Subject: What it's like to be single in mormondom? Chime in here, folks!
Date: Jul 11, 2008
Author: Deenie, the dreaded single adult

The first time someone ever told me "It's okay if you're not married; heavenly father will assign you a husband in the CK!"--I was 19 years old.

Yes, 19. With a "1" in the front. Nine-TEEN. And they thought I needed to be consoled because of my unmarried status.

I should have gotten the big clue and run like heck, but I didn't. After all, I was dating. A lot. With long-term relationships, and everything. I wasn't worried.

So I just blew it off.

I wish I'd run...

Rather than go back through all of the stories I've recounted on this board (don't worry; I'll repeat them if they're topical), I'll give a big summary:

The mormon church treats all unmarried members as if they are children.

(Note: In my stake, that refers to 'never-married' only; divorced folks, unmarried moms--both are higher up on the 'have a right to live' scale. I've heard otherwise from some folks, but in my stake, never-married meant "lower than a snake's belly.")

Amusing anecdote: A 15-year-old girl in our ward became pregnant. I was home from college (where I'd been baptized) and working full-time. The ward held a baby shower, but I didn't feel that I ought to attend; I'd never met the girl, personally, and wasn't making a ton of money, myself... The Sunday after the shower, I was accosted by a woman in the ward:
"Why didn't you come to Betty Boop's shower, and bring a gift?"
I was caught completely off-guard, and stammered, "Well, I...I...I don't even know her, or her family, really, and I didn't think I'd be missed...she doesn't know me..."
"Nonsense!" the woman thundered, "since you're both the same age!"
I was 25--ten YEARS older than the teen! But, as an unmarried woman, I was deemed her equal.

Ward and stake singles' activities are planned and held the way Primary and YM/YW activities are: Everyone meets at the church building; rides are arranged by the "leader," (or the event is held at the church building); all events must be on a 'calendar' a year in advance--which eliminates most seasonal or community events, since the dates can't be determined before they're announced. During my stints as singles' ward activities chair, or stake singles' activity coordinator (before we had the singles' ward), I tried to inject some life into the same old grind of board game night, movie night, dance, Fast-Sunday dinner...and again the next month...and again the next month... (Even the movies had to be Disney or old, old classic...'Wuthering Heights' from 1939 had to be stopped in the middle, so we could be admonished that Cathy Earnshaw should *not* be drinking an alcoholic beverage to ward off a chill, when she's brought into the Linton's home, injured...)

We had one bishop who delighted in bringing his family's home movies of their vacations for all of us to watch, as a "fireside" or "FHE." I made sure I was on the refreshment committee for those nights, with lots and LOTS to prepare...!!

Anyway, all changes that would make the activites more age-appropriate and fun were either complained about or totally forbidden... Meet at a theater, to buy tickets to a current movie? No way! Schedule an all-day outing to Point Pelee Park in Canada (not very far...and long before 9/11...)--shocking! (but we did it!)

I was met with opposition at every turn, until I was finally released when I flat-out refused to comply with a bishop's demands.

Activities such as decorating the inside covers of copies of the BoM for missionaries--with crayons, markers, glitter, and Polaroid photos of ourselves...and testimonies, of course (I'm in doing refreshments, again!); making love-bombing cards or treat plates for inactives; "parties" where you're not allowed to sit and converse, but must play long games like "Trivial Pursuit" or "Pictionary" in teams all night; museum "field trips," where we all walk together in a big lump from one exhibit to the next; putt-putt golf (again, in big, clumpy teams)...all things you could easily do with a Brownie or Cub Scout troop--these were the activities the singles were supposed to enjoy.

Our comments and opinions were not respected in RS; rolled eyes, and even audible comments like, "What does SHE know? She's not even MARRIED!" were common.

Lack of respect for college-educated women who were supporting themselves: Weekly comment in the 'family' ward (I'm not kidding!), "So, do you still work at that...uh...PLACE?" Me: "Yes; it's called a school, and I am the teacher..." They persisted in treating me as if I were some migrant fruit-picker, who roamed from job to job as the seasons turned. I worked at the same job for 23 years. I swear to God, *every week* in the family ward, that dialog played itself out.

