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Why does the sharp pain in the heart never go away? CurrentYStudent (Not Logged In)09/19/2010 11:18PM
Google search on RFM Board has good result matt09/21/2010 08:19PM
I'm seeing the missionaries 27 fallenangelblue09/17/2010 06:00PM
Do you think that the UT TBM's are more likely to go wild than TBM's outside the Morridor EssexExMo09/22/2010 12:30PM
Dr Laura says to stay LDS for the good parts 17 Anon709/21/2010 10:29PM
Why does the Mormon church not excomunicate Brandon Flowers? 14 poster09/22/2010 07:35AM
A phrase that I though I'd never see in advertising - "I Can't... I'm Mormon. Classic Thong" ozpoof09/22/2010 10:30AM
Resignation not yet09/22/2010 08:56AM
Financing missionaries jan09/22/2010 10:11AM
For those interested in real archaeology Richard the Bad09/21/2010 02:57PM
Tribute to Tal Bachman? D. Lamb09/22/2010 01:49AM
funniest thing to fast for (kind of adult) 11 rambo09/20/2010 01:38PM
What is being lost? eddie09/19/2010 11:57AM
What are my kids' chances of becoming TBM? 11 Lola09/21/2010 01:29AM
Living an Athiest Life in the Bible Belt feels like... 13 godesstogodless09/21/2010 11:48AM
Archbishop of Melbourne takes a cue from Boyd Packer Stray Mutt09/20/2010 09:18AM
Finally got the Courage to watch "the 19th wife" last night They don't want me back09/20/2010 12:43PM
Temples are places of personal revelation 10 beeblequix09/21/2010 02:06AM
Face Cards are of the devil 19 Yewt10209/21/2010 04:17PM
a few questions 16 Shaken Faith09/20/2010 02:16PM
I couldn't resist the urge to chat on joheem09/21/2010 06:49PM
Dilbert creator thinks the BoM might be the second most read ebook Jesus Smith09/20/2010 01:42PM
I'm nearly engaged to a TBM! 34 confused seeking guidance09/21/2010 12:58AM
How much power and control are you/we going to give the LDS family and friends that behave in a negative manner toward us 30 SusieQ#109/19/2010 01:08PM
My Dh was hit by an IED yesterday morning...(ot) 72 SilkRose09/19/2010 03:11PM
Well, have a new board... 15 JBryan09/17/2010 02:36PM
I'd like to think you are right, Adult of God. . . catnip09/21/2010 02:05AM
Hello to the Missionaries in Loveland, CO today reading Maxim Magazine thedrive09/20/2010 04:04PM
Another blow against BoM DNA using the Prophets words 12 JoD3:36009/20/2010 11:45AM
What TSCC is losing by not empowering women 15 eddie09/19/2010 11:42AM
Why are mormons so willing to hate people who decide to leave? 33 jalden09/19/2010 01:57AM
Richard Dawkins at Pope Protest (O/T) 32 Nealster09/19/2010 05:48PM
Uniting the Christian Right - Very imp. info about Mormon influence sue09/20/2010 01:05PM
Introductions 12 Anon at the moment09/20/2010 09:22AM
From the "Religion makes you crazy" dept. Humo ... sorta ... Skunk Puppet09/20/2010 05:48AM
Quick Question: What do the LDS meeting houses in England look like? nt (n/t) Sandie09/19/2010 09:01PM
recommend a good therapist anon for this09/20/2010 11:34AM
my sister is getting married in the temple free@last09/20/2010 01:30AM
Delusional Mormons think temple caused changes in Europe ... 13 Skunk Puppet09/20/2010 12:49AM
The real reason why Glenn Beck became a Mormon .... Skunk Puppet09/20/2010 03:05AM
Only @ YBU...and Facebook. Any of you guilty of doing this? mollymormonfaker09/20/2010 01:02PM
follow-up New UT grad student09/20/2010 01:02AM
My son only has five months left of his mission. 12 Stunted09/19/2010 01:34PM
YouTuber asks Mormons to help him fight the CPS... (link) knotheadusc09/18/2010 04:32PM
Inducing phobias and gaining control over people derrida09/19/2010 10:59PM
Idaho Farmers grow barley for beer (link) puck09/19/2010 11:59PM
Any pictures of Joseph's wives? fancypants09/20/2010 12:08PM
More things that challenge what I used to believe eddie09/20/2010 06:05AM
Mormonism's other genetic blunder eddie09/18/2010 02:21PM
Homeschool reqs. vs Crazy TBM (Semi-O/T) allen09/20/2010 04:34AM
Disaffiliation and expulsion from BYU 18 mateo09/19/2010 01:07PM
Without correlation what would happen to TSCC eddie09/20/2010 07:41AM
Inhabitants on the moon . . . Hugh Geoffens-Kaamm09/17/2010 12:19AM
"learning through life's trials" BS Nick Humphrey09/20/2010 05:45AM
Pope Benedict XVI's Controversial Visit to Britain (link and on topic) 13 blindguy09/18/2010 10:39PM