Subject: Does anyone not think the goal to become a god and rule over your own planet is a selfish one?
Date: Nov 30, 2009
Author: s1747302

God likes order in his kingdom. Him at the top, who does whatever he likes. Some favorites who get special privileges from him. And the bulk who are commanded to worship him and obey him or be cast into hell.

In my idea of the perfect world, everyone is treated as equal and no one is ruled or worshiped.

I don't even want to become a god and rule my own world? I just want to be free.

The Mormon teaching that we can become gods like he is and do what he does, it's selfish.


Subject: Mormonism is an eternal social climbing club...
Date: Nov 30 08:12
Author: Stray Mutt

...invented by a social outcast with a huge ego.


Subject: Grace Slick put it this way.
Date: Nov 30 10:53
Author: Rubicon

I found out I'm related to Grace Slick on her mom's side which is a family line that goes back to The Mayflower. Grace is well aware of her family heritage and said The Daughters of The American Revolution are a bunch of stuck up women who think they are special because their ancestors got out of Europe and came here. She then said the truth is probably those people didn't fit in, caused trouble, and wanted to leave or had to leave. She said she's proud of her Mayflower heritage but does not agrandize her ancestory and accepts they very well could have been outcast misfits.

The church were a bunch of outcast trouble makers and misfits as well.


Subject: Whenever a group says they have the special access to godhood, it's time to run!
Date: Nov 30 10:48
Author: Rubicon

Yeah. Everyone is pretty much greedy to a certain extent. Being a polygamous god is a pretty good prize for turning your life over to an exclusive group who knows the secret to getting this prize.


Subject: Re: Does anyone not think the goal to become a god and rule over your own planet is a selfish one?
Date: Nov 30 11:52
Author: CosmoMcK

It sure is. Biblically, it's the first lie in the Bible, where Satan tells Eve that they will become as gods, knowing good from evil (a lie mixed with truth). We can't become a god any more than a Sony Walkman can become an iPod.


Subject: I think its too much work!
Date: Nov 30 12:05
Author: Timothy

At age FITTY-TWO, I've got a keen eye trained on retirement in this life. I'll go ahead and be damned if I'm expected to start-over in the life to come (if there is one)!

Fire-up the cosmic travel trailer and load it up with beer and munchies. Crab Nebula, here we come!



Subject: I think it is creepy.
Date: Nov 30 12:23
Author: Susan I/S

I would not want to be worshiped and I sure would not want to be responsible. Sounds like a lot of WORK to me!


Subject: Re: Does anyone not think the goal to become a god and rule over your own planet is a selfish one?
Date: Nov 30 12:34
Author: MichaelM

It's all fiction, but I know individuals who already think they are the special ones and therefore better than the rest of the world.

Since it's just a fantasy anyway, and cannot be verified until after death, why not do something now?

Get a star with your own name or have one named for someone. That seems more reasonable than governing worlds with plural wives and eternal dirty diapers.


Subject: Maybe, but I would label it egocentric delusions.Very appealing to the human ego


Subject: Besides...
Date: Nov 30 12:39
Author: CosmoMcK

I can hardly handle four kids, let alone 6 billion. And I like my weekends free.


Subject: I could not take it. My 'children' sending up prayers for an answer to which tile
Date: Nov 30 12:46
Author: mav

to pick for the kitchen (my SIL), which person to pick as a mate....... All on my day off mind you. I would probably yell at them, "I gave you a brain, why do you not use it??"

No, I would not have the patience. I would have no privacy since they would be watching when I walked out of the liquor store (oh, I could make my own wine out of water) etc.


Subject: Mormon women are nuts to buy into this.
Date: Nov 30 13:39
Author: SisterExMo

the best you can hope for is to be top queen bee in a hive.

Ladies, they only want your uterus.


Subject: I agree and until Mo women see that it is set up to keep them in line and benefit the men,
Date: Nov 30 15:13
Author: mav

it will never implode.


Subject: Given how most priesthood holders act, it would be like unleashing a cadre of Darth Vaders....
Date: Nov 30 13:46
Author: Helamonster

Simply put, the average TBM acts much more like a demon than a god.


Subject: Two more weeks and I will have a pic for that ;) nt


Subject: And so much for eternal families.
Date: Nov 30 14:04
Author: Jenny

The whole ruling your own planet thing, taken in a vacuum, might look good, but when you figure in the eternal family thing it gets a bit chaotic.

I think people think about their own planet in terms of having all their kids and grandkids, etc., etc., etc. But if THOSE people are also righteous, they get their own planets. So WHO will be on my planet? All my kids and sibs and parents and on and on and on and on lived righteously and now are ruling their own planets.