As the years went on, and I wasn't married (and was eventually booted out of the Singles' ward that I helped create), my self-esteem eroded until I no longer recognized myself. I was, one day, shocked to realize the difference between the 'me' I saw on Friday and Saturday night, singing in coffeehouses or at jams with non-mo friends (who I found after being kicked out of the singles' ward...but that's another story)--and the 'me' of Sunday morning, directing the music, then shuffling off with my head down (often out the back door, to get a bagel and herbal tea durning Sunday School!), slinking into RS (if I came back), and then hopping out the back door before anyone noticed me--and made a crack about why I was single, or why I didn't do this, that, or the other thing; why I didn't donate more money/time/free music lessons/whatever to their cause-'o-the-moment...

As I said, I was shocked. And scared. If I kept going to church, would the real 'me' disappear altogether?

It seemed likely.

So I left--and never looked back.

Whew!! That was a long one!
Let's hear from some other singles' about their experiences...



Subject: Re: So, hypocratus, you want to know what it's like to be single in mormondom? Chime in here, folks
Date: Jul 11 02:28
Author: freeatlast

Hey Deenie,

My wife's cousin left too because of the way she was treated as a single divorced mom. She now is learning all the hidden secrets of the church.

I don't know all the particulars. My wife just talked to her last weekend.


Subject: I spent 20 years as a worker bee oops I mean single adult ..
Date: Jul 11 04:55
Author: DoubtingThomasina

Like you Deenie I have had loads of self esteem destroying experiences as a single member of the lds church.

Not being able to drive I often needed a lift home from church activities. If a married man gave me a lift I was nearly always put in the back seat of the car. Yes, I was 20, and yes the guy was often over 50. Hey but I was single therefore obviously desperate and you just never know when I might suddenly have had the urge to start an affair with a bald aging overweight priesthood holder. Of course we also had to remember the "appearance of evil." You see everyone in the "world" looks at a car with a male and a female in the front seats and thinks "Oh that must be two mormons going off to have an affair." For the record any affairs that have occurred in wards that I have been in have been between married couples.

On one of these occasions a priesthood holder was giving me a lift to church. He said he felt it his duty to point out that since I wasn't exceptionally attractive I had better work on my talents. He also gave me tips on how to improve my personality. Afterall I was nearly 21 and time was running out. He made me feel terrible and once we arrived at church I just cried my eyes out in the ladies. If I ever meet this man again I will be sorely tempted to kick him where it hurts the most.

Church was the only place that anyone made any real reference to my marital status.

Didn't you just hate those patronising articles in the Ensign. "Even though you are single, you too are important." The church really regards being single as a disability.

I finally got married at 39. However I still didn't fit the mould. Other women my age were about to send their sons on missions and the women with babies were all in their early twenties. Of course I had to put up with the "So you just have one child" comments too. Or "My sister was 39 when she got married and she still managed to have 3 kids."

Thankfully after leaving the church there are no moulds to fit into. As you said Deenie, it is great to finally be ourselves again.


Subject: I hate to admit this, but here goes.
Date: Jul 11 06:53
Author: Cheryl

My biggest worries as a young pre-teen mormon girl were first, that I might be "an old maid," and second, that I might be unable to produce children.

Sad, isn't it?

I knew that ALL mormon girls must grow up to be wives and mothers otherwise they were nothings. I lived with TBM relatives in Provo for a couple of summers. The girls clicked their tongues and sadly sighed about the chorister of that ward, a lovely single lady about age 25 or so.

Comments I heard:

"How sad for her. All of that musical talent wasted."

"She's nice looking. I don't know why she couldn't get a husband."

"Too bad she missed her window of opportunity. No one would take her now that she's an "old maid."


