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My Friend Might Be A Closet Doubter. tombs112/01/2010 06:57PM
Ensign to the Rescue 18 Major Bidamon12/02/2010 02:25PM
Holiday cards. Here's what bothers me. 15 Cheryl12/01/2010 06:47PM
: Meridian Magazine - The Rings That Bound the Gold Plates 14 Raider12/01/2010 10:15PM
Dang it! 10 ExMormonRon12/02/2010 03:15PM
O/T: NASA to announce discovery of new life form [no spoof] 28 Skunk Puppet12/02/2010 12:19PM
Finally! Vatican approved condoms on the market! (Humor) Skunk Puppet12/02/2010 03:17PM
Check out this comment concerning Warren Jeffs... Wow! Nina12/02/2010 05:15PM
The Cheerio Debacle 17 ExMormonRon12/01/2010 03:56PM
What line do you use when you run into Morgbots from the past? 26 Simone Stigmata12/01/2010 01:28PM
Got in an argument with TBM friend today 23 missymuch12/01/2010 08:12PM
I knew a guy who made a deal with the mission president to stay out. Makurosu12/02/2010 04:32PM
Oops, redundant topic. Please ignore. (n/t) Stray Mutt12/02/2010 04:51PM
So are his-her tattoos still en vogue in Utah? Rubicon12/02/2010 02:30PM
The TRUE reason for the season...(link) BestBBQ12/01/2010 07:15PM
Metal Church brings us todays message of hope JoD3:36012/02/2010 10:26AM
OT-I just found out that my mother is lurking here on RfM. Keep reading. You will learn loads about us and Mormonism. 'Tis the season. Happy Holidays! :-) (n/t) 19 Sandie12/01/2010 10:12AM
To robertb: Saw your comment on Mormonanswerman's "Jello Gene" video. munchybotaz12/02/2010 02:49PM
"Law enforcement" (sic) definition of "cult" Serena12/02/2010 03:07PM
Dating in the real world 24 ugh12/01/2010 10:57PM
Old emails, dads test monkey, and a realization JoD3:36011/29/2010 09:20PM
You might be defective ! Lucky12/02/2010 11:55AM
Need help anon for this12/02/2010 02:03PM
United Nations: It's Okay to Kill the Gay 24 Puli11/29/2010 11:16AM
So obvious now 12 NVE11/30/2010 07:18PM
I Think.. ExMormonRon12/02/2010 12:29PM
(no one reply to exmormonron's "I Think" thread Taddlywog12/02/2010 12:38PM
My Favorite FPR ExMormonRon12/02/2010 01:39PM
Eternal salvation was easy to obtain in 1843.... Rowell back12/02/2010 12:44PM
Make up a word to describe what ticks you off about mormonism 14 6 iron12/01/2010 10:15PM
Need a link to a good description of the temple ceremony Yewt10212/01/2010 06:47PM
Mormons fighting Mormons in the US Senate Rubicon12/02/2010 12:05PM
A "face palm" moment. This sign says it all...... 10 Skunk Puppet12/02/2010 10:33AM
Another fascinating gem from the Mitchell trial RAG12/02/2010 07:53AM
Chagas disease & S. Am missionaries? helemon12/01/2010 02:42AM
Problems with the Book of Mormon (link) Twinker12/02/2010 09:49AM
Christian Don't Own Christmas Part II 15 Heidi GWOTR12/01/2010 11:12AM
"'church charitable contributions" for 'humanitarian' purposes. Mormon Observer11/27/2010 11:43AM
Mo Speak... "Blessings in Disguise" please define for me Mo larkey12/02/2010 10:01AM
O/T - Another surgery recovery update Tiff12/01/2010 09:58PM
Happy Hannukah! 13 Nina12/01/2010 03:11PM
I done bad, George. Real bad. 13 I'm afraid you're gonna be mad12/01/2010 10:51PM
TMB mom and church requiring unpaid service for formerly paid jobs belly_hill12/01/2010 01:44AM
o/t Amazing babushka in Odessa - very poor, never left her country.... brigantia12/02/2010 05:19AM
o/t An eldery lady writes on her Christmas memories matt12/01/2010 06:19AM
o/t Christmas in Wellington 14 matt11/30/2010 12:17PM
god dammit........ because i can =) (n/t) Nick Humphrey12/02/2010 04:50AM
Asians in Mormonism 27 Heresy12/01/2010 01:01PM
Everything you've always wanted to know about secret mormon handshakes* Dave the Atheist12/02/2010 01:18AM
Appropriate Music for TBM's 19 fallenangelblue12/01/2010 11:29AM
O/T question about autism behavior? 13 vhainya12/01/2010 12:38AM
Peter Priesthood Mayor of Gilbert to the rescue God Save us all !!!!!12/02/2010 01:58AM
Speaking of "Modest is Hottest" ..... (extreme HUMOR) 13 Skunk Puppet11/17/2010 06:22PM
Remember being told to have lots of kids so all those spirit children could go to good mormon families? 27 Tahoe Girl11/28/2010 03:00PM
Jesus and Mo imbadash12/01/2010 10:55PM