For one thing, that's a LOT of populated planets. For another, WHO is going to be ruled over? The losers in the mormon chess game? The dreaded Terrestrials??? Will we be Jesus' minimum security holding space guards if we live righteously? Because our kids and kids' kids and on and on and on won't be there with us.

Families can be together forever...IF only one couple lives righteously then everyone else can follow them to that planet instead of having to run their own.

And this scenario/mess/cesspool doesn't even begin to take in polygamy and your second, third, fourth, and fifth wives parents, siblings, children, aunts, uncles, grandkids, grandparents, etc.

Multiple gods: it's always been a mess.


Subject: We meet once a year for the family reunion at the Kolob Chuck-a-rama and
Date: Nov 30 15:20
Author: mav

all get the same colored t-shirt.


Subject: White t-shirts? Once every year, light year, Kolob year? What if our planets are different sizes?
Date: Nov 30 15:35
Author: Jenny

Whose year would we use in that case?

None of it stands up to questions.

Hence, the necessity of suspension of reason when dealing with religion.


Subject: Everything about God is Self-centered
Date: Nov 30 15:27
Author: adam

At least everything about the God I have been presented with so far in my life. I strongtly believe that each person creates god in their own image. God likes the things they like and hates the things (and especially, the people), they hate.

The American christian god is selfish. He wants us to spend thousands of hours reminding him that he is good and kind, and we are dirt before him. When we are in severe pain, he expects us to expend energy praising him and reminding him that he is wiser than us.

And, as you point out, the MoGod goes further. Unless you do exactly what he wants, you will not be among the handful in heaven with him. In a way, I believe Mormons are much more like their God than others. The church creates a terrible sense of everything in the world being black and white, with us or against us. They judge and condemn outsiders more harshly than any other group I know.

They better hope their eternity is as they preach it to be. Otherwise, their holier than thou party will be pretty short.


Subject: Funnily, i only thought of the plant and animal life i wanted- or didnt want
Date: Nov 30 19:03
Author: gone AWOL for good

like -no mosquitoes, or 'the mosquitoes on MY planet' arent going to make people itch or give them diseases.

'Wow, there are sure a lot of different color fish. It will be fun to create my own.'

'Can i make up my own creatures? or do i have to pick from a standard already-made set of creatures. How DID god come up with such cool interdependent creatures or habitats that worked so well between animal and plant matter?'

Never really thot much about the people aspect. I guess i thot of it more as 'no satan = good people having a good time learning and growing on earth.' I would be more involved getting rid of troublemakers like hitler or religious quacks that the people couldnt seem to deal with on their own. Help them out with lightning zaps once in a while.

Never really thot about all the work, or that as a woman i wouldnt get to do this. Always thot i'd do it WITH dh, under the direction of someone who knew what they were doing, or after getting a heavenly university degree in CREATING MY PLANET. I want to do the behind the scenes planning.

I would NOT allow people to just spout off nonscense in my name with impunity. Sinning or making mistakes in your own name is one thing. To confuse other people by telling them to do or not do something otherwise GONE AWOL will get them is something i dont countenance.

Also not too eager to have people worship me. Always wondered why jesus, after teaching humility etx. then turned around and told people to worship him. I would like to be respected as the creator and maybe have people seek my help or inspiration if they want some REAL help, or strength ( not in picking their new home) but thats me. I like to teach and help people out. Godhood, to me is the ultimate teaching plan.

However, i want evenings and weekends off plus 8 weeks a year to just explore and relax. And as goddess, top head honcho, i can make a law to get it. So it was written, so it shall be done.

My views on goddesshood.


Subject: Re: Does anyone not think the goal to become a god and rule over your own planet is a selfish one?
Date: Nov 30 19:05
Author: Matt

No. Well, not I. I found it a very scary goal, to be honest.


Subject: Re: Does anyone not think the goal to become a god and rule over your own planet is a selfish one?
Date: Nov 30 19:41
Author: Don Bagley

Lessee, I become a god and have my own planet. I create human males and females. Now do I give the magical priesthood power only to the males? That would mean that every female is born inferior. That doesn't sit well with me. How about skin coloration? Will I favor a nice caramel skin color over a chalky white one? It doesn't seem fair.
Why should pale people be inferior?

Some people will live with drought, and other people will enjoy abundance. I can't stand it, I don't want to be a god.


Subject: Godlike powers in exchange for a life of being a robot......nt


Subject: I would say it's beyond selfish--it appeals directly to
Date: Dec 01 00:12
Author: Ishmael

the narcissistic personality. Total delusions of grandeur. It's beyond elitism.


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