Subject: Re: So, hypocratus, you want to know what it's like to be single in mormondom? Chime in here, folks
Date: Jul 11 07:40
Author: lightfingerlouie

Your stories are always painful to read. You bring out the reality of Mormon culture----control, arrogant leaders, and mind killing boredom. The Mormon church refuses to let anyone be an adult. Singles get even more of the sickening and stupid control.

I recall being a "Young Adult." That was so typical of the church---you were not an "adult" to them at all. They wanted to control everything. What they really meant was "Old Adolescents."

God I hated Mormon culture. It still brings waves of nausea over me every time I think of a church activity.


Subject: Thanks Deenie
Date: Jul 11 12:41
Author: hypocratus

Thanks for this post and sharing your story. Fascinating to read how messed up the Morg(ue) really is. Sounds like a fertility cult like the worshipers of Baal. Oh wait maybe that's why Baal is on LDS temples?

Subject: I have a lot of feelings on this issue--
Date: Jul 11 12:52
Author: cl2

I could go into detail about the stuff I experienced and my friends experienced. The whole notion of one and only, etc. The girls that got married had an attitude of "you just are not righteous enough." It has been very eye-opening to read this board even about that one subject. As a single you are always trying to figure out what you are doing wrong that God hasn't brought your one and only.

I gave up marrying who I wanted to (nonmormon) because of that idea and was single until age 27 when I married my gay husband. He was a REAL CATCH considering most of the guys in the singles wards. A lot of the good catches were all wrapped up in their "status" as they were worshiped and fought over. Even my ex was fought over. There were a lot of girls in the singles ward who hated me because of him. Little did they know.

My nonmember boyfriend (the one I speak of above from the past) asks me now why I married him. I have many reasons, but one was that at that point, my chances of marrying were getting pretty slim and I did love him (and I had to save him), but he really was a catch considering the environment in a singles ward.

I had/have a lot of divorced friends and I went to singles activities with them before I got married, so when my husband left, I refused to go to singles activities. I'm not divorced yet (after 13 years of separation) and I've had many of the singles say, "if you'd just get divorced, you could go to these activities." NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

Everyone is suspicious of you--taking their husbands. The men won't talk to you because their wives will get angry at them.

One of the worst things that happened in the singles ward was when the SP talked to us at a fireside and told the girls to shower, wash their hair, curl it, dress nice, paint our fingernails as though that was the problem. When our bishop found out, he was furious. For the most part, all the girls in the singles ward were the cream of the crop--intelligent, independent, dressed impeccably. You don't find the dowdy married fashions in singles wards. These were SHARP girls. AND the pickings were not good.

Two guys that I "dated" didn't marry until my marriage was over--in their 50s. They were enjoying the worship from all the girls who were vying for their attention.


Subject: Our whole singles' program was the same way--
Date: Jul 12 10:36
Author: Deenie, the dreaded single adult

Lots of women (not all, but lots) with college degrees, homes of their own, new cars, good jobs...

...and lots of men (not all, but lots) who were chronically unemployed, or worked as paperboys (over age 40), grocery baggers. Taco Bell counter guys...obviously, these were (mostly) not returned BYU grads!

There were a few who just paraded around, admiring all the attention they got from the single women.

There were a few who turned out to be gay, to everyone's surprise--but I don't recall anyone being told to marry a gay man (it may have happened, behind closed doors). cl2, your story amazes me every time I read it. At least you got 2 lovely children out of the deal...and I'm glad you're finally with the man you deserve!



Subject: Re: Our whole singles' program was the same way--
Date: Jul 12 14:02
Author: Lillium

I had a friend at work who went to those things and ended up married to one of the chronically unemployed. She was such a fun nice person, and very pretty, I always wondered why she ended up with him, but now I know. The pickin's are slim. She used to try to get me to go, thank goodness I never did.


Subject: It is one of those experiences that you can't explain to
Date: Jul 12 16:15
Author: cl2

anyone else until they've lived it. Just like going to the temple. I said in a post the other day that I'm glad I waited and went through the temple. I'm afraid that I would have always thought there might be some truth to the church because I had never gone to the temple. It all seemed so "special"--once you've experienced it, it is such a HUGE LETDOWN and you couldn't explain it even if you tried.

