This is a collection of topics from posts to the bulletin board at which give a wide and extensive overview of life as a Mormon and life after Mormonism. 

Updated August 2, 2010.  The most recent topics are at the bottom of this list.   See also: Organized by Topic   More than 6400 pages (620+ documents) of stories and information in "Short Topics".  Try selecting some at random and enjoy the wide variety of subjects related to recovery from Mormonism.   To help those who were never a Mormon with the terms and abbreviations used by Mormons, please refer to abbreviations and phrases.

Popular Topics

13. Non-Mormon and Garments

44. Stopped wearing garments

146 Mary Ann Benson's Story

197. Mormon Women and Prozac

208. Great Moments in Mormon History

226. A Bishop's Blessing

316. Breaking the Will of Members

329.  Can Mormon Leaders Tell the Truth?

333. Is FARMS Credible?

395 More Mormon Missionary Abuse

406 Southerton - DNA and the Book of Mormon

441 A Summary of Mormon Apologetics

508 The Second Anointing

479.  A Family Discovers the Truth and Rescues their Son from a Mormon Mission

588.  Mormon Missionaries Often Experience Despicable Living Conditions

403 Jesus Needs $3 Billion for a Shopping Mall  Also parts A, B, C, D & E

605.  Kevin Garn - a Pedophile and a Mormon  Bishop and the Majority Leader in the Utah Legislature

Complete Listing:

