- she has been writing it and fretting about it all week. It sounds like the topic is faith- to which she states: "many of you know of my personal trial" (code for husband Toolong's aposatacy) "The only thing I can do is have faith that heavenly father will help my family every day."

Reprehensible 5th Sunday Lesson yesterday

by GoingGoingNotGoneYet Jan 2012

Wow. Our relatively new and inexperienced bishop hit a new low with is "5th Sunday" (do all wards do this) talk.
The High Priests, Elders, Relief Society, and the Primary Children met together in the chapel.

The attitude of Mormon temple workers


I have read several threads concerning irritable, bad tempered, bad attitudes, ect of some of the temple workers. Is this the norm or the exception? Are they all old as well as crabby?

So how much help is the Mormon church now giving members and nonmembers?

by dk Jan 2012

Their lack of humanitarian aid is disgusting - especially for a so called church. The numbers below are from an official Mormon church publication. Notice how they use the sum of a 25 year span to make the number look significant.

Mark Hofmann the Forgerer and Murderer with Mormon General Authorities

by steve benson Jan 2012

A Warning--What You Are About to See is Undeniable Proof That Your Mormon Church is a Fraud. How can anyone really trust an organization that buys documents which call into question the divine origins of the church for the sole purpose of keeping them from being published?

Mormon Bishops interview for children

by starvalleysaint Jan 2012

Just a thought for those who's kids still go to church....

Upon trying to decided whether to allow our 16 and 11 year old to make their own choice about church the thought hit me...why would I EVER, even as a Mormon let an unlicensed man who is acting like a therapist sit alone with my kids and discuss their lives in any detail?

Are TBM Lurkers Reading This Board

by steve benson jan 2012

In another thread, poster Makurosu noted that Mormon Church president David O. McKay's statement, "No other success can compensate for failure in the home," wasn't original to McKay but, rather, was stolen from Benjamin Disraeli:

Being shunned common?

by mtnhiker323 Jan 2012

I believe my best friend has become aware of my decision because he seems to have been avoiding me as of late and I believe this is the reason. Is it common for members to shun investigators who decide the church is not right for them?