My mother would even tell me (even if my friends and I were having A LOT OF FUN) that we were all bitter because we weren't married yet. I had a cousin who later confessed to me that she thought I was an old maid when I got married. She asked me how old I was when I did get married and she happened to have gotten married at that same age--but since I was one of the few older cousins I was looked upon as an old maid.

I had friends who sent me letters, etc., and talked about how I hadn't found my one and only yet.

After I got married, then the truth came out. They were all done having kids by the time I had my kids. I stopped at 2. They all had 5, 6, 7. I had a career, a nice car, dressed nice. They were poor. Some of them finally told me that they just wanted me to be as miserable as they were.

Then to live in a married ward and see how many VERY UNHAPPY women there are. Since my husband left and I'm inactive, I still have women who drop in to tell me how unhappy they are. Not long ago, one came to tell me her husband has been cheating for years and they put on a show at church. My VT who just died--her husband treated her like sh*t. The most wonderful women in my ward are very unhappy. My ex and I used to lay in bed at night and compare how happy we were in our marriage compared to others in the ward and there he lives on my property in a motor home--and we get along great. We baffle everyone who knows us!

BUT--those singles wards. There is no describing them. You really have to live single in the LDS church to get a taste of how badly singles are treated.

And, Deenie, like others have said, you really need to write a book of your experiences. Sell it in Utah!!!!!


Subject: Yes Deenie
Date: Jul 12 17:50
Author: hypocratus

could write a book and maybe incorporate some of the other RfM people's stories as well. Maybe a book on why you need to find yourself first, find what you want out of life first, then get financially settled, then have marriage after looking for the truly right partner. A book to empower singles in the LDS church and singles in general not to be so blind, not to rush into bad marriages, not to be desperate, but to motivate them to get a life so to say.


Subject: "The men won't talk to you because their wives will get angry at them."
Date: Jul 12 14:28
Author: munchybotaz

That happens everywhere. I'm 47, been divorced since 1990, and except for my work crowd - which seems to be a weird little bubble of all-around enlightenment - I've always felt like an outcast among couples.

I was at a neighborhood barbecue, getting food, and struck up a conversation with a guy across the table. Well ... you should have seen his wife come shooting across the yard, like he was Brad Pitt!

The men won't talk to you, and the women don't either.

Maybe I'm jaded, but I don't believe most couples are happy together and I think snubbing singles is more about envy.

The grass is always greener, don'tcha know. Getting married is one of the best ways to find that out.

Mormons just have an extra belief that helps them feel better about being stuck with someone they don't really like anymore.


Subject: That happened to my mother after my parents split up: after going to church with those #@*&^$@*(&%^$
Date: Jul 12 17:08
Author: flattopSF

people for years, they shunned her for the same reasons you listed. The women saw her as competition and the men saw her as temptation. As if any of those fat slobs was worth chasing!

I saw them all as a pack of scumbags.



Subject: As an interesting side note . . . I've said this before
Date: Jul 12 18:46
Author: cl2

My husband was so well liked in the ward--I had many people tell me that he was the nicest man they had ever met. I also had the girls in YWs telling me other women were flirting with him. I always got a chuckle out of that one. Some of the YW had a crush on him.

So when he left, all the girls in the singles ward who hadn't married yet and had been interested in him and the women in my ward who were unhappy or divorced were salivating. Most people thought, "He finally left that b*tch." (I'm very reserved in person and keep to myself.)

Women were coming out of the woodwork flirting with him. I was so disturbed I wanted to stand on the roof and shout, "It wasn't my fault." Then when I got over it, I watched the antics.

One of the girls who liked him before we got married and works where he does invited him to, get this, pot luck night after the singles ward met. I mean--we are in our 50s. She said, "He had been voted onto the island." He considered going. HUH??? I said, "You really want to go back to an activity like that and YOU ARE GAY?" (Well, so are many of the guys going to the pot luck. Yep--the same people we went to the singles ward with--still in that same mindset. And we will have been married for 24 years in September.