1. The Evils of Monogamy

2. Faked Priesthood Blessings?

3. Mormon Missions - regrets?

4. I Feel Trapped

5. Boyd K. Packer

6. Harm in Being LDS?

7. Smith's Amazing Finds

8. Men on Moon

9. Merry Smithmas

10. Denial of Polygamy

11. Horses - Book of Mormon

12. Leaving the Fold

13. Non-Mormon and Garments

14. I had more friends when LDS

15. Temple Divorces

16. Worst Enemies to LDS?

17. Ex-Mormons are different?

18. Anxiety in Mormonism

19. Feel Ugly in Temple Clothing?

20. Legalism and Guilt

21. Myths of ex-Mormonism?

22. Hyrum Smith's Blessings

23. Why wasn't Emma Destroyed?

24. Cult?

25. Origin of 3 Degrees of Glory

26. Smith's Polygamy

27. A Mormon Letter to FARMS

28. Reformed Egyptian

29. Missionaries Were Here

30. Self Discovery

31. Smith and Epilepsy

32. The Changing Temple

33. First Time to the Temple

34. Origin of Celestial Kingdom

35. The Steps to Recovery

36. Mormon History of Sex

37. Purpose of Life

38. Christ's Body

39. Missionary and Death of a Parent

40. Ex-Mormon Realtor In Utah

41. Mormon Implosion Hypothesis

42. Washing and Anointing

43. On the Verge of Baptism

44. Stopped wearing garments

45. A Melancholy Longing

46. Children of Ex-Mormons

47. The Final Straw

48. Mormon Recovery Movie List

49. Help, I am in Shock

50. Missionaries Use Manipulation

51. Horses, FARMS and BofM

52. Why I Visit Here

53. Cureloms

54. Book of Abraham

55. I am not alone

56. Baurak Ale

57. Sunstone looks at

58. Enemies of the Church

59. A non-Mormon reads the D&C

60. Mormon Urban Legends

61. Mormons say, "I know"

62. An Appeal to Faith

63. Were you active Mormons?

64. A Mighty Change of Heart

65. Mormon Food

66. Secret or Sacred?

67. Lamanites and DNA

68. Blacks and Atonement

69. Unconditional Love

70. It is not Easy

71. Testimony Meetings

72. Wedding Invitations + Receptions

73. How did you find

74. Missionary Companions

75. Turbulence - Exmo Life

76. Crazy Mission Rules

77. This Wicked World

78. Mormon 30+ Years

79. A Lurker Speaks

80. Better dead than unbelieving

81. Mormons and Boundaries

82. Busted at the Market

83. Loving Church more than Kids

84. Let my Children be Mormons?

85. Regrets of LDS Mission II

86. BofM a Missionary Tool?

87. Pay Up you Lowly Peasants

88. Recovery from Mormonism

89. A Recent Convert

90. Grandson of the Prophet

91. Garment 'Police'

92. Exploitation of Older Mormons

93. More on 1st Vision

94. New Missionary Standards

95. Exmo Conf 2002 Review

96. Temple Phrases (humor)

97. The Final Straw II

98. Caste System

99. Missionary Farewells

100 Ballard, Dyer and Missionaries

101 Helped my Husband to See

102 Proud of my Husband

103 Irrational Dogma and Doctrine

104 Loss of Individual Identity

105 Bishop Dad and Boy Scouts

106 Attended Sacrament Meeting

107 Fast and Testimony Meeting

108 Cost of Leaving Mormonism

109 Women - 2nd Class Members

110 Lost without the Gospel

111 Dallin H. Oaks and the BofM (see also 537)

112 Can't Keep Just One Foot In

113 Raising Kids without Mormonism

114 Tithing in a Mixed Marriage

115 Limits to Obedience

116 Met with Missionaries

117 Who's not leaving whom alone?

118 A Kinder, Gentler Apostasy

119 Disappointing those I Love

120 Missions Promote Lying

121 Great and Abominable Church

122  Why do they keep holding on?

123 Mormon Leaders define emotions

124 Discarding Mormon Scripts

125 California Mormons

126 Leaving Bountiful - Polygamy Film

127 Temple Marriage Ceremony

128 What Church Now?

129 Negative Impact on Children

130 Wife is a Mormon

131 Mormons don't Wear Crosses

132 Recently Learned about Adam-God

133 The Sacred Flow Chart

134 Sabbath - A day of Rest for Women?

135 Great Moments in Church History

136 Tithing - 10% of Gross?

137 Seminary Lesson - Have a Large Family

138 The 116 Lost Pages


140 Was God Once a Man or Not?

141 My Boyfriend is a Mormon

142 Regrets Mormon Mission III

143 Feeling Guilty about Visiting Here

144  BIC, RM, and Ready to Bail Out

145  Why I am Now a Better Mother

146  Mary Ann Benson's Story

147 Mormon Church and Free Speech

148  Diversity, Not Perversity

149  Finding Truth Behind the Symbols

150  Unable to Talk to My Own Children

151  Saying  'No' to Mormon Missionaries

152  Salt Lake City Main Street Plaza

153  Ballard, "I Am an Expert on Women"

154  European Mission Experiences

155  New Names Given in the Temple

156 Girls Camp "Faith Promoting" Activity

157  Endowed Women have the Priesthood

158  The Fastest Growing Church?

159  Gnawing Doubts & GAs

160  Half in, Half Out and Scared

161  Sunday's Youth Message

162  Mormon Statements on Christianity

163  Lost Respect for My Mormon Parents

164  Have the Apostles Seen Christ?

165  Not allowed to the Temple Wedding

166  Any Still Attending Church?

167  Funny Testimony Meetings

168   Spouse is Still a Mormon

169  Can Temple Ordinances be Changed?

170  Mormons Pestering My 8 Year Old

171   Why So Much Anger?

172  Do You Ever Wish to Go Back?

173   BYU and Organic Evolution

174   Silly or Annoying Church Callings

175  BofM - Any Value Left to Ex-Mormons?

176  I Am an Agnostic but...

177   God's Love is Conditional

178  Milk Before Meat

179  A Christian Nation?

180  You are the Problem, Not the Church

181  1st Presidency on Missionary Work

182  "Something Missing from Your Eyes"

