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"Look, it's Elder Dufus!" hubby shouted at my son this morning . . . shannon09/24/2010 08:35AM
TSCC sent me a wedding present! Way Out09/23/2010 05:17PM
Would you accept God if He reveals Himself to you? n/t (n/t) 32 Quinlansolo09/23/2010 08:54AM
Sister Wives on TLC CA girl09/24/2010 12:50AM
"Polygamy.. What love is this?"... thurs on channel kmtu 20 at 8:00 Utah time... link Mo Larkey09/23/2010 09:23PM
Zarahemla Found!!!!!!! Richard the Bad09/23/2010 01:08PM
Is someone here trying to de-convert my sister with Carl Sagan videos? beautiful_restitution09/22/2010 11:18AM
Solomon and Garfinkel eddie09/23/2010 09:14PM
Would like an opinion on this Ut County obituary.. heavy TBM 19 anon4this109/22/2010 12:48PM
"Proving" scriptural claims with archaeological finds eddie09/23/2010 09:11PM
Facebook Friend a General Authority thedrive09/23/2010 09:04PM
"Am I obliged to believe every absurdity... eddie09/23/2010 08:55PM
I am curious. Has the LDS church ever made any kind of official statement condemning Mariott pornography? Peter09/23/2010 08:48PM
Is this a quintessential Mormon argument? :D Rebeckah09/23/2010 07:02PM
Do Mormons have larger families than most non mormons? poster09/18/2010 09:20PM
TBM Parents claim that apostates created the story of the seer stone in a hat translation process 15 idahotortfeasor09/22/2010 01:17PM
POSSESSIONS???This has been sticking in my craw since I read it.. 16 SusieQ#109/22/2010 12:13PM
One of the things that I disliked the most about the LDS Church was when I ran into: Mormon Bishop Correct the Women Syndrome 22 SusieQ#109/21/2010 03:43PM
I spoke with the mishies today: They've run out of food and LD$ Inc. won't help. 22 FreeAtLast09/21/2010 10:18PM
"God can lift your ‘burden,’ LDS leader tells gay Mormons" 12 MJ09/18/2010 09:52PM
What are the Mormon views of transgendered individuals? 22 eloher09/18/2010 01:15PM
And sometimes the "inner voice" is God Nebularry09/23/2010 04:02PM
Time to head back to church- Proof that the BOM is true thedrive09/23/2010 03:49PM
Hey! My daughter is actually thinking for herself! She dropped Institute! Stunted09/23/2010 12:49PM
I'm learning it's really OK if people don't like me 16 CA girl09/20/2010 12:42AM
The numerous ancient sources of the Bible eddie09/16/2010 08:14PM
I resigned about a month ago Drew9009/23/2010 12:22PM
A question for Mormons, Christians, theists and smart people 29 Nebularry09/22/2010 07:31AM
restraining order question 16 hello09/19/2010 09:49PM
Going to protest at GENERAL CONFERENCE 32 Yewt10209/22/2010 06:03PM
Google Maps Heidi GWOTR09/23/2010 10:41AM
Looking for folks from Nebraska 10 Flat Lander09/21/2010 10:20PM
Mormons, truth, wiccans - it was a random thought.... 10 Levi09/22/2010 03:33PM
Where's the quote(s)? Bridget09/23/2010 10:04AM
Study finds living on high ground increases suicide risk 15 Emanon09/16/2010 07:56PM
I feel lonely now Drew9009/23/2010 12:44AM
Do TBM boys have bachelor parties before weddings? 18 Jerry the Aspousetate09/22/2010 10:11AM
LDS Seminary Teacher gets 5 years to life 18 Mo larkey09/20/2010 03:08PM
The 19th Wife on Lifetime... Sparky09/23/2010 12:48AM
Attendance % and amount of money stake receives from SLC helemon09/22/2010 11:07PM
Ugh, yet another homopobic preacher accused of homosexual behavior (link) MJ09/22/2010 08:21AM
Tonight Rachel Maddow interviews Jeff Sharlet - Exmormon Conference Speaker sue09/22/2010 11:56PM
Tonight on Rachel Maddow - Jeff Sharlet (Foundation Conference Speaker) sue09/22/2010 11:53PM
Prophets and "requests". nonmo09/18/2010 10:14AM
Where does a guy like this fit into the LDS church? cludgie09/17/2010 11:53PM
from yesterday's NYT. a comment on the Roma (gypsy's) Scooter09/18/2010 10:10AM
KEN TAYlOR I can't find your phone # or email. 14 wine country girl09/22/2010 11:45AM
Terrified of death, and not sure what to tell my small child 35 Anon709/21/2010 01:43AM
Isn’t it all our (ex-mormons) hopes to be where Tal Bachman is today? 21 AmIDarkNow?09/21/2010 12:52PM
Uh Oh. Losing your religion deemed unhealthy... anonow09/22/2010 01:31PM
BoM "discussion" chefchris09/22/2010 06:38PM
Recovery milestone noted as it relates to underwear. Stunted09/22/2010 05:04PM
Would you go to SM to show support 12 Charley09/21/2010 11:33PM
Which came first the temple movie or... bingoe409/22/2010 04:37PM
We will not masturbate 11 Dave the Atheist09/21/2010 01:37PM