Anyway, I got the last laugh on the women in the ward who wanted my husband . . . hahahahahahaha (and, no, I NEVER felt threatened!)


Subject: rebuked by the temple president WHILE IN THE TEMPLE
Date: Jul 11 13:21
Author: Ben Ben

This story is soooooo unbelievably ridiculous...but it is absolutely true. I WAS THERE!

My good friend and I tried to make a habit of going to the LA temple each thursday night while we were in our singles ward. We were about 24 years old. One such Thursday night, our bishop from the singles ward saw us at the temple. As a temple worker, he encouraged us to become temple workers too--so we did!

The next Thursday, we showed up as instructed. We were then told that we had to get set apart by the temple presidency. So we went down to his office and had to wait in the waiting area until the president arrived (It may have been the first counselor on duty that night).

Anyway, when he finally walks into the office, he looks at me and my friend and gives us a disgusted look. We were sort of surprised by this reaction. So then he asks us what we were doing there. I honestly don't remember if we had the opportunity to answer before he laid into us or not but the following is what he said to us....WITH AN EXACT QUOTE THAT I WROTE DOWN IN HIS PRESENCE SO THAT HE KNEW I WAS GOING TO QUOTE HIM:

He said: I know your type. You are from a singles ward aren't you? [yes.] You aren't even trying to get married. Look at you. You are returned missionaries and you need to be getting married. All you think about are yourselves. [um...this is a weekday night, and here we are trying to sign up for being temple truly selfish of us]

Then, he lays into my buddy because his wrinkle-free shirt had a crease in it.

He said: look at you, you are here with a shirt that has not been ironed [at this point I sat back down in a nearby chair. If my friend wanted to take this abuse, he was free, but I was no longer going to be on my feet until he addressed the reason why we were there.]. He continued for a few more minutes (no moments...but minutes).

Finally he says, AND I QUOTE...he said "Now don't quote me on this, but there are a lot of airhead women out there too." This is directly in front of his (no exaggeration) 22 year old single female secretary who had been listening to this whole thing.

He saw me writing this statement down on a piece of paper that I had. He sternly asked, "What are you doing?"

I looked him straight in the eye and said, " I am writing that quote down." I think this jolted him back into reality of just what he had been doing and finally he re-asked us what it was that we needed. IMHO, I think there are many people out there who, like this ass, instantly judge and rise to anger. All they see is a white hot flash and assault a victim until something snaps them out of it.

There are soooo many examples of verbal assaults against singles in the church. The TBMs will just accept this treatment and never try to change thngs. sometimes they will complain to close friends, but very few open their eyes to realize that such treatment is not appropriate from anyone!


Subject: This was the attitude of our stake leaders--
Date: Jul 12 10:50
Author: Deenie, the dreaded single adult

They decided to do a "cleaning out" of the singles' ward, sending everyone over 30 to the 'family wards.'

Never mind that our singles' ward had been originally set up for ages 21-??, they decided it would be better to have it be 18-30.

They had a big "joint priesthood and RS" meeting, where they pretty much told us all off, just like your temple pres., and then announced that they were going to "force [us] out of [our] complacency, and compel [us] to choose a mate."

Yeah, right.

They proceeded to call each over-30 ward member by name, announce their age, and tell them what family ward they were to attend. People were crying; some got up and ran from the chapel; it was a nightmare. No one knew that they were being 'released' from their callings THAT MINUTE--the whole RS presidency was in shock (and an angry confrontation ensued when the 'new' RS president and her crew came over to the 'old' RS presidency and demanded that she hand over all materials RIGHT NOW...).

I have never, before or since, seen such chaos in an LDS chapel.

The stake followed up by forbidding any activities for singles over 30--apparently, we were just supposed to seek each other out, marry the first one who rang our doorbell, and start producing children! One guy was called in and chewed out for making a 'directory' of the stake singles over 30.