183  Paul H. Dunn and Orrin Hatch

184  Tired of Being Egocentric


186  Mother of All Battering Rams

187  Angels Coerced Smith into Sex?

188  Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Home


190  Gained Confidence

191  Mormon Mailbag

192  Just Discovered the Truth

193  McConkie's Mormon Doctrine

194 An Aversion to White Shirts

195  Formal Resignation Necessary?

196  McConkie and Evolution

197 Mormon Women and Prozac

198  Kimball and Evolution

199  Joseph Smith's Wives

200 A Mormon Apologist

201  Cut Back on Leisure Time!

202  Mormon Grandparents

203 Adam and Eve as Literal History

204  Satan Stories

205  Missions - Future Apostasy

206  Divorce and Holland's Talk

207  Obsession with Numbers

208  Great Moments in Mormon History pII

209  Control at the MTC

210  Where are the Michelangelo's?

211  Ballard 2003 and The Decline

212  What Controls an Ex-Mormon?

213  Ruining My "Eternal Family"

214  Breaking Mission Rules

215  Mormon Miracle of Angels

216  Child Brides - Polygamy

217  Resign - Not Name Removal

218  Life in Polygamy - 2003

219  Loss of Passion

220  Mormon Ignorance of Judaism

221  Visiting a Mormon Service

222  FARMS - Mormon Apologetics

223  Confessing to the Bishop

224  Meeting with Stake President

225  Ridiculed at Sacrament Meeting

226  A Bishop's Blessing

227  Tentacles of Mormon Sealings

228  Fanatical Things We Did

229  We are Thankful for our Policy Makers

230  For Young Mormon Women

231  Mormon Myths on the Fly

232  Mormon Church Crumbling?

233  25 Yrs Ago - Blacks & Priesthood

234  Changing Rules? Temple Marriages

235  Fear of Losing a Testimony

236  Manipulative Mormon Women

237 .General Authority Visit to the Stake.

