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Did you keep going to the Mormon church while you were learning the TRUTH?

by confused feb 2012

Two weeks ago I accidentally started learning the truth about the book of Abraham, polygamy, temple, etc. We haven't been to church since, but last week we agreed to keep going for the next month while we figure this out. I don't think that I can do it. I don't even want my children to learn anymore of these lies. Did anyone else keep going to church while they were learning the truth about the Mormon church?

I feel so incredibly duped by the Mormon Church

by myselfagain Feb 2012

It's week 2 into my leaving TSCC [this so called church] saga. The first week I just felt so incredibly relieved and thrilled that I was going to be true to myself and not some guy with a 'mantle' who does not know what is good for me. Now, I am in the feeling really stupid phase.

Never-Mo attending a temple wedding

by tl Feb 2012

I am a never-mormon. I am about to "attend" a temple wedding. Will I even be able to enter the temple building? Will there be anything to do while I wait for the bride/groom/worthy guests to come out? My reason for attending is to support the groom's father, since he is also a never-mo.

The new garment guidelines - Mormons are not happy and are expressing their frustration

by thedrive Feb 2012

A few weeks ago the church read a letter from the pulpit reminding members about the sacred nature of the garments [Mormon underwear] and telling them when and how to wear the magic underwear. I'm not sure they thought about potential ramifications their "reminder" would bring. {They must now wear them when doing yard work.]

Mormon Church First Presidency's Officially-Stated Position Against Marital Race-Mixing Remains in Force Today . . .

by steve benson Feb 2012

Mormon First Presidency 1947 Signed Statement: "...From the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith even until now, it is has been the doctrine of the Church, never questioned by any of the Church leaders, that the Negroes are not entitled to the full blessings of the Gospel."

I know she's just trying to be nice...

by nowI'mfound Feb 2012

summary: "in Mormonism, being kind "just because" is rare. Typically, it's because someone said you should or because you've been assigned. Normal people would never have to say, "And no one told me to come either." It would be implied in the fact that they showed up. Normal people aren't assigned to be nice. They do it because they want to."

Veils on Women in Mormon Temple: question

by yin Feb 2012

I've never been in the temple ceremony. I left before I was ever married/took out my endowments.
The women wear veils. Do they actually cover their faces? Or is this a pre-1990 practice?

Why do Mormon General Authorities deceive people?

by ktay Feb 2012

I mean really, what's the point? Is it for the tithing money or do the GAs really buy into all this nonsense? I've had my doubts for a long time but always thought it was somehow true until two days ago when I discovered this site. I'm sure you know what I'm going through. Lots of emotions. But what's pissing me off is wondering how could people be so stupid?

Time for a new Mormon Stake Presidency- here's how it was done

by thedrive Feb 2012

My brother serves on his Stake High Council. He called me to tell me that he got to meet a real-live General Authority this past week when they reorganized the Stake Presidency. This is how he explained the process.

Mormon Missions that excel at destroying Mormon testimonies.

by forbiddencokedrinker Feb 2012

After mentioning that I was a California San Diego Alumni, I was shocked to find there were a lot of us on here. In retrospect I should not be surprised because you get exposed to a lot of things in San Diego that would make you question your testimony. That, and the mission had three presidents in a roll who would make you question your testimony.