It was the first step on my way out; with no church activities to take up my time, I learned to play another new instrument (the hammered dulcimer), and found out that I was really *good* at the folk music I loved so much! I started performing 'out,' and made lots more 'music friends.' Church began to fade in importance; I was having a good time elsewhere.

So--I know how you and your friend felt, Ben Ben; it happened out here, too. (Makes me wonder if there hadn't been, at some point, some kind of directive from Salt Lake about *making* the singles get married...)



Subject: Re: rebuked by the temple president WHILE IN THE TEMPLE
Date: Jul 12 12:54
Author: luminouswatcher

I just love it when the Holy Ghost grabs you and puts the words in your mouth. Only in God's true church would this kind of inspiration happen. I just love the gospel and every thing it brings into our lives, and for loving priesthood leaders who wear the mantel so gallantly. Oh, and I love my mom and dad ...


Subject: Re: So, hypocratus, you want to know what it's like to be single in mormondom? Chime in here, folks
Date: Jul 11 13:22
Author: Maddie

I was only a young adult for three years, but it seemed like once I turned 18 my senior year of high school, all my YW leaders were asking me when I planned to go to BYU and get married.

Mom was constantly trying to hook me up with the RMs from "good, Mormon families," even though I'd told her time and time again I wasn't interested in dating at the time (because I was secretly seeing a couple girls behind my family's backs).

Once we moved back to Enon from VA and I was around other adults again who had known me all of my life, the questions were a little more bearable, but seemed to come ten times as often. I was pressured to go to the young adult word out here (I never went). Everybody else in my age group was either on a mission, or married with kids they couldn't afford already, so everybody wanted me to go and pick out my eternal husband already.

I never seemed to fit in with the adults, and they treated me like some kind of little kid slave--I was always stuck watching their kids while they were learning things in the adult classes, and while the girls my age who were married were spoken to as equal adults, I was never allowed that sort of treatment.

It was really frustrating.


Subject: Sounds like
Date: Jul 12 11:04
Author: hypocratus

a singles ward is a big drama mess of mostly (not all) immature young adults who never learned how to get through adolescence!

The desperation of these people on one hand, but hmmm perhaps a great place to "fake the mormon thing" and get desperate mormon girls to fool around:) JK! I would never step foot in a LDS worship center.....ever!

Overall it just sounds like one big F'd up group of people with a few exceptions such as you Deenie!

But I am finding what you said to be true along with others here. I notice many of the men are no longer college oriented, career motivated, that well educated. I am talking about 30 and under. I know more girls that are LDS that are getting an education or at least an education that they can use unlike a lot of the men. Sad fact is that many of the girls still won't wise up and leave the Morg even with the education. A lot of the younger guys are more into having dead end jobs or starting their own company (which can be successful).

From listening to those who still attend singles wards (people I know) it really sounds like a jumbled mess of chaos. RMs wanting to be worshiped, thinking they are God. The girls are sexually immature (mentally) from years of repression that they don't know how to deal with these guys who have been away from society for 2 years including Morg society.

If the LDS church would let there kids interact more with real world people, have more activities with us "sinners", sit down and talk to the kids about how things really do operate in reality then maybe then these kids would be better adjusted to handle society, themselves and other LDS people. Maybe singles wards would be more than silly little games and who made out with who. Maybe they can find their soulmate based upon intellectual conversations with opposite sex instead of makeout to see who will marry me. Hey its just a thought.

BTW Deenie, how old are you now?


Subject: I feel your pain Deenie....
Date: Jul 12 13:46
Author: MAR

I was that single female (with no interest in marriage or kids) for awhile in a family ward. Hell, absolute HELL! I married a non-member (on purpose--I wasn't about to live with a priesthood holder). Nothing really changed--I used to duck down in the pew to hide from Sister Busy Body, who would ALWAYS come over and insist I sit with her and the rest of the Farkle Family (all 7 kids worth). NO FREAKIN' WAY!!! I am sooooo happy now that I am out! Hooray! I jump for joy on a daily basis!!