238  She Can't Stand The Temple

239  Choosing the Next Mormon Prophet

240  Told Son He Does Not Believe

241  Suicides after a Mission


243  Temple Hype Versus Reality

244  Some Mission Rules

245  Don't Wear Two Earrings

246  Slipping Toward Being Agnostic.

247  Mormons - Guilt and Shame

248  Alvin & Samuel Smiths' Deaths

249  Mormon Funerals

250  Ricks College Professor Responds

251  Tolerance Towards Mormons?

252  Non-Believer Baptizing His Son

253  Joseph Smith, Menses, Pedophilia

254  Sacrament Prayer Repeated

255  LDS Interpret Word of Wisdom

256  Age 34 Female and Afraid

257  Mormon Grandparents are Stalkers

258  Why Do you Post Here?

259  Why Were GAs Duped?

260  Father-in-law:  Me in 20 Years?

261 My Kids Don't Respect Me?

262  Share Your Wife with J. Smith?

263  Life is Better after Mormonism

264  Unquestioning Obedience

265  Hill Cumorah

266  Apostle: "Smith used a Seer Stone"

267 Coping w/Death w/o Belief

268  Bruce R. McConkie: E. England

269  Prophet: Denial of Major Doctrine

270 Forever Family® versus Reality

271  Never Happy as a Mormon

272  Internet and Leaving Mormonism

273 Was Sunday a Day of Rest?

274  Pay Tithing - Ignore Other Obligations

275   Do Mormon Prophets Really Know?

276  Share Wife with Mormon Prophet

277  Life Inside General Conference

278  High School Seminary

279  Ex-Mormons: Don't Murder Santa

280  Remember Evils of Card Playing?

281  Drinking Coca-Cola is a Sin?

282  Women are Not Really Members

283  'Court of Love' - Experiences

284 Amazing Letter in The Ensign

285  First Time to Temple II

286 What is Mormon Culture?

287. Funny Church Stories

288. Protestant Minister Pre-1990 Endowment

289 Not Allowed to Serve a Mission

290 Life is Better in Zion

291 Mother's Role in Child's Baptism

292 Is Wife a Tithe Payer if I don't pay?

293 Excluded from Children's  Wedding

294 Help! Wife Wants to be Baptized

295 Mormon Bashing

296 A Mormon Spouse Writes

297 Bruce R. McConkie as a Father

298 Mormon Malignancy Seen in Missions

299 "Get the Fire" - Mormon Missionaries

300  Ward Boundaries

301 Speaking Publicly about the Temple

302 Divorce due to Spouse's Unbelief

303 Shunned by the Mormon Community

304 How Long Can One be a Hypocrite?

305 Resigning Membership & Temple Sealings

306 Temples are Running out of Names

307 Mormons Feel Superior to Others

308 I Feel I am More of an Adult Now

309 Happy that Your Mission was Over?

310 Judgmental Visiting Teachers

311 Limiting Family Size

312 Intellectual vs. Personal Turning Points

313 Paying Tithing Never Brought Blessings

314 Ensign Feb 04: "Children Who Stray"

315 Ezra Taft Benson Plagiarized CS Lewis

316 Breaking the Will of Members

317 Early Mormons Unaware of First Vision

318 Stories of former Church Custodians

319 A Mormon Writes: "My Wife Wants to Leave the Church"

320 Why Did Smith Die Willingly?

321 Response to a Mormon Eavesdropper

322 Mark Hofmann's Forgeries

323 How Boring is the Book of Mormon?

324 Selling Our One Year Supply of Food

325 Why Does it Hurt So Much to Leave?

326 Bishops Asking Sexual Questions

327 Mormon Church's Contempt of Catholic

328 Mormon Parents Rat on Missionary Son

329 Can Mormon Leaders Tell the Truth?

330 Captain Kidd, Joseph Smith and Moroni, Camora Island

331 Apologist Defends Temple Changes

332 March 2004 Ensign on Tithing

333 Is FARMS Credible?

334 A Mormon Father's Cruelty

335 Finally Resigned - Exit Letter & Story

336 Is This Site of the Devil?

337 How Can I Know the Church is a Fraud?

338  A Personal Look at Polygamy

339 Temple Marriage vs. Traditional

340 What is a Mormon Fundamentalist?

341  Word of Wisdom and Obesity

342 Excluded from Father's Funeral

343 Apostle Nelson and Donuts

344 Secrets of Temple Hidden from Ex-Mormons?

345 BYU Prof. Resigns - Letter from His Brother

346 Apostle Dallin Oaks and Truth

347 Central Control and Ward Budgets

348 Personal Meeting with a General Authority

349 No Testimony?  What is Wrong with You?

350 Types of Mormon Testimonies

351 Joseph Smith and Helen Kimball age 14

352 Members Told Not to Believe Everything They Hear

353 Lehi Forgot the Wheel?

354 Hinckley to NYC: "You are Babylon"

355 Mormons' Lives are Micro-Managed

356 Utah Leads the Nation in Bankruptcies

357 Changing History to Boost Faith

358 Hinckley: "Baptisms to Double"

359 Canceling a Temple Sealing

360 Mission President Caught Lying about Mark Hacking

361 Missionaries Pressured to Marry Soon after Missions

362 What is So Evil about the Church Today?

363 Mormon Church and Prostitution 1885-1941

364 Emotional Breakdown of a Mormon Missionary in Japan

365 FARMS, Folklore, Racism and Daniel Peterson

366 Naked Touching in the Temple?

367 Breaking Down Personal Boundaries

368 Why Do Non-Mormons Post Here?

369 Mormon Bishops are Untrained

