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OT/For those of us who are in on a Friday night and are looking for a time sink... 16 Beth10/29/2010 10:01PM
Saturday or Sunday for Trick or Treat? msmom10/29/2010 05:36PM
BIG LOVE on HBO will end after Season 5 11 wings10/29/2010 10:11AM
Oh my, LDS Family Services getting sued, bet you can't guess why. 12 MJ10/29/2010 12:05AM
Improvements through religious retrenchment eddie10/29/2010 08:47PM
I was wondering what others of you think. rgrraymond10/30/2010 12:19AM
Interview next sunday... need some advice 39 heavy heart10/28/2010 12:21PM
article comparing the Bible to Mormon beliefs honestone10/29/2010 03:03PM
The ultimate profile pic for Facebook for Athiests... Comfortably Numb10/29/2010 05:26PM
I am thinking of making a scarecrow, get her done10/29/2010 03:52PM
Oops-- double post (n/t) angsty10/29/2010 05:43PM
Creative Kinky Foreplay Alternatives BYU-style (not very adult) 10 anagrammy10/28/2010 06:37PM
Boy, what I wouldn't give to wear Satan's costume in the temple movie to Trunk or Treat this weekend Comfortably Numb10/29/2010 02:23PM
What to do about Brother Glenn Beck - A Fly on the Wall madeguy10/28/2010 07:45PM
"Belief in obvious nonsense is not a harmless indulgence" eddie10/29/2010 07:20PM
I Have to give a talk on Sunday... 31 bu2b10/28/2010 09:37PM
Leaders shape followers attitudes Stray Mutt10/29/2010 06:56PM
This article is sooo funny! for your enjoyment Heidi GWOTR10/29/2010 06:42PM
My biggest beef vhainya10/29/2010 04:20PM
Gays in Provo? MJ10/29/2010 05:52PM
Salamander Halloween - photos and phunny stories cricket10/29/2010 06:38PM
Anyone here live in TN, AL, MS, or GA? 33 Major Bidamon10/27/2010 11:02PM
So absurd it must be twoo! vhainya10/29/2010 04:32PM
still feel guilty for masterbating 10 rambo10/29/2010 10:58AM
Halloween plans I would never have made as a TBM. helamonster10/29/2010 02:57PM
Pornography: Your feelings then and now. 10 Church Enemy10/29/2010 12:57PM
Why is tithing - or any church offering - tax deductable as a charitable contribution? 20 Puli10/27/2010 04:08PM
Played Dixieland jazz at a funeral tonight 11 Eric K10/28/2010 11:49PM
tax exempt status Martin Luther10/29/2010 05:25PM
Okay, at the risk of starting a flame-war between atheists and believers.... 31 helamonster10/29/2010 12:23PM
O/T but cute. From the mouths of babes.... PinkPoodle10/29/2010 03:26PM
A friend just told me one of her coworkers objects to Halloween because of "pagan origins".. helamonster10/29/2010 01:44PM
Brigham Young quote... Smiling Dog10/29/2010 03:37PM
the source of the great psychological trap for TBMs Nick Humphrey10/29/2010 09:42AM
And more sayings I hate (since the first thread closed).. 21 Anon.10/27/2010 08:36PM
free society thedesertrat110/29/2010 03:20PM
Religion's role regarding anti-gay sentiment. 17 MJ10/28/2010 01:03PM
Okay, let's discuss the movie Orgazmo and it's mormon trappins, but keep it clean! helamonster10/29/2010 12:58PM
Halloween Costumes in the Temple rgg10/29/2010 02:11PM
Well, if I don't join... 31 SusieP10/28/2010 04:27PM
OMG! How about these wedding vows! Nina10/29/2010 01:44PM
anyone else here who can't get enough of christopher hitchens and richard dawkins? 69 Nick Humphrey10/28/2010 03:19PM
You must be a Mormon if... 20 Queen of Denial10/29/2010 12:46AM
When in the next Orange County meet up? Rebecca10/28/2010 04:47AM
What I did to my mom's rude home teacher. 23 Utahnomo10/28/2010 11:55AM
I Found 200 Domain Names The Church Owns - Listed Alphabetically JMoney10/29/2010 12:50PM
Who helped missionaries push the boundries? DebbiePA10/29/2010 02:06AM
Which books should my non-member friends read that are moving to Utah? 32 Rita Booke10/27/2010 08:11AM
Do you have any stories about the 'Uniform rules'? 16 EssexExMo10/28/2010 01:50PM
Do you ever feel you were born (decades/generations) before your time? What I call a "throw-forward"? Jerry the Aspousetate10/28/2010 10:19PM
B. H. Roberts - quasi-evolutionist Nick Humphrey10/29/2010 09:55AM
Who else was taught that AIDS was Gods way of getting rid of the gays? 25 Heathjh10/28/2010 11:52AM
Primacy of empirical evidence over armchair reasoning eddie10/28/2010 10:17PM
Lehi's Wet Dream (PG-13) Misfit10/29/2010 09:59AM
"o god hear the words of my mouth" - psalms 54:2 Nick Humphrey10/29/2010 05:41AM