Subject: When I was living in Provo...
Date: Jul 12 14:04
Author: iBear

...We had a SP tell us (in a stake conference session) that if we weren't dating at least once a week, we weren't fulfilling our priesthood responsibility as elders. I am DEAD SERIOUS! I thought it was funny, but the others in my ward agonized over it.


Subject: Re: I can sum up the single experience in two words:
Date: Jul 12 19:15
Author: Hap E. Heretic


Sorry for the bluntness, but, as a single woman, life in Mormonism was really pathetic.

The lame activities, the patronizing attitudes toward anyone without a spouse, and the "one size fits all" attitude toward dating, socializing, and marriage.

The "30 and older" single's dances were like a bad dream.

Everyone from age 27 to 97 in a crowded, stuffy church gymnasium, checking each other out. The "Kool-Aid and cookies" refreshments. The whole atmosphere reeking of desperation.


Like Deenie said, it's so easy to lose your "real self" in the mindset of Mormonism. Throughout my life, I've had an active social life with plenty of dates. But, as a Mormon woman of "a certain age" I was made to think I was somehow defective, because I wasn't sealed to a priesthood holder.

And, I can't tell you how many times long-married people say stuff like, "Well, you know, if you don't get married, there's always the next life".

RIIGHT. Like that's supposed to make me feel better.

I can't tell you what a relief it's been to leave that kind of stultifying mentality behind me.

Since I've left Mormonism, I've reclaimed the vibrant, confident person I really am, free of all the negative stereotypes so rampant in Mormonism.


Subject: I was a 39-year-old divorced mother when I joined the church. . .
Date: Jul 13 00:58
Author: JoAnn

and I have to admit that for the most part, I didn't feel like a pariah for being single.

Maybe I was oblivious to it because I was still reeling from an abusive marriage and a vicious divorce. Nobody really tried to push me into "singles" activities (or if they did, I totally tuned them out. This is a possibility.)

I do remember one time, however, when I was having the mishies who had taught and baptized me over for dinner shortly after I joined the church. We were having a good time just chilling out and talking.

Somebody knocked on my front door. When I opened it, I found the stake patriarch's son standing there - a very sorry specimen indeed: morbidly obese, poorly groomed with greasy, untrimmed hair, a long, ratty beard, wearing coveralls that looked like they had come over with the Jaredites. He talked with a nasal whine and was obviously stunted in the education department. I have no idea to this day whether he was older or younger than I. (I heard later that he routinely hit on ALL single females who came into that ward.)

I said, "I don't believe I was expecting you." He said, "No, I just thought I'd stop by." I told him, "I'm sorry, but I have company." With that, I closed the door in his face. (Rude, I know - but I DO NOT LIKE IT when people just "stop by" and I don't even know them.)

The two mishies were practically rolling on the floor with laughter. "Sister JoAnn," one of them gasped, when he could finally talk again, "You're NEVER going to find a worthy husband if you treat guys like THAT!"

I said something to the general effect that if THAT sorry character was the best that the Mormon world had to offer, I'd just stay single, thanks all the same.

It was lonely, being single in a church that emphasized marriage so much, but I don't recall being put down or humiliated like some of y'all have related. Maybe I was exceptionally lucky and never found myself in a ward like that.

I did eventually find a wonderful guy - an RM, too - but I think I was exceptionally lucky. I was prepared to remain single rather than put up with some jerk just for the sake of being married. Been there, done that.


Subject: Do you really want to know? I have a hundred stories.
Date: Jul 13 03:59
Author: forestpal

When someone asks me why I'm not married, I don't know which story to tell first.

Maybe if I just dive in and start telling them ALL as fast as possible, people would leave me alone, and say,

"No wonder she isn't married."