370 Mormon Relief Efforts after Florida Hurricane Ivan

371 Young Women Dress up in Mother's Temple Wedding Gown

372 Shaking Hands with Spirits

373 Tithing Settlement

374 Sunday, Primary and FHE Beatings

375 Justified Abuse

376 Tactics of Mormon Apologists

377 A Bishop's Message

378 Rigdon and the Origin of the Book of Mormon

379 Improving the Quality of Converts

380 An Update to 'One Nation Under Gods'

381 Hinckley on Larry King Dec. 2004

382 Excluded from Daughter's Mormon Temple Wedding II

383 Never Turn Down a Church Calling

384 Child Molesters Expose Fallacy of Church Callings

385 God had Sex with Mary

386 Changing the Temple Ceremony Again?

387 Mormonism is not a Cult?

388 What is Limited Geography Theory?

389 Joseph Smith as Sole Author?

390 BYU Students Commanded to have Children Now.  Do Not Wait  

391 Mormon Apologetics and DNA

392 Great Mormon Money Machine

393 Teaching Mormon Children Intolerance is Good

394 Church Shrinking in Europe - Missionaries at Universities

395 More Mormon Missionary Abuse

396 GAs Clarifying Mormon Doctrine

397 What is the Harm of Mormonism?

398 Another Look at Mormon Apologists

399 Sorenson, Smelting, Tapirs and Misleading Documentation

400 The Reason for the Two Earring Ban

401 Apostle Oaks and the Language of Prayer

402 A Black Convert Family Just Discovers the Truth of Mormonism's Racist Past

403 Jesus Needs $3 Billion for a Shopping Mall 

Also Parts A, B, C, D & E

404 Missionary Program and Immigration Fraud

405 E-mail Exchange with a CES Employee

406 Southerton Church Court Announced - DNA and the Book of Mormon

407 Benson - What do Mormon Leaders Really Know?

408 The Death of Parley P. Pratt

409 Ezra Taft Benson - Racist Prophet

410 Corporations Owned by the Mormon Church

411 It is not the Fastest Growing Church!

412 Southerton's Comments on His Church Court

413 The Death of Reason and Freedom

414 Mormonism, the Death Cult

415 Benson: Sonia Johnson's Speech "Patriarchal Panic..."

416 How Has Leaving Mormonism Changed You Emotionally?

417 General Authority Gleefully Humiliates Sincere Members

418 Steve Benson: "Good-bye to God": My public testament to leaving Mormonism...

419 Looking Inside the Mind of Ezra Taft Benson Through His Personal Correspondence

420 Benson: Post-Manifesto Polygamy - Pathetic Response of Two Mormon Apostles to Quinn’s Expose’

421 Benson: efforts by the Benson family to silence their "disloyal" own

422 Rape in Utah above National Average - Mormonism connection

423 Helping a Spouse Discover the Truth on Mormonism

424 Benson:  Mormon Handcarts 1800's

425 More on Mormon Missionary Abuse II

426 Sexism in the Mormon Church


428 Lindsay and Mormon Apologetics

429 Getting at the Root Reasons Why People Leave Mormonism

430 Joseph Smith Court Records Rediscovered

431 More on Mormon Missionary Abuse III

432 Smith's Doctrine of Sex for Exaltation

433 Newsweek Article on the Mormon Church

434 An Australian writes about life after Mormonism

435 10 Years of RfM

436 Stories from Inside the Church Office Building Part 1

437 What Happened to Heavenly Mother?

438 Reflections on RfM by Daniel Peterson and Comments by Bob McCue

439 Mormon Belief Interferes with Rational Decision Making

440 LA Times Article - DNA and the Book of Mormon

441 Mormon Apologetics - A Detailed Summary

442 Dallin Oaks' Defense of Joseph Smith Destroying the Nauvoo Expositor

443 The Grape Juice Myth

444 Shhh Moroni, My Brothers are Sleeping

445 The Sabbath, Dale Murphy and Me by Tal Bachman

446 The Flip Flop Prophet - Gordon B. Hinckley

447 Hanging Out - The New Sin

448 Marital Conflict and Post Mormon Life

449 BYU Fires Professor - June 2006

450 Is the Mormon Church a Loyalty Cult?

451 Judging Joseph Smith by Today's Standards

452 Courage to Set Boundaries – A Woman’s Perspective

453 Sep. 2006 Ensign - Great Advice for Single Mothers

454 Depression and Mormon Missions

455 I Will not Raise my Children in Mormonism

456 Mormons Unaware Joseph Smith Used a Stone in a Hat

457 Feeling Stupid - Believed in Mormonism for Years

458 Mormon Apologetics - Credibility of Daniel Peterson

459 Church Growth Stagnating According to Mickelsen

460 Robert Hales - Mormon Apostle of God

461 How Stake Presidents and Bishops are Called

462 Tal Bachman:  Love, Lost and Found

463 Who Really Runs the Mormon Church?

464 Mormonism is an All or Nothing Religion

465 Bruce R. McConkie - Mormon Doctrine and his Final Testimony

466 Mormon Church Canadian Finances and Analysis

467 People Like Us were Never Expected to Leave Mormonism

468 The Prophet Hinckley - "Wives are Men’s most valuable possessions"

469 Church Magazine States that You are Asking the Wrong Questions

470 “Post Mormon” Parallels; Emotional Knowing and the Evolution of Religious Organisms

