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Mormons have a good work ethic but fail at critical thinking. 10 Rubicon10/14/2010 10:58AM
Question for Nevada residents: how do Las Vegas Mormons view Harry Reid?? (on topic) 11 PtLoma10/16/2010 10:23PM
What a non-mormon learned from his LDS wife HIS_DUDENESS10/17/2010 10:18AM
Oooh! who is that singing at the conference right now? Never Mo Wife and Mom10/17/2010 12:16PM
Not even interested in arguing against tscc DeeDee10/16/2010 10:00PM
Why the KJV? 21 ExMorgbot10/14/2010 07:52PM
Is Boyd Packer in danger becoming a Mormon version of an Orwellian nonperson? MJ10/16/2010 08:36PM
Another excursion through TBMland or MormonMecca or the theme park known as the area in and around temple square...... atheist&happy:-)10/17/2010 12:29AM
Inter-religious do you do it? silhouette10/17/2010 12:21AM
Deseret Book Catalog 13 Major Bidamon10/15/2010 02:21PM
How do I help these kids? Insomniac_Agnostic10/17/2010 02:28AM
Facebook response to the Packer PR statement. 13 DNA10/15/2010 03:20PM
Anybody have any information on the status of the PEF? Stunted10/13/2010 05:20PM
If the church was truly serious... Yewt10210/16/2010 02:07PM
Self Righteous TBMS on Facebook 33 emma10/15/2010 09:00PM
Janis followers... 19 knotheadusc10/15/2010 05:59PM
Since the Apostles watch over the whole church- 13 JoD3:36010/15/2010 11:34AM
Professor sends email to gay student, link OnceMore10/15/2010 04:31PM
Mormon mission YouTube vid 22 Levi10/15/2010 03:29AM
What is the TBM response to this: John and 3 Nephites. Master C10/16/2010 02:56PM
LDS church set on fire, ruled to be arson. zj10/16/2010 10:11PM
Are there any real "Danites" left or is it only a name 12 anybody10/14/2010 08:21PM
Nonchalant "Liking" nalicea10/16/2010 09:47PM
Fanny Stenhouse for Kindle wanted. Uncle Max10/16/2010 09:20PM
Great photo of Hoffman fooling the First Presidency JoD3:36010/15/2010 06:51PM
I had coffe this morning, 10 Master C10/16/2010 11:31AM
tragic love story Elisw10/15/2010 09:05PM
Face book quote about the difference between Catholics and Mormons... MJ10/16/2010 04:20PM
Mormon Satan's Greatest Hits Satan's Little Helper10/16/2010 04:14PM
Open Mosque Day for LDS?? Thread Killer10/16/2010 01:11PM
Visiting Online Missionaries Mrs. Estzerhaus10/16/2010 03:44PM
Did the protest against Packer's General Conference remarks impact the LDS than the Prop 8 protests? (LONG) 24 MJ10/15/2010 11:41PM
BRT-ing with some TBM's on Facebook (kinda long, sorry) jolene10/16/2010 12:12PM
Have made contact once again canadahillcps10/16/2010 10:06AM
Sex in the morg...maybe this is why their attitude about gays. 10 Utahnomo10/15/2010 01:39PM
Ward Council 5 minutes late to sacrament from morning meeting.. Primus10/15/2010 01:31PM
Let's hear it for the kids DebbiePA10/13/2010 03:38AM
Whose God Rescued the Chilean Miners?----I'm not sure, but the Mormon God may have been left out. 17 SusieQ#110/14/2010 12:10PM
It doesn't take courage to be a bully, Mr. Packer 22 Timothy10/14/2010 04:03PM
A Mormon Contradiction Laid Bare 14 Bob..not registered10/14/2010 03:16PM
My Denver Post post about Boyd Packer's talk PapaKen10/15/2010 10:59AM
Biography Board ??? Just Browsing10/15/2010 09:41PM
How the church turned into a cult and other such thoughts Joe's Buried Treasure10/15/2010 04:46PM
Jesus Christ Baptized for the Dead in Salt Lake Temple 12 anagrammy10/15/2010 05:26PM
update on one of our own michael10/15/2010 04:32PM
New Way to collect tithing! 22 RPackham10/14/2010 11:10PM
For Sale: Book of Mormon signed by Joseph Smith - $45 Abigail10/15/2010 12:42AM
My 1995 Post-Mormon story, in Xtranormal cartoon format. Garett Jones10/15/2010 05:17PM
Re: emmahalesmith's posts, So you're calling us all fools? Aren't you Miss High and Mighty. Topper10/15/2010 04:55PM
What happened to the "Hospitality Suite" at Ex-Mo 2010? Dr. Shades10/14/2010 10:24PM
Fools' Gold 17 Emmahalesmith10/14/2010 05:24PM
Negotiations for Membership 22 Joe's Buried Treasure10/15/2010 01:25AM
More Fools' Gold Emmahalesmith10/15/2010 04:25PM
Buy food storage from "Sister Wife" anon for this10/15/2010 02:11PM
"Sister Wives" on Oprah. FYI (n/t) 18 BestBBQ10/14/2010 04:58PM