Additional topics on life as a Mormon                  

2.  Faked Priesthood Blessings?

18. Anxiety in Mormonism   

20. Legalism and Guilt

49. Help, I am in Shock

47. The Final Straw  

60. Mormon Urban Legends

61. Mormons say, "I know"  

63. Were you active Mormons? 

65. Mormon Food 

69. Unconditional Love 

71. Testimony Meetings

72. Wedding Invitations + Receptions

78. Mormon 30+ Years

81. Mormons and Boundaries

82. Busted at the Market  

83. Loving Church more than Kids 

87. Pay Up you Lowly Peasants

90. Grandson of the Prophet

91. Garment 'Police' 

92. Exploitation of Older Mormons

98. Caste System 

104 Loss of Individual Identity

105 Bishop Dad and Boy Scouts

107 Fast and Testimony Meeting

109 Women - 2nd Class Members

110 Lost without the Gospel

122  Why do they keep holding on?

123 Mormon Leaders define emotions

125 California Mormons 

129 Negative Impact on Children

131 Mormons don't Wear Crosses

133 The Sacred Flow Chart 

134 Sabbath - A day of Rest for Women?

136 Tithing - 10% of Gross?

137 Seminary  Have a Large Family 

143 Feeling Guilty Visiting Here ( 

147 Mormon Church and Free Speech

161  Sunday's Youth Message

156 Girls Camp "Faith Promoting" Activity 

167  Funny Testimony Meetings

174   Silly or Annoying Church Callings

201  Cut Back on Leisure Time!

202  Mormon Grandparents

204  Satan Stories

207  Obsession with Numbers

210  Where are the Michelangelo's? 

218  Life in Polygamy - 2003

219  Loss of Passion

220  Mormon Ignorance of Judaism

223  Confessing to the Bishop

225  Ridiculed at Sacrament Meeting

226  A Bishop's Blessing

228  Fanatical Things We Did

229  Embarrassing Testimonies

231  Mormon Myths on the Fly

235  Fear of Losing a Testimony

236  Manipulative Mormon Women

237 .General Authority Visit to the Stake. 

247  Mormons - Guilt and Shame

249  Mormon Funerals

254  Sacrament Prayer Repeated 

260  Father-in-law:  Me in 20 Years?

270 Forever FamilyŽ versus Reality

271  Never Happy as a Mormon

273 Was Sunday a Day of Rest?

277  Life Inside General Conference 

278  High School Seminary    

280  Remember Evils of Card Playing?

281  Drinking Coca-Cola is a Sin?

283  'Court of Love' - Experiences 

284 Amazing Letter in The Ensign

286 What is Mormon Culture?

290 Life is Better in Zion

296 A Mormon Spouse Writes

300 Ward Boundaries

307 Mormons Feel Superior to Others

311 Limiting Family Size

313 Tithing Never Brought My Family Blessings

316 Breaking the Will of Members

318 Stories of former Church Custodians

319 A Mormon Writes: "My Wife Wants to Leave the Church"

324 Selling Our One Year Supply of Food

326 Bishops Asking Sexual Questions

332 March 2004 Ensign on Tithing

334 A Mormon Father's, who is a Bishop, Cruelty

338  A Personal Look at Polygamy

347 Central Control and Ward Budgets

349 No Testimony?  What is Wrong with You?

350 Types of Mormon Testimonies

357 Changing History to Bolster Faith

356 Utah Leads the Nation in Bankruptcies

355 Mormons' Lives are Micro-Managed

367 Breaking Down Personal Boundaries

369 Mormon Bishops are Untrained

383 Never Turn Down a Church Calling

403 Jesus Needs $1 Billion for a Shopping Mall (now $2.0 billion)

422 Rape in Utah above National Average - Mormonism connection

439 Mormon Belief Interferes with Rational Decision Making

443 The Grape Juice Myth

456 Mormons Unaware Joseph Smith Used a Stone in a Hat

464 Mormonism is an All or Nothing Religion

461 How Stake Presidents and Bishops are Called

493.  Mormon Mother Wishes Her Son had Died Instead of Leaving the Church 486.  Women who Know - Relief Society President Speaks at General Conference
485.  Mormon Church Keeps its Members in Isolation 484.  Is Relief Society Relevant? Women Role Models?
499.  Utah now Leads the United States in Depression 521.  More on Utah Leads the Nation in Depression
536.  Experiences on Being Single in the Mormon Church  


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