471.  As cucumbers now are, pickles once were; as pickles now are, cucumbers may become.  

472.  Everything Mormons and Ex-Mormons Need to Know about the Mountain Meadows Massacre

473.  Busting the Handcart Myth

474.  My Mother Denies Making Motions of Slitting her Throat in the Temple Prior to 1990

475.  My Father had to Pay $4000 to the Church to Attend My Wedding

476.  PBS Documentary - Oak's states, "Never criticize the Leaders"

477.  A Missionary's Food Budget is Reduced to $130/mo

478.  Mormon Doctrine:  Women Must Wear Bras over Garments?

479.  A Family Discovers the Truth and Rescues their Son from a Mormon Mission

480.  Mormon Missionary Teaching in Brazil Blacks and the Priesthood - 1970

481.  Steve Benson: The Special Testimonies of General Authorities

482.  Mormon Church in Tasmania refuses to perform background checks on volunteers working with children.

483.  East German Communist Dictator and Thomas Monson, Mormon Apostle

484.  Is Relief Society Relevant? Women Role Models?

485.  Mormon Church Keeps its Members in Isolation

486.  Women who Know - Relief Society President Speaks at General Conference

487.  The Myth of Losing a Testimony

488.  9 Year Old Girl Asks Why Can't She have the Priesthood

489.  Member of the Bishopric Describes his Last Day of Attending Church

490.  A New Exmo writes: Staying Strong in My Decision to Leave

491.  The Hofman Affair. Unveiling the Mind of Upper Echelon Mormon Leadership

492.  Lamanites are Not the Principal Ancestors of American Indians

493.  Mormon Mother Wishes Her Son had Died Instead of Leaving the Church

494.  Are Ex-Mormons Bitter?

495.  Movies for Ex-Mormons to Watch

496.  Uncomfortable Removing Garments 497.  The Stages of Post-Mormonism and Brain Re-formatting

498.  Why are Mormons so afraid of discussing the issues?

499.  Utah Now Leads the Nation in Depression 500.  Be ye therefore perfect -- and mentally ill

501.  Mormons Defend their Racist Religion

502.  Mitt Romney and his Casual Relationship with Truth 503.  A non-Mormon Mother Writes that She is Excluded from Her Daughter's Temple Wedding

504.  The best part of waking up is Folgers up your butt.

505.  What Shocked You the Most while Learning about Mormonism? 506.  Re-read the Book of Mormon?  A Response to a Mormon Leader

507.  Women Write about their Temple Weddings

508.  A Personal Account of the Second Anointing 509.  Did I Really Tolerate this as a Mormon?

510.  Older Single Adults in the Mormon Church

511.  The Sin of Loud Laughter 512.  The Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimball

513.  Internet Apostasy hits Australia and New Zealand

514.  Summary of the Mormon Temple 515.  Mormons and the Lord's Prayer

516.  Did Ezra Taft Benson believe he was a prophet of God?

517.  An Apology for being Judgmental of ex-Mormons 518.  Leaving Mormonism:  You Can Never Go Home Again

519.  Mormon Therapists and Lack of Confidentiality

520. Missionaries Desecrate a Catholic Shrine 521.  More on Utah Leads the Nation in Depression

522.  Nightmares of Being Called to a Second Mission

523.  Was the Temple a Turning Point in Your Believing in Mormonism? 524.  Monson Wants the Ex-Mormons to Return 525.  Benson:  Early Mormon Temple Delights
526.  Joseph Smith and Warren Jeffs: Two peas in the same polygamous pod 527.  The LDS Church on Its Actual Polygamous Beliefs and Practices

528. Mormon Church attempts to gag Internet over handbook

529. Mormons in Arizona - Is the View of Mormonism this Negative Everywhere? 530  A Response to Glenn Beck's Mormon Conversion Story

531. Women fell for that 'angel with the drawn sword' line

532. Mormons Shun Those who Leave the Church - How to Deal with the Shunning 533.  Video on the Mormon Temple Rituals

534.  The Bizarre World of Mormon Apologetics

535.  My Husband and I left the Mormon Church.  The teens still want to attend. 536.  Experiences on Being Single in the Mormon Church

