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New Bednar Soundboard - New Bednar MTC Prank (Sister actually figures it out! lol) Gadianton Robber12/30/2010 05:45PM
"Mormon Apologetic" meme on Memegenerator provoisboringhell12/31/2010 06:27AM
Christian Gene Found! Mnemonic12/31/2010 04:59AM
A little more about my recent accident. I am really disappointed. 25 wendell12/30/2010 12:13AM
BACK BY FOOT-STOMPING DEMAND (drum roll, please): An Encore Presentation of Tom Monson, Your Humble Servant of the Lord, Caught on Camera Getting His Shoes Shined in a Ritzy Salt Lake City Hotel by a Guy Named Elvis . . . 25 steve benson12/29/2010 11:15PM
William Law Quote 18 blueskyutah12/30/2010 01:05PM
Testifying I know that the church isn't true! 17 Truthseeker712/30/2010 06:47PM
Which Osmond is a non-believer? Anon4this12/30/2010 10:27PM
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Harmon Killebrew gives press statement s. tissue trotter12/30/2010 11:37AM
A 14-yr-old that lacked wisdom and GQ Cannonball12/30/2010 10:10PM
Mormons and their LIES!!!...ugh!! 11 notamomo12/30/2010 12:38PM
Video- Indian Man Debates Mormons About Dark Skin Curse melissa383912/30/2010 10:05PM
For "saved" and "born again" Christians 35 Confused12/30/2010 07:50PM
End of the year Joseph's Myth Relief Society Morgasm intellectualfeminist12/30/2010 05:47PM
the trouble with setting goals Duder12/30/2010 03:41PM
Soul Mates aka The One 29 Duder12/30/2010 01:25PM
Thousands fleeing Ciudad Juarez, Mexico...will the Juarez Temple be shut down??? 16 sharapata12/29/2010 11:05PM
Woman trying to cast demon out of child suffocates him with olive oil 23 helemon12/30/2010 01:59PM
(Check this out @Dagny or @Seymour) -- Southern ExMo Meetup Report Major Bidamon12/30/2010 04:20PM
Oh, God! Mormon in racist storm 40 matt12/30/2010 05:52PM
For Susan I/S: I am wearing the "I've Been Deleted by Admin Many Times" button (you know, about all those messages you sent me)! (n/t) steve benson12/30/2010 05:37PM
How to have a discussion with a TBM Stray Mutt12/30/2010 04:55PM
I WISH John12/30/2010 02:28PM
OT- Don't miss "The King's Speech" best movie I have seen this year! think4u12/30/2010 01:21PM
For Susan I/S I am wearing the Amerixan Football T-Shirt you sent me! matt12/30/2010 05:11PM
helped an old lady from church last night 11 Nick Humphrey12/29/2010 05:21AM
Does helping out have to be conditional? downsouth12/30/2010 09:52AM
coryantumor - O/T Prophetess12/30/2010 03:51PM
Our dear and kind heavenly father... 15 Rowell back12/30/2010 06:33AM
Correcting a link in another, now closed, thread, regarding Pascal's wager MJ12/30/2010 03:45PM
Madison40 55 Timothy12/30/2010 11:38AM
Young, still Mormon, feeling so isolated, disillusioned, and humiliated. 39 lostgirl12/30/2010 02:53AM
Love Court Timeline vs. Appeals Process Timeline almostout12/30/2010 01:45PM
The power of myths 36 Raptor Jesus12/30/2010 04:31AM
question regarding Mormon missions 32 st. louis09/21/2010 12:59AM
How Many Of U Here R Exogamists & Did It Help U 2 See The Light About Your Own Moronism??? (n/t) BeenThereDunnThatExMo12/30/2010 01:27PM
This post is predominately for women. Did you have honest to goodness REAL GIRLFRIENDS while an active member? 34 SusieQ#112/29/2010 03:45PM
Osmonds at Christmas... circa 1981 30 knotheadusc12/28/2010 12:29PM
sonoma - nice post Prophetess12/30/2010 02:56AM
Let's play "Name That Sin" 11 CA girl12/28/2010 11:31PM
OT: Help, I keep yelling my ex-wifes name in my sleep 24 AnonExMo12/29/2010 10:17AM
Brought Up To Believe notamomo12/30/2010 09:42AM
WALL-E 12 jon112/29/2010 12:18PM
Temple gunman was being sued in scam involving "upstanding" church member (LINK) jolene12/29/2010 07:20PM
It Ain't Necessarily So Charley12/30/2010 12:21AM
Just curious... Monson's widows? What is this all about? 24 bu2b12/29/2010 02:38AM
Just saw 8 Mormon Proposition. What a nasty, slimy, lying, hateful CULT. Oh and completely clueless about real people. (n/t) 11 ozpoof12/29/2010 08:03PM
Why would there need to be a God to organize matter? tillamook12/29/2010 06:50PM
Am I a jerk 36 rambo12/29/2010 08:36PM
To: lovesmyreligion. 44 MJ12/29/2010 02:41PM
SF Bay Area Chapter Holiday Activities 17 exmoinaz12/09/2010 01:11AM
Sorry for posting again, but I just had an awkward moment with a TBM Tristan-Powerslave12/29/2010 05:28PM
Here goes mine .. New Year's resolutions12/29/2010 07:28PM
Question about Proxy Endowments moira12/29/2010 11:20PM
UPDATE: I sent out my Pseudo Dear John 23 rockfish12/20/2010 11:28AM