537.  Dallin Oaks on the Book of Mormon - A Mormon Apostle

538.  What were the Urim and Thummim? 539.  The Back Story to the Excommunication of Chad Hardy 540.  Mormons in Denial about Activity Rates
541.  Not Worthy to Attend the Temple Wedding of my Brother 542.  Mormons Took My Child to Church w/o Permission 543.  Striving for Perfection
544.  Vern Holly Maps Shows BofM Names are of Recent Origin 545  Leaving Mormonism is not just due to Intelligence 546.  A Nice Exit Letter given to the local Bishop
547.  A Visit to Sacrament Meeting after Resigning 5 Yrs Ago 548  How did you find Recovery from Mormonism - RfM? 549  Telling the Bishop You No Longer Believe
550  Benson:  Ground Zero in My Unbelief in Mormonism - The Temple 551  Church's Method of Determining Truth: Prayer. 552  Do Not Marry the Man You Love
553  Mormon Prophets' Views on Women 554  Does Narrow Artistic Taste Predict Dogmatic Attitudes? 555.  Japan Mission under President Groberg  1979-1982
556.  Current Mormon Missionary Discovers the Truth 557.  Mormons Consuming Cola Drinks - Monson Likes his Pepsi Drinks 558.  Concise Summary of Mormon Life - Male Perspective
559.  The Mormon Church is Being Investigated for Its Proposition 8 Involvement 560.  Two Examples of How Mormons Treat Family Members who Leave the Faith 561.  An Inactive Mormon Mother Verbally Accosted by the Bishopric
562.  Logical Fallacies Commonly Employed by Mormons 563.  Rough Stone Rolling author wants us to live a LIE! 564.  Did the temple ceremony help you leave the Mormon church?
565.  Ward Financial Clerks Discuss How Much Money the Church Takes in Annually 566.  Logical Fallacies Employed by Mormons 567.  Mormon Histronics
568. Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation - Book of Mormon and DNA 569.  Mormon Propaganda for the Youth Program is in full swing 570.  The Making of the Mormon Temple Film
571.  The Worst YW/YM Lessons 572.  Mormon Temple Ceremony and HBO Big Love Comments 573.  A non-Mormon Comments on a non-Temple Wedding
574.  A Lame Attempt to Reactivate a non-Believer 575.  Mormons Expect Us (Ex-Mormons) to Fail 576.  The Church Will not Help Members - Dallin Oaks Mormon Apostle
577.  Do non-Members Not Believe Your Stories of Being a Mormon? 578.  Fear of Phone Calls after being a Mormon Leader 579.  Parents are No Longer Allowed to Enter the MTC
580.  Did You Really Believe the Secret Handshakes were Required? 581.  Church to Bail Out Beneficial Life for nearly 600 Million Dollars 582.  Missionaries Prey on the Vulnerable in Hospitals
583.  July 2009 Ensign - The Church is Pressuring the Members to Pay Tithing 584.  Mormon Parents View Me as a "Wayward Child" 585.  Church Using Missionaries as Telemarketers in the MTC
586.  The "Book of Abraham" of Little Importance to Members in Recent Years 587.  Mormon Apostle Holland Misleads Members with his Book of Mormon Prop 588.  Mormon Missionaries Often Experience Despicable Living Conditions
589.  Can a Shy Person Succeed as a Mormon? 590.  Mormon Apostles No Longer Special Witnesses of Christ 591.  Apostle Dallin Oaks Has No Moral Authority to Lecture Anyone on Civil Rights
592.  More Japanese Mission Experiences 593.  Tales of Mormon Ward Clerks 594.  Do Not Speak Unfavorably about Your Mission Experiences
595.  Church Spending over $100 Million on a Resort in Hawaii 596.  Is the Goal of Becoming a God Selfish? 597.  As a Mormon Did You Ever Feel You Could Never Measure Up?
598.  Stop Thinking and Teach Only from the Manual 599.  Mormontimes (2010):  Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain 600.  Mormontimes (2010): Declining Baptisms - not a Problem
601.  Book of Mormon and Recent DNA Studies - 2010 602.  Pay Your Tithing or No Priesthood for You - Ensign Feb. 2010 603.  Moroni's Promise?  It Does Not Really Mean what It Says - Ensign Feb. 2010
604.  Mormonism Creates Severe Hardships for Many Members 605.  Kevin Garn - a Pedophile and a Mormon  Bishop and the Majority Leader in the Utah Legislature 606.  Book of Mormon Apologist - John L. Sorenson
607.  Death Oaths in the Temple prior to 1990 - Older Mormons Deny they Existed 608.  We Mormons are not Weird and We're not Doing Weird Things 609.  Mormons Don't Know Why Joseph Smith was in Jail
610.  Amelia's Palace - The Mansion built for Brigham Young's Favorite Wife 611.  FAIR - Mormon Apologetics Group Theory on Why People are Leaving Mormonism 612.  Ward Council Meetings are Filled with Gossip
613.  How Mormons Attempt to Discredit Apostates 614.  Cheryl's Complete Missionary Hosing Story 615.  Members are Now Expected to Do Even More Cleaning and Janitorial Work
616.  Elizabeth Smart Playing the Harp in the Streets of Paris 617.  Are You Considered a Dangerous Person in Your Mormon Family? 618.  A Family Church?  Sons and Daughters of Bishops Speak Out
619. Polygamy: She was 15…he was 42. Why didn’t I See It? 620.  The Hypoxia of Mormonism 621.  General View that Mormons have Towards People with No Children or Only 1 Child
622.  George P. Lee - First (and only) 'Lamanite' General Authority 623.  More Information on the Mormon Hand Cart Myth 624.  The Mormon Church in Africa
625.  The Mormon Church's Growing Internet Presence    

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